How Much Weight Is Safe To Lift Up During Pregnancy?


Why Not to Lift Weight during Pregnancy?

You may be wondering if there is any scientific reason for not lifting weight during pregnancy or is it a myth. Because, once you declare you are pregnant, nearly everyone starts telling you, don’t lift up heavy bags, objects etc. And, since this is a new, joyful and even sometimes overwhelming experience for you, you are so concerned about all these instructions.
Is it true? What will happen if you lifted heavy weight? What is the parameter for a safe and unsafe weight? Let’s see.

FAQs: Lifting Heavy Things during Pregnancy

1. Is it True that Pregnant Women Should not Lift Heavy Weight?

Saying that you should not lift heavy weight at all when you are pregnant is not totally true. During pregnancy, the size of your uterus increases making enough space for the baby. Your body undergoes several changes including hormonal changes during this phase. Lifting too heavy weights during the early pregnancy is dangerous. During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, if too heavy objects are lifted then there are higher chances of miscarriage which gradually decreases after 22 weeks of pregnancy. Also, there are chances of pelvic damage, strains and risky falls due to the imbalance of the body during this phase. It’s best to skip lifting heavy objects during pregnancy.

2. What is the Limit of Lifting Weight in The First Trimester?

Studies say that a woman in her late pregnancy should cut down on the weight for lifting by about 20-25 percent in comparison to her early pregnancy. Some studies say that a woman can lift a maximum of 25 pounds a day during late pregnancy but there is no proof to justify this theory. You can lift utensils and other light or medium weight objects but avoid lifting heavy things that require bending by waist.

3. Most Important Tip to Lift anything during Pregnancy

Whenever you have to pick anything up or lift from level lower than your waist, Don’t ever bend forward, always lower your upper body down in straight by bending the knees, i.e. by squatting. That is not only safe but a very good exercise for normal pregnancy to be even healthier.
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4. What is the Parameter for Deciding what is Too Heavy Weight?

Truly speaking, there is no such parameter. There is no fixed answer for the question how much weight a pregnant woman can lift. Some studies suggest the maximum weight is 15 pounds while some studies say the limit is 25 pounds. However, a pregnant woman shouldn’t try to lift an object heavier than 25 pounds in a day. The production of a hormone called Relaxin makes lifting weight inconvenient for pregnant women. Saying no to the objects above 25 pounds can be a wise decision to avoid mishaps. However, you can lift weight up to 50 kg on some days but not every day.

5. What can be the Possible Risks of Lifting Heavy Objects during Pregnancy?

The chances of injury increase after being pregnant. You need to take special care of your movements, postures and activities throughout a day during this phase. The primary risks of lifting heavy weight during pregnancy include:
• Miscarriage
• Muscle pain
• Imbalance
• Pain in chest
• Headache
• Amniotic fluid leak
• Respiratory issues before exertion
• Pelvic damage
Always consult a healthcare professional to get a better idea about lifting weight and the maximum limit during pregnancy. The limit of lifting weight changes with each trimester and hence visiting a doctor or a healthcare professional is a must during these phases. Since pregnancy is a priceless experience, special attention is required for your body movements. Staying healthy and safe is the best way to rejoice this wonderful experience without any mishap.


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