How Long Can You Travel Safely While Pregnant?


Road Trip during Pregnancy: Is it safe?

Travelling during pregnancy is associated with many myths. Since the day you come to know a life is residing in you, you are concerned about a selection of stuff including diet, workout, lifestyle, and travelling. Also, your life is flooded with too many advice related to travel during pregnancy but you need to understand that every pregnancy is not the same. The level of complexity differs in different cases.
Travelling during pregnancy is not completely prohibited but the question is what should be the suitable distance for travelling depending on your pregnancy status?

Why Can Travelling Be Harmful during Pregnancy?

Truly speaking, no one, even the experts, will prohibit you from travelling at all during pregnancy. If you are not encountering any complication then there is no reason to hold you back at home. However, there are some factors that can make your trip a bummer. Below are some nuisances that you may face while travelling during pregnancy:
• Bad mood due to morning sickness during the first trimester
• Headaches
• Cramps or pain in the belly
• Swelling of legs
• Contractions in some cases

What Is the Best Time to Travel on the Road for Long Journey?

Neither early phase nor the last trimester is safe for travelling. However, you can travel during the 14-28 weeks of pregnancy which is the middle phase. The third trimester is the best time to travel. During this phase, you are almost comfortable with travelling and may not encounter with the health issues like morning sickness, cramps, headaches and mood swings.

What is The Maximum Distance That You Can Travel during Pregnancy?

During the middle phase of your pregnancy, you can travel to any distance but not at too much height. Between 36-37 weeks, you should avoid travelling long distances. During this time, a journey of an hour or two by car is okay. Try to keep your journey distances as short as possible after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Tips and Note about Traveling by Car during Pregnancy

1) Make sure you get enough toilet stops during the road trip
2) Stretch your legs as much as possible. Take as short walk as once an hour. Also, keep doing short stretching exercises while seated. This will help enough blood circulation and avoid leg cramps.

3) Make sure your driver drives smooth or avoid bumpy roads.
3) You may feel nauseous on curvy roads on mountaineer area. This is what I do when I get travel sickness in the car. Sit straight, and look on the road, I don’t know why but it works for me. Try to chew something, this releases ear pressure.
4) Keep drinking water, preferably lemonade/Lemon water/Ginger mint herbal tea. Stay hydrated.
5) Always try to keep some necessary over the counter medicines prescribed by the doctor, ointment, first aid kit etc. with you. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting clothes while travelling. If you are travelling by car, make sure you have tied the seat belt below your stomach, on the hipbone at a lower position. Travelling is safe during pregnancy but consult your doctor before planning any trip.


How to feel comfortable while travelling?

To feel comfortable throughout the journey, change your position from time to time. You can take loo breaks frequently. Carry snacks and sufficient water with you. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes.

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Should I prefer travelling in a car with an airbag?

Airbags are meant to save you when you meet an accident. If you have tied your seat belt properly, the airbag is safe for you. An airbag will act as a soft cushion and keep your bump away from the steering.

What to do if the car suddenly breaks?

First of all, if you are pregnant, avoid driving a car. Secondly, if you encounter with car breakdown, make sure you have the following things with you:
• Fully charged mobile
• Warm clothes
• Snacks and water
• Keep the headlights of your car on
• Try using an emergency phone
• Stay away from the motor traffic
• Keep the car doors locked
• Sit on the passenger side if a kid is with you

What are the things to do if I experience a car accident?

You can’t predict anything while you are on a car journey. Weather, roads and many other factors can cause an accident. If you encounter with such an incident and you are okay after all this, as soon as you reach home, try to connect with your doctor to ensure if everything is all right or not. If you are hurt due to the accident, never forget to mention the emergency service your pregnancy status.
Travelling is fun but when you are pregnant, you need to be aware of the risks involved with travelling during pregnancy. Whenever you plan a trip by a car, make sure the trip is short and you take the route with the slow speed.

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