Holy Muslim Baby Names Inspired by Islamic Calendar


Unique Baby Names Inspired by Islamic Calendar

Recently, I have seen many parents near me who decided to name their children based on the Islamic month “Dhu Al Hijjah”. Of course, it is Hajj time and people are very likely to be inspired by the little things involved in a number of steps performed during Hajj.
This, in turn, encouraged me, to curate a list of short, meaningful and trendy names for Muslim baby boys as well as girls, inspired by Islamic months. So, here is another exquisite list of Muslim baby names for you all, this time related to the Islamic calendar. I hope this list helps you find a notable name for your beloved child.
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Islamic Months Inspired Baby Names

As the lunar Islamic calendar comprises of the twelve Hijri months, we are going to look at the suggested names consecutively.

Ashr for Boys عشر and Ashura for Girls عاشوراء for the Month of Muharram

Muharram is considered a very sacred month in Islam and its tenth day which commemorates the death of Hazrat Husain (RA) is often known as Ashura. Ashura and Ashr both mean “tenth” and “ten” respectively. So, if you want to give an uncommon name to your child in order to remember the sacrifices of the leaders of Islam, Ashura is a beautiful name for girls and Ashr is a lovely name for boys.

Reyah for the month of Safar رِيَاح

When the Islamic calendar was formed, the month of Safar denoted to the whistling of the wind according to the weather conditions. Reyah, which is a Quranic word, is a very suitable name for girls and boys born in the month of Safar. It means winds and power. Wouldn’t you like to give this uncommon name to the apple of your eye?

Rabiy for the month of Rabi Al Awwal رَبِيْع

Rabi Al Awwal is a very prestigious month in Islam as it denotes to the beginning of spring and is also the month of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) birth. Rabiy would be an adorable pick if you love the charm and joy of the spring season.

Sanie for the month of Rabi Al Sani (or Rabi Al Akhir) ساني

Sanie is a short and soft-sounding name that means majestic and brilliant in Arabic. If your child is born in this month, Sanie would be a rewarding name for his/her personality. Who wouldn’t love to call their child brilliant, although in a different language?

Khamis for the month of Jumada Al Awwal (or Jumada Al Ula) خامس

Khamis, which means “five” in Arabic is a good name for children born in the month of Jumada Al Awwal as it is the fifth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Again, it is an uncommon and a good name which might make your child’s persona stand out amongst the crowd.

Sanie for the month of Jumada Al Akhirah ساني

As Jumada Al Akhirah marks the ending of the dry weather during the year, there is no particular name that is very suitable for this month. However, Jumada Al Akhirah is also known as Jumada Al Sani and that is why Sanie would be a good baby name choice for this month as well.

Rajab for the month of Rajab رَجَب

There is no name better than Rajab itself for the month of Rajab. Why don’t name your child directly Rajab when it has a great meaning in Arabic? This seventh month is derived from the Arabic roots that mean “great” and “tremendous”.

Sha’aba شَعْبَا and Shaban شَعْبَان for the month of Sha’ban

Sha’ban is another most important Islamic months as it has Shab-e-Barat in it. So, if you have a baby girl, you can name her Sha’aba but make sure to put emphasis between “Sha” and “Aba” as you pronounce it. Sha’aba means “to branch out” and is an adorable and rare name. Shaban is derived from Sha’aba which is a verb in the Arabic language and is a short and sweet name for boys born in this month.

Ramzah رَمْزَة and Rameez رمیض for the month of Ramadan

Ramadan which is also known as Ramzan is a very remarkable month of the year for Muslims. If your baby girl is born during Ramadan, Ramzah would be an endearing choice which means “a mark” or “a symbol”. Rameez is another beautiful sounding baby name for Muslim boys which means honored and respected. We love both the names and would definitely suggest them for Ramdan born babies.

Fitrah فِطْرة and Fitr فِطر for the month of Shawwal

Shawwal observes the day of Eid Al Fitr due to which there could be no names better than Fitrah and Fitr for babies born in the month of Shawwal. Fitrah means the healthy innate nature of a human whereas Fitr means opening (of something). Both these names are not only short and uncommon but also very meaningful.

Sakhr صخر or Sakhrah صخرة for the month of Dhu’l-Qa’dah

Dhu’l-Qa’dah is another sacred month of Islam which forbids war and refers to the truce. There could be nothing better than keeping a name which means “peace” and “safety”. Hence, Sakhr for baby boys and Sakhra for baby girls are just the perfect names.

Tawaf طَوَاف for the month of Dhu Al Hijjah

As Dhu Al Hijjah is the most sacred and important month of Islam, Tawaf is one of the best unisex names for babies born in this month. Tawaf means the circumambulation around the Kaaba during Hajj. Tawaf is a very soft, religious and meaningful name. We totally love how it sounds and would definitely call it one of the best names in this list.

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We really loved curating this list of Islamic months inspired baby names for you and your baby. Moreover, we believe you would love it too just as we do. We hope you would love the idea of naming your child according to the Islamic month he or she is born in. Don’t forget to give us the feedback by commenting below and feel free to drop in your queries.


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