Hindu Baby Names Meaning Universe/Earth/World


Baby Boy/Girl Names Which Mean Universe or World or Earth

A name with a beautiful and positive meaning inspires your child for lifetime. From tresure of wonderful baby names gifted by Mother of all languages: Sanskrit, we have curated the best rare baby names which mean universe or earth or world and related to it.
Please note most of the names are from Sanskrit but not all.

Indian Hindu Baby Boys Names: Meaning Universe/Earth/World

AaveshLord of the universe / Lord Shiva
AbiseshanThe beginning of World
AneeswarGoddess of earth / Lord of serpents or Vasuki
AnikaitLord of the world / Lord Shiva /Alternate Spelling : Aniket / Aniketh
ArasuMost powerful person of the world / Lord Shiva
AvanOne who owns the earth
AvneeshGod of the earth
AvnendraKing of the earth / Angel of God on earth
AvneshLord of the whole world / Lord Ganesh
BhaumikAttached to the earth / Land owner
BhavamanyuCreator of universe
BhumatPossessing the earth
BhuvSky / Heaven / Earth
EdomRed / Red earth
ElavendhanThe honorable person in the world
HemishLord of the earth
IleshLord of earth
IreshLord of earth / Vishnu
IrishLord of the earth
JaganmaySpread over the universe
JagvirWarrior of the world / World winner
KahaanLord Krishna / Universe
MaayinCreator of the universe / Creater of the Maya
MahijithConqueror of the earth
MahinThe earth
MahishA king / Lord of the earth
MarirajA world king
MrinmoyMade of earth
NikhitSharp / Earth / Ganges / Lord of universe
ParthivendraGreatest of the kings of the earth
RiditWorld known
RusheekSon of saint / Lord of earth
RushikSon of saint / Lord of earth
RuthvijGuru/Son of earth
RutvijGuru/Son of earth
SanjCreator of universe / Another name for Lord Shiva / Lord Brahma
SharvaName of Lord Shiva / Earth
TaalishLord of earth / Mountain
TrimanWorshipped in three worlds
TrishvaThree world
VaishvikBelonging to the world
VirabhadraSupreme Lord of the nether world / Lord Shiva
VirajBiggest in universe / The Sun or the king / Resplendent / Splendor
VishrajKing of the world
YuganshPart of universe

Indian Hindu Baby Girls Names: Meaning Universe/Earth/World

AadvikaWorld / Earth / Unique
AchlaThe earth / Stable
AdhvikaWorld / Earth / Unique
AdvekaWorld / Earth / Unique (Alternate Spelling: Advika)
AjalaThe earth
AkilaThe earth
AnshumiEvery part/element of the earth
BaaniEarth / Goddess Saraswati / Maiden
BhavapritaOne who is loved by the universe
BhoomijaBorn from the earth / Goddess Sita
BhumijaBorn from the earth / Goddess Sita
BhuvaFire / World
BrihatiSpeech / Powerful / Heaven and earth
DakshaThe earth
DharitreeThe earth
Eila/ElaThe earth / Cardamom tree / Daughter of Manu
EraIn Hindi Yug / Earth / Muse
EvaniThe earth / Alive
GeetiA song / World / Universe
IdhaIntelligence / Perception / The earth / Insight
IdhikaGoddess Parvati / The earth
IdikaParvati / The earth
IhaThe earth / Desire / Endeavour
IlaThe earth / Cardamom tree / Daughter of Manu
IleshaQueen of the earth (Alternate Spelling: Ilisha / Illisha)
IlvikaDefending the earth
InikaLittle earth
IraIn Hindi Yug / Earth / Muse
IrikaDimunitive for the earth
JaganmayeeMother of the world / Goddess Lakshmi
JagateeThe earth / Of the universe / Bestowed with speed
JagaviBorn of the world / Worldly
JegathaTruth of the world
KashthaThe Goddess who is quarter of the world
KiranilaLove stands forever in the world
KshonaFirm / Immovable / The earth
KshoniFirm / Immovable / The earth
MaahiRiver / Great earth / Heaven and earth conjoined
MahikaThe earth
MiridhiniSoft earth
MrinmayeeDeers eye / Of the earth (Alternate Spelling: Mrunmayi)
MritsaGood earth
MrittikaMother earth
NairuthiRises of world
PranaveeGoddess Parvati / The first sound of universe Aum (Alternate Spelling: Pranavi)
PruthaDaughter of earth
SahaTolerant / The earth / An Apsara or celestial nymph
SahuriWar / Powerful / Victorious / The earth
SarvaniDurga / Universal / Complete
ShaariniThe earth
UruviSubstantial / Excellent / The earth
UrvaraFertile / The earth
UrvishaLord of the earth
UshraDawn / The earth / First light (Alternate Spelling: Usra)
VaneeshaQueen of the universe
YahvaHeaven and earth / Flowing water
YahviHeaven / Earth

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