How Music can Sooth a Crying Baby?


Effect of Music on a Crying Baby

Music is a fantastic method for you to relax and soothe your baby, particularly during the initial year. We’ve consistently heard from our grandmothers about how she used to sing lullaby to us to bring a smile on our faces when we were crying and fussing baby.
Music like lullaby, classical, soothing instrumental music specially flute, bhajan and even aarti are a number of the distinctive sound have greater effect to relax even the fussy infants. Not only to calm a crying baby but you might want to make use of these baby-special-music on a new born baby too, as it creates a relaxing environment for new mother and new born which is very helpful for successful breastfeeding.

When my elder son was 1 year old, I used to hum a tune of his favorite fisher price toy. He used to love it so much that in cradle or in my arms he used to enjoy listening it and sleep quickly. Every Indian mother has a favorite song/tune/lullaby which she unknowingly sings every time making her baby sleep.
Thinking how you should introduce music to your little one? There is nothing difficult about introducing your child to music, or perplexing. Just start with your favorite song or the one your mother used to sing for you. There is no requirement for seeking a specific type of music or any perfect tune. All you need to do is begin with your baby listen to the song you enjoy the most. If Sufi is your favorite, let your child listen to Sufi Singers of India as he sits in baby seat watching you.

In addition to the music you introduce to your own infant, there are numerous CDs or youtube video those are full of baby songs and lullabies. As the day ending you might want to play relaxing and soothing song/lullaby calm infant tunes which have low beats. It helps baby sleep peacefully.

One of my relative who is a grandmother of a beautiful baby girl has a very unique way of singing to baby. She sings Bollywood songs (Like munni or Sheela songs..) in tune of bhajans to her granddaughter. It sounds so funny but the little one enjoys it very much and also the whole family. The baby waits for her nanny to sing her funny one of its kind lullaby. Clever Nanny!

Playing music has other advantages –
– Music helps in fostering your infant’s behavior and cognitive abilities.
– In addition, it helps in minimizing whole family’s stress.
– Will foster curiosity and an interest in music.
– While feeding solids to baby, music can help baby divide attention and feeding will be easier.
– You can start teaching your baby with singing.

Remember to find various kinds of baby music CDs or youtube videos for your baby. Shortly you’ll come to understand your child is most drawn to and may use that music when he’s particularly fussy or is crying.
Music strengthens bond between you and baby. You will cherish the memories of you singing and dancing along with baby forever.


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