Amazing Health Benefits of Fresh Figs for Babies


Can I Feed Figs to My Baby?

During my first pregnancy, I learnt the top 10 foods for healthy pregnancy in a pre-natal class in Tokyo. One of them was Figs. These highly nutritious seasonal fruits are very healthy for to-be moms, new-moms and babies.
The different texture and the sweet taste make it the best as a baby food.

Health Benefits of Figs

• Great source of Vitamins like Vit A, Vit 1 and Vit B2
• Contains essential minerals like Potassium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Manganese
• The soluble fiber in figs are good for digestion
• Helps in losing weight
• Maintains blood pressure level
• Good for bones
• Useful for diabetes patients
• Eliminates bowel movement issues
• Cuts down cholesterol level
• Good for skin and hair

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Care to be Taken While You Feed Figs to Your Baby

Like other nutritional fruits, only fresh and blemish-free figs should be given to the baby. Make sure the figs are plump and dark/royal/greenish purple in color. Local brands or lose figs may not be kept in a hygienic storage condition. Hence, always try to go for reputed brands while choosing dried or fresh figs for babies. If the figs are fresh, store them in refrigerator. They can remain fresh for about 2-3 days. Before feeding figs to your baby, keep them outside the fridge for a couple of hours.

When Can You Introduce Figs to Your Baby?

It’s better to introduce figs after your baby turns 7-month-old. Also, since the fruit is different in texture and taste, you can introduce it to your baby after few other fruits/first foods. For the babies who can’t chew or find dried figs difficult to chew, you can introduce the fresh figs or the dried figs soaked in water.
Dried figs rings are best finger foods for babies after 3 months of solid introduction i.e. around 9-10 months age.

Can I Eat Figs During Pregnancy?

Fresh or dry figs have nutritional benefits for pregnant women, babies and new moms. It has several essential minerals and vitamins that a pregnant woman needs. Hence, eating figs is completely safe and highly recommended during pregnancy.

Can I Eat Figs During Breastfeeding?

Small babies are completely dependent on mother’s milk and whatever a new mom eats impacts a breastfeeding baby. A nursing mom can eat fresh or dried figs as it has many benefits that boost a baby’s growth and takes care of his immune system. Figs have antimicrobial properties that help avoid infections in babies. Figs also take care of a newborn’s liver and helps prevent various liver-related diseases like jaundice, autoimmune disease, hepatitis etc.


Figs, also known as Anjeer in India is a therapeutic fruit with a great taste that is usually loved by babies, to-be moms and the new moms. Figs are rich in natural sugar. There is a range of figs available in the market including Brown Turkey, Black Mission Figs, Calimyrna figs etc. Figs can be made into a paste and used as a sugar alternative in many recipes for babies, pregnant women and new mommas. This healthy snack fulfills lots of nutritional needs in the body and therefore suggested for small babies.


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