Phenomenal Hindu Baby Boy names starting with N


Baby Boy Names starting with N: Rare and Meaningful

There are a handful of choices for Indian baby names starting with letter N. The N names in India are less popular than A / S / R / M names, but in recent years some very popular names like Neil/Neel, Nimish, Nirav/Niraj start with N.
Today, we have brought you this rare list of names from this lovely letter ‘N’ which belongs to Vrushchik Rashi and Anuradha Nakshatra for Baby boys.

Top 15 Rare Sanskrit Baby Boy Names starting with N

Naday नदाय

Related to Nada, the sacred sound combining the inner and outer cosmos. The name is used as an epithet for Lord Ganesh and used in the Mantra – Om Naday Namah ॐ नादाय नमः। The name also means to resonate.

Niyam नियम

Niyam means rules or laws. It is another name of Lord Vishnu/Lord Shiva and it can be heard in the Mantra – Niyamaay ॐ नियमाय नमः।

Nikay निकाय

The Supreme Being, Best among all. Nikay also means an aim or a body/air.

Niyan नियाण

Niyan is associated with Nayan which means an Eye. The name also signifies a way or access. Niyan is an epithet used for Lord Murugan.

Nirosh निरोष

Who doesn’t have Rosh or Anger? The name refers to Goddess Lakshmi who doesn’t have anger.

Nirvar निर्वर

Who is superior, best of all. An excellent personality.

Nishil निशील

The name is associated with Nisha which means night.

Nirijhar नीर्झर

Nirjhar is related to Jharna which means Waterfall.

Naksh नक्श

Naksh means features in Sanskrit. The name also signifies The Moon.

Naray नरय

The name is used as an epithet for Lord Rama / Lord Shiva. It means the Lord is Infinite. ॐ नराय नमः।

Nrupen न्रुपेन

Nrup means a King or Emperor in Sanskrit.

Navaj नवज

Nava means new in Sanskrit. One who is young or just born is called Navaj.

Nathan नाथन

Originally English name but in Sanskrit can be related to Nath. Nath refers to God. A Gift from God or something Rewarded.

Nityam नित्यम

Nitya means which is continuous, stagnant, regular. Nityam is something that is Constant.

Nushanth नुषांत

A rare and meaningful name which means Horizon.
The 14th letter of the English alphabet has a special significance in Sanskrit as well as Hinduism. From Nataraj to Nirvana and from Nada to Nirakara, there are many positive and impactful words offering you some great name choices for your baby boy.
In Hinduism, the first initial of the name is for a newborn is generally decided on the basis of Raashi or Zodiac and Nakshatra. The N names for Indian baby boys usually offer a blend of the opulent tradition and spirituality. These names are rare and quite meaningful. Not too many names may show modernity or go with the trend but if you are looking for uncommon, positive and impactful baby names with letter N, we got a great hand-picked list of amazing names for you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this name list in comments.


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