How Mothers and Children Can Benefit From Chanting Om?


The Eternal Mantra : ‘Omkar’

The Power of Simplicity,’Aum’ or the more common ‘Om’, at first sight, clearly does not make an impact as far as number of syllables or complexity is concerned. This simple sound, in fact encompasses all the sounds that exist in the Universe. Every word that exists is a diversified form of this simple and sacred syllable. On a deeper note, ‘AUM’ is considered to be a threefold division of time. ‘A’ refers to the waking state ,’U’ refers to the dream state and ‘M’ indicates the state of deep sleep. Beyond these three states, a 4th state of consciousness exists which defined as ‘Turiya’ or ‘the state of infinite consciousness’. Here we shall discuss the prime benefits of chanting the Omkara , in children and mothers (especially expecting mothers).

Positives And Positives

We lead very busy lives, be it children or adults. In this ever changing paradigm of life, it is essential to have some beneficial constants in our daily lives and what is better than tapping the hidden powers of the ‘Omkara’.
Children are the future and it is of paramount importance that they know and practice saying Omkara mantra.
There are huge benefits for children if they practice this special mantra.

It Helps Children to:

1)Concentrate for longer periods of time. The Om sound has a natural soothing effect to the mind body and soul and it significantly raises their levels of concentration which can be advantageous to execute study hours more effectively.
little buddha
2) Anger management. Our little ones are no exceptions when it comes to anger. Omkara helps reduce the anxiety and anger. It reduces conflict among siblings as it induces peace and tranquility into their lives. In the long run, ensures better individuals with respect for one another.
3) Helps handle depression and strain better. Children will be less prone to such problems as they will develop a wider outlook on life. Academic requirements no longer will be a burden to them and will start enjoying the process of education.
4) Brings them closer to their parents. They achieve a higher state of consciousness and having chanting sessions with family tends to create a tighter bond between the members.
5) Omkara is a perfect conscious breathing exercise for children. It helps maintain health of breathing systems.

Benefits for Mothers

pregnancy positive vibe
Mothers too benefit from the ‘Mantra of the Many’ especially pregnant women. Research has shown that expecting women who chant the Omkara during their 9 months, tend to have a lot of advantages.
1) Om chanting can help the mother in alleviating stress.
2) Since the mother’s voice is clearer to the baby than anybody else. The calming effect of the vocalization during chanting surrounds the fetus in a calming energy.
3) Omkara helps the mother in channeling positive energy to the fetus which in turn can significantly contribute to ensure that the baby will be calm and happy.
4) It helps to lower blood pressure in pregnant women and also improves heart functioning.
5) Helps in getting enough sound sleep.

How to Correctly Chant Om

Best time to chanting Om is sunrise. The early morning positive energy is very good to meditate and chanting Omkara. Please find a calm place for you. The back yard garden is a good place as you feel close to nature.
1. Sit comfortably on ground crossed legs. Keep your back straight. You can keep palms on each other facing upwards or Sit in Padamasana position.
2. Close your eyes, free your mind from thoughts.
3. Inhale slowly through your nose. Fill your lungs completely now as you exhale slowly through nose (Do not exhale through mouth).
4. Chant AUM: Please note that its not exactly O. It is between ‘O’ and ‘Au’ sound. Start with ‘Au’ it will create a vibration in your chest and abdomens. As you end ‘Au’ and start with ‘M’ close your mouth and hum the M sound. M sound creates very nice vibrations in head and neck. These are the vibrations working to release the stress. The sound should fade away slowly and naturally with your breath.
5. The breathing should be effortless. Start with short Omkara comfortable and easy. As you practice you can slowly increase the time of inhale and exhale.

Some Useful Tips

1. Wear loose cotton clothes.
2. Before and after sitting on ground for this position, please do a simple legs and arms stretching. Enough makes it easy for you to sit and to get up and helps required blood circulation to relax your body.
3. Sit on a thick firm mat or a yoga mat.
4. Use Aromatherapy if you like it. Soothing aroma makes it more relaxing and enjoyable.
5. While teaching Om chanting to kids, please ensure they comfortably inhale and exhale.
6. If you or your child is having breathing problem, e.g. common cold or asthema then please consult with your doctor before starting this exercise.

Here is a nice video on how to teach “Om” Chanting to children.

The positive effects are seen if the chanting is done regularly. In fact this simple exercise is very addictive, once you start and enjoy it, you will feel your day is incomplete without it. Just like healthy food and exercise nourishes our body, Meditation + Omkar Chanting + Aromatherapy nourishes our mind and soul leading us to a happy life.
The Might of the Omkara
We have discussed positives over positives of this sound of universe (or sound of Sun as few yogis call it). One session of engrossed vocalization can work wonders in the lives of people. It is easy to imagine the world of good that will be up on offer if one was to make a habit of chanting the Omkara every day without fail.


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