How Do I Take Care of My 2 Months Old Baby?


New Born Baby Care Guide for Fathers

Fatherhood is usually an underrated and a very difficult job. A mother is ready to embrace the challenges and responsibilities since her pregnancy phase and loads of advice and tips boost her mentally. But, when a man becomes a father for the first time, he realises the real challenges.
Back in the old days, people used to live in a joint family where there were grandparents, uncles, aunts and other family members to take care of the newborn in the absence of father or mother. New dads back then were never surrounded by so many responsibilities and challenges as they are today. Why? Males in different parts of the world are raised with a different psychology than females. Things like work, financial stability and a secured future always remain the top priorities for men. After becoming a dad, they suddenly realize a change in their priorities and some new challenges to cope.
Thanks to internet (Google and YouTube) that it’s no more difficult to train yourself in even a day’s time.

Tips for New Fathers: How to Take Care of Your Newborn?

Here are some tips for new fathers: Babies Age: 0 to 4 months old

How to hold the baby:

holding newborn
Men who are not seasoned parent must know the right way to hold a newborn. First of all it is important to wash your hands properly before holding the baby. Feel confident and give support to his head and neck. The baby can’t hold his neck like toddlers and hence never place your hands under his arms. His arm bones are very delicate.
If you are right-handed, try placing your left hand under his neck with a strong grip. Make sure the hold is very gentle.
After that, using your right hand hold his bum and hold his complete body sliding your hands. This movement should be done from his back to his feet. After that baby’s neck should be slide in his neck to your left elbow.
The final step is to calm your baby and you can do it by gentle swings or bounces.

Skin to Skin Contact with Baby

skin to skin baby
Baby’s love cuddling and not only mothers but fathers too are encouraged for skin-to-skin contact with their baby. It not just makes a baby feel safe, comfortable and happy but studies say that it aids to baby’s brain development too. For a safe and comfortable sleep, you can let your baby sleep on your bare chest.


Newborns are only dependant on breast milk and sometimes it creates gas in their gastrointestinal system. To eliminate this gas, babies need to burp. New dads can save mom’s time and efforts by helping the baby burp. In the first month, it may occur around 8-10 times a day or even more. More details regarding baby burping is here: Burping Baby Guide

Bathing Your Baby:

bathing baby
Co-bathing is really an enjoyable experience for new dads. Before entering the tub with your baby, make sure the temperature is perfect for your baby and everything you need during the bath is within your arm’s reach. Never try giving bath to your baby in the traditional way of bathing the baby on legs. This will restrict your control over baby’s movements and chances of baby’s slipping will be more. Just make him sit on your lap and this will cut down on the risks and your worries.
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Talk To Your Baby:
talk to your baby
It’s obvious that your baby won’t react much or give too many expressions when you communicate with him but talking to your baby is not just fun but it aids to his development too. Your baby’s young brain is able to grasp the tones, sounds, gestures and expressions. He can listen to every sound you make or every word you say. After your hectic day, when you cuddle your baby and talk to him, it not just makes you calm and happy but your baby feels the same.
Things may seem pretty difficult for new dads in the beginning as they have to cope with professional schedules as well as personal life. But, with time, you will start enjoying it. Being father is a great power in itself and with great power comes great responsibilities. By following the above tips, you can give a start to become a super dad.


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