DIY Herbal Bath Powder for Toddlers


Homemade Natural Body Scrub Recipe: Nalangu Maavu

Mothers take the ultimate care when it comes to the products they use on their kids, especially the young ones. Searching for products that are safe, hygienic and child-friendly can be quite a daunting task. Here you are about to learn Nalangu Maavu the ancient herbal bath powder recipe which is easy to make and safe for your toddlers. It includes most effective and Ayurveda/Natural ingredients that do a world of good to your toddler’s skin.

Who can use this Herbal Bath Powder or Body scrub?

1. This bath powder is good for toddlers above 3 years. Please do a patch test before applying on whole body.
2. New Mothers: This is highly recommended for new mothers. After delivery the hormonal changes and long sleepless nights may make your skin look dull. The pregnancy glow may have reduced. After a nice body massage using this body scrub is a very good idea.
3. Basically anybody in family: Young girls and males also can use this as body scrub. It’s a good replacement for soap for your before-bed bath, when you just want a warm refreshing bath before going to bed.

Nalangu Maavu: Herbal Body Wash Powder Recipe

• Rose Petals – 2 cups
• Tulsi/Holy Basil Leaves – ½ cup
• Organic Green Gram / Moong Beans – 1 cups
• Organic Chana Dal / Chickpea –1/2 cups
• Turmeric Powder – 1 tea spoon
• Neem Leaves (Azadirachta Indica)– 1 cup
• Orange Peels from 2 Oranges
• Almonds – 10
• Fullers Earth Powder – ½ cup
• Dry all the Rose Petals, Neel leaves, Orange Peels and Tulsi leaves (for around24 hrs) in room temperature until they are thoroughly dry.
• Dry them again under the sun for one hour or until there is no moisture left and then grind together to powder them.
• Grind chickpeas, green gram and almonds separately and then mix together
• Mix the 2 powders, fuller’s earth and turmeric powder together and grind well together to make a fine powder. For adults you can skip grinding again if you want a body scrub to keep the required texture.
• Store the powder in air tight containers for longer shelf life.

How to Use the Bath Powder?

• Take the required amount add rose-water or honey or milk to the powder
• Make a fine paste
• Apply it all over body and leave for 5-10 minutes then take a shower.

Benefits of Herbal Bath Powder

Nalangu Maavu has ayurvedic ingredients that each have enormous health and skin benefits.
Green Gram
moong beans
Maintains the skin texture and also acts as a gentle exfoliate to get all the grime out of your toddler’s skin.
Rose Petals
Rose petals enhance the powder’s fragrance and soothe skin and keep it supple. Its helpful for removing dark spots and scars on skin. It works as anti-ageing and maintains skin firmness.
Turmeric has antimicrobial properties that keep your toddler’s skin free from germs. It also has healing properties and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It removes the dark spots and uneven complexion
(Please do not use more than one tea spoon as excessive use may cause red rashes. )
Chickpea flour cleanses skin effectively without any side effects.
Neem Leaves
neem leaves
The antibacterial properties of neem leaves are legendary. They protect the skin from germs and also cure rashes and blemishes the natural way. Neem leaves are known to contain rare compounds that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agents.
Orange Peel
orange peels
Orange peels have healthy acids that keep your child’s skin clean and glowing.
These ingredients condition your child’s skin and keep it young and soft as they should be.
Multani Mati/Fullers Earth
fullers earth
This is another amazing cleanser. Fuller’s earth is known to improve skin complexion. It removed dirt from pores of skin. Please note excessive use may dehydrate sensitive skins of some kids. So do not use it more than above mentioned proportion.
Tulasi/Holy Basil Leaves
Tulsi/Tulasi/HolyBasil is mainly known for its wonderful benefits for health. It is used to cure many common diseases and for improving immunity. It maintains skin’s health and makes it glow. Useful in treating skin infections, irritations, wounds, itching and also prevents acne.

Tips to use this Bath Powder

• You can use rosewater or curd or honey or milk instead of water to make a paste for easy applying.
• Add sandal wood powder for more benefits and especially for the fragrance.
• You can make a huge batch and can store it for up to a year.
• As this is gentle on baby’s skin, any family member can use it. Using it once/twice a week is highly recommended. Or for evening bath this is just a perfect body scrub.
• Use this body scrub after a nourishing oil massage for greater benefits. Most of the ingredients of this natural scrub help remove the oil from skin. In case you don’t want a oil massage, please apply moisturizer on your body after the bath.
Note: You may use this natural bath powder for babies younger than 3 years old but above one year old also but kids before 3 years old are allergic to many things. Some ingredients here e.g. turmeric might cause skin rashes. This is a rare case though. You can try a patch test on your baby’s hand before using it on whole body. Use milk to make the paste from powder in such case.
Make this herbal bath powders for toddlers and for yourself at the comfort of your home. Not only is this powder Nalangu Maavu is side-effects free and safe, it is also easy, cost-effective and suitable for anybody in your family.


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    I had seen this in one of my friends wedding and she was originally from Maharashtra . She used it as an ubtan and glowed on her wedding day. She had soaked all these in milk and made a wet paste kept in fridge and used daily. Thanks for sharing it. I would love to share it with our readers too. Do let me know if you can share your articles with us.

    • Sapana

      Thank you for your comment, please feel free while sharing. The recipe is originally from God’s Own Country Kerala. But it is used all over India. Its better to store the dry powder and make the fresh paste from required portion for a bath.

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