Homemade Fish Fingers for Kids: Tips and Recipe


Fish Fingers Recipe: Sp. for Indian Moms

Can’t resist the hands after taking just one; because Fish Fingers are so yummy and tempting! Fish Fingers are a popular kids’ appetizer in India and all over the world. The toddler brigades simply fall for it. These appetizers are crunchy and healthy and they deserve to be on the plates of every foodie toddler.
deep fried fish fingers

Benefits of Fish Fingers

Fish fingers not just appease the taste buds but have nutritional benefits as well.
1) Most importantly made from boneless fish, its safest method to feed fish to kids (Suitable for babies older than 10 months).
2) Secondly they are easy to eat finger foods, loved by kids.
3) Because of the coating the tasty and nutritious juices of cooked fish are locked inside crispy cover and not lost like in pan fried fish fillets.
4) Goodness of Fish: Fish provide the goodness of Omega-3 fats, protein and Vitamin D. This yummy and nutritious dish also takes care of your toddler’s heart, eyes, brain and physical development.
5) So, if your toddler is not in a mood to grab the cooked veggies, serve him the delectable fish fingers as you know may not want to negotiate with his health and taste.

How to select the fish for Fish Fingers: Guide for Indian Moms :

Which Indian Fish to Feed to Baby

1. Select the boneless fish and also little firm ones like Basa, the Indian basa is usually very oily and healthy for kids. The Thai Basa are frozen and you should take proper care while defrosting it.
2. Rawas i.e. Indian Salmon is most healthy and easily available fish in India. You should select the big size fish and take the inner most slices of it. Cut the long finger size pieces
3. Surmai/King Fish: This is just like Rawas/Indian Salmon.
4. Indian Eel/ Vaam: In Mumbai its called as Vaam, this is type of Eel fish which is highly nutritious and has few long easy to remove bones. Also this one is little less fishy in taste (Funny but true, Indians don’t like Fishy tasting Fish)


Fillets of Basa Fish cut in the shape of fingers, oil, chopped garlic, soy sauce, salt, crushed pepper, chopped red chillies, basil leaves, oyster sauce, chopped onion greens, breadcrumbs and egg


• Mix the fish fingers with salt, garlic, pepper, basil leaves, soy sauce and oyster sauce(Optional)
• Coat the fish with breadcrumbs + Maida mixture.
• Put the coated fish fingers in beaten eggs and again coat it in breadcrumbs (here only Breadcrumbs)
• Deep fry the coated fish in a pan till a golden brown color appears
• Absorb the excess oil, garnish and serve the hot and spicy fish fingers

If you want you can directly put the coated fish fingers in the oven or go for shallow frying.
roasted fish fingers recipe

I usually use frozen Thai Basa fillets as they are already boneless and kids don’t bind the bones while eating them. There are other options like Anchovies, Rawas fish, Surmai fish and to name a few that have very fewer bones and your kid won’t have to sacrifice the yummy taste of the fish fingers trying these fishes as well.


Every mom is worried about her kid’s vision, development, smartness, charm, bones and many other things. What if a single easy-to-prepare dish can do the work and impress the kids at the same time? Try the yummy fish fingers offering the flaky texture of the fillets at home and bring some appetizing tastes and nutritional goodness into your kid’s life.
If you have any tips to share, please don’t forget to leave a comment.

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