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So you have had a baby and now you feel like you need to devote more time on taking care f your newborn? Plenty of women take a sabbatical for a few years when they have a baby. Work from home online not only allows them to care for their child personally but also re-prioritize the goals of their lives. Home based jobs and looking after baby also allows you to take a much needed break from your hectic life.
With the advent of the internet, it has now become much easier for women to work from their homes and earn good incomes. While some women prefer returning to work after having a baby, many are now choosing the alternate option of working from home.

Home Based Online Jobs for Moms

Content writing

content writing
With online marketing and SEO being a field that is expanding all over the world, it is hardly difficult for a good writer to find work from her home. Content writers are now in great demand, and both SEO firms in western world as well as other parts of the world are always in search for writers with good skills to present the brand’s message aptly to their target users. Read here more about Content Writing from home.


Infographics are pictographic representations of statistical data that reflect current trends of a particular technical or non-technical concept. While presenting tedious information on market and user trends can be boring, infographics allow people to present the same data in a creative manner. It is therefore needless to say that an infographics designer needs to have oodles of imagination and good presentation skills that makes the infographic content readable. Not only these types of infographics but for other interesting industries like in fashion, restaurants, travel also need infographics regularly. Most online blogging sites look for efficient infographics designers, so there is a lot of demand in this area.
Some websites like www.canva.com are amazingly easy to use to make beautiful infographics. With increased demand in social media marketing, companies need attractive infographics for marketing. You need not poses particular expertise, clients will provide you with enough information and with little study on internet you can use these free tools to make attractive infographics.
If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop then it is an added advantage.
You can contact companies to sell them the infographics regularly or you may start your geek on Fiverr.com

Pinterest: One of less known but very effective platform of making money. If you start selling infographics and posters to your clients, it is a very good idea to improve your following on Pinterest with beautiful posters. If you have an old pinterest account or if not you can start using it and learn how infographics/posters can attract many followers on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of best and interesting place to make money online. Learn how.

Social media marketer

social media marketing
Social media marketing is a technique that allows a company to promote itself through the social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While it is necessary for the company to market itself, a company also needs to make sure that its marketing campaigns never seem forced and that they also encourage user participation. It is exactly here that the services of a social media marketer come in. most SEO firms have a social media marketing unit and you can find employment with them to work from home. You can also open up your own social media marketing enterprise, although that may need you to invest some money initially. The knowledge is very important in this job, so first thing you must do is start studying with a dedicated study for around 2-3 months can make you expert of this field. Start with basic terms study on google, learn through Youtube videos then you can invest in some good Udemy Course to learn the advanced techniques.


Teaching is one of the most well known work-from-home professions that have a perennial appeal. If you have a good knowledge about your domain, and wish to share that then you can make some easy youtube video channel, ebooks or Udemy Courses. Even if you are not having any experience in any particular field but if you are interested to learn, then study and research online. Make some easy to understand courses, books or presentation and try selling them on the platforms mentioned.

Freelance Programmer

If you have skills with programming languages like Java, PHP and Oracle, then you can be a freelance programmer who works with multiple clients at the same time. There are plenty of portals like UpWork where companies hire the services of outside programmers, so finding projects won’t be a problem.
If you were working on full time job before having baby and now cannot resume the previous job then don’t rush and jump to start any freelance work from home. You should study and plan well. After having baby, time management is very much challenging. Give some time to study the ideas, study them well. During the study time, you will be able to see the difficulties in allocating time for work and can resolve them before taking actual paid jobs. You should not only look at how much money you will make from it but also if you can enjoy doing it daily and in long run. All these mentioned ideas will not need any great investment the only needed investment is in study.

Selling Craft Online

If you are a craft lover or can sell craft items then Etsy is one of best ways to sell craft and fashion accessories online. Here is a guide for you to learn more about it.
You can even sell crafts on FB if you study few easy techniques.


I personally think that break in career for baby is an opportunity for us to study new things and select our career of our choice. So study these interesting and legitimate online jobs for moms without investment. Wish you all the best.

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