How Long Does It Take To Know If You Are Pregnant?


When Do The Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

The time you start experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy depends on mainly the day of conceiving and how soon the HCG level rises. Also it’s not always the case that you will experience the pregnancy symptoms. In my first pregnancy, the test came out positive on about 10-12th day of missed period and still I didn’t have any symptoms but in my 2nd pregnancy, I started feeling the symptoms very strongly on 3rd day of conception even before missing the periods.
So, every pregnancy is unique and also the best way to know if you are carrying a baby is to take a home pregnancy test at about 8th day of missing periods. Repeat it if the test comes out negative and still no periods, in 3 days interval.
Disclaimer: Please note that this post is a blog by non-medical professional from personal experience and study of the topic. And, it should not be treated as medical expert’s advice.

Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch

• Too much fatigue with or without any reason
• Nausea
• Sudden dislike for a selection of foods
• Weird taste in mouth
• Increased smelling capability
• Light-headedness
• Dizziness
• Frequent urination
• Intense emotions
• Enlargement, swelling or soreness of breast and/or nipples

Exactly When will I experience Above Symptoms?

As discussed above, every pregnancy is different hence the symptoms for all the women that confirm pregnancy may vary and the time span of realizing these symptoms may vary as well.

Other Possible Reasons of Missed Periods

Sometimes, a woman misses her period for other reasons like stress, anxiety, having poor weight or being overweight, most common is the imbalance in the hormones, too much physical activity etc. And, they mistake this with pregnancy. For accurate results, first response pregnancy test at home is important.

Best Time to Take Home Pregnancy Test

The longer you wait to take the test, more chances of accuracy will be there. Make sure the waiting period is in between 6-8 days of missing periods. If everything is normal and you are not missing your period then just remember or mark the day which you expect to be the day when you conceived (ideally pregnancy test is taken 8th day of missed period). Wait for 6-8 days and then take a home pregnancy test for accuracy.
And, if your test results are negative but the pregnancy symptoms are being experienced by you then the best option is to see a doctor soon.

Why Wait for 8 days to Test?

Pregnancy tests are mostly dependent on some hormones (HcG) that are released when the egg which is fertilized gets implanted by itself. This process takes some time and hence it is recommended to wait for 6-8 days for the test.

Is Blood Test Must?

No (normally), even at hospitals doctors first prescribe a urine test.
The positive or negative results of pregnancy test depend on the HCG levels. HCG is produced in a woman’s body as soon as she conceives. The HCG level can be either detected through a blood test or a urine test. Doing a blood test gives you more accurate and faster results than the first response pregnancy test done at home. This option can be costlier and need to pay a visit to a diagnostic center or clinic but if you are not sure about the home test result or you do not have an idea about the commencement of your period then this option is appropriate for you.


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