How Breastfeeding Benefits Mother and Baby?


Great Benefits of Breastfeeding Make You Feel Proud of Being a Mother

Breastfeeding is a matter of personal choice; nobody can force you for that. But it is likely that you may draw a large pool of opinions from family and friends about that. Sometimes it may become difficult for you to take any decision based on the opinions of your well-wishers. I believe that, it is better to take a well-informed decision than any opinionated decision. The most reliable method in any such dilemma situation is to have a scientific outlook.
Many a medical authorities around the world strongly back breastfeeding practices. Their admiration is based on their scientific exploration of the benefits of breastfeeding. Do you know that breastfeeding is found to be equally beneficial for mother and baby both? You must be unaware of the fact that breast milk can protect your baby against various diseases throughout their life. Let us understand the total advantages of breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

New Born Baby

Protection from Bacteria

Do you know why breast-fed children fare better than formula milk child? It is simply because the breast-fed milk is 100% free of bacteria. Probability of contamination of formula milk is very high in comparison to breast milk. It was found that babies who receive even the best sterilized formula suffer from infection of ear, respiratory track, guts, urinary tract etc. more than breast-fed babies. The reason is simple; the composition and protein value of mother’s milk actively helps any newborn to fight against diseases in distinctive ways.
A pregnant woman’s mammary glands produces the colostrum during last trimester of pregnancy. This first breast milk is the greatest medicine on earth. It contains some very vital nutrients which are super beneficial for new born. So even if for some reason you decide not to breastfeed your baby, make sure you feed the colostrum to your new born as soon as possible (Ideally in one hour of delivery).
new born baby

Increase in Antibodies (Disease-Fighting Agents)

Whenever a mother nurses her baby with her milk, she unknowingly injects all the five forms of antibodies in her baby. It helps the baby’s immune system to mature more quickly. In response to immunizations, breast-fed babies produce higher level of anti-bodies.

Less Cough and Cold

The leaky mucosal lining of any newborn is closed up more effectively with the help of certain hormones and small protein present in the mother’s milk. In turn, a child gets less exposed to cough and cold in early age.

Reduction of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

The most important thing to mark is that a breast-fed baby is less prone to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which is the cause of sudden death for some child.
In all, breastfeeding benefits a baby by saving from:
1. Childhood leukemia
2. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
3. Infections
4. Obesity
5. Cardiovascular diseases even in adulthood.
6. Type 2 Diabetes
7. Vomiting and Diarrhea
It is interesting to note that a mother’s breast milk adapts with the changing needs of a growing baby. Whether, the lactation by a mother is heavy or little, it does have a positive effect for sure, though the extent may vary. The longer a baby is breastfeed, the greater and long-lasting are the advantages of breastfeeding.
Can any mother refrain from breastfeeding her baby after knowing all these benefits of breastfeeding? Never. Please keep aside all the pretensions of a distorting figure due to breastfeeding. This is just a myth and if not, C’mon, you are a mom now! There are enormous benefits of breastfeeding for mother also. Just learn about how breastfeeding benefits you and your baby, and you can overcome any pretension and hurdle you feel.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother

mother with baby

Reduction in Postpartum Depression

By breastfeeding, a mother can save herself from postpartum depression. In a study by NIH (National Institute of Health), it was found that women who didn’t breastfeed their child develop a higher risk of postpartum depression. While nursing, a hormone called oxytocin is released in the body, which promotes nurturing and relaxation. Thus, a woman who breastfeeds her child feel more relaxed.

Saves from Certain Types of Cancer

Breastfeeding even helps to avoid certain types of cancer. Numerous researches in this field have shown that women who breastfeed longer are found to be less susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer. The definite reasons for it are unknown, but the fact that lactation reduces the production of estrogen in a mother’s body seems to be a possible cause of this.

Delays Menstruation

It is a proved fact that a breastfeeding Mom can get a menstruation vacation by breastfeeding. This fact is unbelievably true. The release of prolactin during the breastfeeding suppresses the amount of progesterone and estrogen production in the body, which helps to restrain the ovulation, thus delaying menstruation. . Breastfeeding, lactation or nursing are all found to delay the ovulation. Isn’t it a boon for us ladies?
Find here more information about Breastfeeding as birth control.

Helps Reduce Weight Gained During Pregnancy

Breastmilk is rich in carbohydrates and fats, So with production of breastmilk the fats are used from body. Remember you must drink a lot of water and fluids to produce milk. Then only the weight reduction is possible.

Emotionally Bonds with Baby

Apart from scientific reasons, there are some emotional causes also that relates to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a great way to learn about your child ‘satiety cues’ and the lovely behavior. It helps to develop an unbreakable bond with the baby. Breastfeeding even help a woman develop a healthy postpartum relationship. It helps cultivate a strong relationship of one Mom with another. That’s why most of the girls feel a special bond with their mother, after becoming mother themselves.
To make a point, there are endless reasons for how breastfeeding benefits you and your baby in amazing ways. We are not saying that as breastfeeding is natural this means that it’s easy also. But we are saying that it is worth its pain for sure and not less. In case of need for any help you can contact any certified lactation consultant or healthcare provider. Once a mother masters the breastfeeding basics, there’s not any complication in breastfeeding a child. Just remember, Moms are really lovely!


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