Health Benefits of Curd during Pregnancy


Yogurt during Pregnancy: All you need to Know

Curd or Yogurt taken in any form is very healthy for to-be-moms; be it the hydrating buttermilk, refreshing fruit yogurt or energetic Lassi. Yogurt is highly recommended for a healthy pregnancy.
In most of the cases, pregnant women face issues with their bones, muscles and teeth, which occur as a result of calcium deficiency in the body. Yogurt is not only a rich source of calcium but contains a selection of nutritional elements like Zinc, potassium, protein etc.

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Top Known Health Benefits of Yogurt during Pregnancy:

Better Digestion

The digestive benefits of the curd are known worldwide. A human body requires a balanced level of good bacteria for good digestion and yogurt is a great source of probiotics or good bacteria that takes care of the digestive and immune system.

Keeps the Body Temperature Low

The pregnant women often feel a raised level of heat in their body as metabolic and hormonal changes are happening during this phase. Curd or yogurt keeps the body temperature down and often helps in the case of acidity, heartburn or indigestion.

Immunity Booster

Pregnant women are prone to cough, cold and many other health issues due to a poor immune system. The live microorganisms in curd or yogurt eliminate the bad bacteria and add to the number of good bacteria in the body resulting in an improved immune system.

Source of Calcium

The calcium content in curd is known to everyone. Calcium is not only responsible for boosting the strength of bones and teeth but it also saves from a selection of cardiovascular diseases. After milk, if there is the highest amount of calcium in any dietary element then it’s curd. 100g of curd contains about 80-85 mg of calcium.

Say Bye to Stress

During pregnancy, every minor thing seems stressful or something to worry about as you are too cautious about your health and a lot of things is going on inside your body. Curd is a great stress-remover. It calms down your nervous system and helps you stay stress-free.

Weight Management

Increasing weight is a common thing during pregnancy. But, dieting is not at all an option in this case as your body requires a lot of nutrients. Curd prevents the increase of hormone cortisol and prevents you from being overweight.

Good for Skin

The vanishing glow of the skin is pretty natural during pregnancy. A to-be mom goes through a lot of inconveniences and hormonal changes. Curd can help you out in this scenario. Yogurt or curd is a rich source of Vitamin E. When you get natural vitamin E for sustaining the glow and moisture on your skin, you don’t need synthetic ones. It also prevents dry and pigmented skin problems.

Tips for Eating Curd during Pregnancy

Curd can either be eaten in its raw form or added to various recipes to get a refreshing taste and a range of health benefits. Dahi Bhalla, Dahi Tarka, Raita are some common recipes using yogurt that a pregnant woman can consider. Yogurt is a fermented food and hence very helpful for pregnant women. But, there are some tips while eating curd during pregnancy that every to-be mom should adhere to.

No Added Sugar

Eat yogurt in its raw form or add it with healthy recipes but don’ add syrup or sugar to it. Adding sugar to yogurt adds to your weight.

Avoid Yogurt at Night

Though yogurt is a healthy food, according to Ayurveda, we shouldn’t consume it in night. There are no scientific reasons behind this. But, a to-be mom should take maximum precautions during pregnancy.

Avoid Market Yogurt

If possible, eat home-made yogurt or a branded yogurt which is pasteurized and hygienic.

Afternoon Snack: Fruit Yogurt

fruit yogurt
For alternative to afternoon tea/coffee and for odd time cravings fruit yogurt is best choice.
Curd or Yogurt is a very helpful food for the health and development of a to-be mom and the foetus. Its refreshing taste keeps you charged all day long and its antibacterial properties keep the diseases at the bay.


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