How to Avoid Cold and Cough in Babies and Toddlers?


Tips on minimizing Cold and Cough in Babies and Toddlers

When babies are healthy, parents too can sleep in peace. The little ones have very low resistance to infection and when they come in contact with an adult person having cold or flu, they become sick and restless. Winter has arrived and cold and cough is a common sight in every house. It’s painful for the parents to watch their kids sneezing or coughing badly and taking too many doses of antibiotics. Why not take precautions to avoid cold and cough?

Tips to keep your Baby Away from Cold and Cough This Winter


Breastfeeding is the ultimate protection from cold and cough for the small babies. Sufficient feeding not just provides the essential nutrients to the baby but boosts his immune system as well. Apart from protein and fat, breast milk also contains the useful elements like enzymes and antibodies that fight against a selection of diseases and increase baby’s immunity.

Keep Dust and Dirt Away

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Allergy from dirt and dust is one of the main causes of cough and cold in babies. The household items like stuffed toys, carpets and cushions are houses of the germs and bacteria. When your baby touches these things not washed regularly, he can get infected and hence runny or stuffed nose and sneezing as a result. Try to keep the moisture away from your baby’s personal things like cushions, carpets etc. Also, it’s better to keep your baby at a distance from the things like soft toys where germs and bacteria mostly reside.


Pets are the reason for several infections in babies. Be it a pigeon, a cat or a dog; when they travel from one place to another, they either spread the dust or bring infection with then when they sit on your baby’s bed or nearby areas. It’s okay if you got a pet at home but try to keep your baby away from them to avoid infection.


Pigeons are found in large numbers in the Metro Cities of India. The feathers and the dropping of these birds are the most common reason for allergies in Indian Kids. (I learned it when my elder son developed allergy during our stay in Mumbai and a famous Paediatrician in Mumbai explained the below reason to me). Now, if you said my kid was never close to these birds then this is how they are coming in contact: when the pigeons fly close to your house, make their nests in balcony or even when they sit on the drying laundry in your balcony, they leave their minute droppings/feather dust and that is how the child comes in contact with that.
Solution: Put on the bird nets in your balconies. Do not feed these birds in your balcony (Please understand the reason and not the word against the survival of the birds)

Old Furniture

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The complex gaps or slits in old furniture are the favorite places of germs, bacteria and spiders. Spider net on old furniture can be found in many houses. Try to clean up the old furniture once a week or biweekly to keep your baby safe from cold and cough.

Use Mosquito Net

The diseases spread by mosquitoes don’t need any more highlight in the present scenario. Be it Dengue or any other type of mosquito; babies need special protection at home while sleeping. A mosquito net is must for the babies as the baby remains safe inside the shield and parents can also sleep calmly. If possible, restrict the use of mosquito repellents as they are not health friendly.

Go For Sanitizers

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Most of the germs and bacteria enter a body through the nose and mouth and dirty hands clear away their paths. Sanitizers are must-haves in every household for a healthy life. Simply cleaning the hands and sanitizing the hands are two different things. The essential components of the hand sanitizers like ethyl alcohol act as antiseptic and keep the germs away from the hands. Babies are active and they can crawl anywhere and touch anything. It’s better to apply baby friendly hand sanitizers on those soft hands.

Controlled Hygiene

Always try to maintain the hygiene around your baby. Human body develops natural immunity which fights against a range of diseases. Using sanitizers or other chemicals more than recommended or very frequently to keep your baby away from bacteria and germs can affect his skin and health. The development of the natural immunity can be hampered this way. . Educate yourself on how vaccines work in our bodies to know how immunity is developed.


One of reasons of cough and cold in babies is the dry air which is during winters. So use of humidifiers in baby’s room at night is highly recommended. It is also healthy for baby’s skin and respiratory system. Babies do not like steamers or nebulisers so even after have cold, use of humidifiers can help you keep your baby’s surrounding moist enough. Try to keep the room temperature controlled (as per your baby’s comfort) for extra protection.

Essential Oils

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Essential oils are very effective in fighting against cold and cough in babies. Unlike many cold-relieving products, essential oils do not contain the ingredients like sulphates, parabens, phthalates and synthetic elements. You can add few drops of essential oils in the humidifier and get 2 in 1 benefit. Use essential oils like Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Sandalwood and Rosalina. There are essential oil roll-ons available too in the market to keep your baby safe without putting much effort.

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Winter has definitely brought doozy days when babies are crying or staying dull due to congestion, sneezing or cough. Introducing the cold and cough relieving products that comprise of synthetic elements is risky for the babies. They are small, sensitive and have a weak immune system. The above tips can provide you some peaceful hours this winter by keeping your baby safe and healthy.


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