Headache during Pregnancy & Gender Prediction


Does Headache during Pregnancy Mean anything?

Is there any indicative meaning of headache during pregnancy?

Headache is a one of common problems during Pregnancy. But as many things, it also disturbs the lady by initiating many questions and confusions in the brain, triggering the even severe headache. Questions be like –

Is there a different reason of headache while you are pregnant?

Is there any connection of headache and baby gender?

What are the causes of headache during pregnancy?

What are the safe remedies of headache in pregnant women which will cure the problem will affect the baby?

Don’t worry if you have such questions striking in the brain. The post will hopefully answer your queries.

Why Headache is linked to the gender of baby: True or Myth?

During first and third trimester of pregnancy women often experience a mild or a severe headache which sometimes aired as a gender determination tool by some people but actually it is mythical and proved scientifically wrong. Headache and baby gender don’t have any correlation although some pregnant women’s also comes up with its positive results that a headache means that mother is expecting a baby boy but it is only by chance.

Causes of Headache in Pregnancy

Headache is one of the main discomforting symptoms of pregnancy which is common in early stages. It can be severe & may need a prescription. Sometimes it settles down easily and just remains for few minutes. According to a research, one of the possible cause of headache during pregnancy is hormonal fluctuation. The hormone progesterone which is a female hormone release when a woman gets pregnant it helps to relax the uterus and blood vessels, these changes in blood veins tends to change blood volume and blood pressure that triggers headache.

Headache during Pregnancy: Other Causes

• Stress during pregnancy
• Rise in blood pressure during pregnancy with seizure-like activity and aura- preeclampsia
• Tension occur due to carrying extra weight
• Women suffering from a migraine prior to getting pregnant may suffer from a recurrent headache
• Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) & gestational diabetes (diabetes during the gestational period) may cause a headache.
• Poor body posture, foul smell, changes in vision, lack of sleep & dehydration may also lead to a headache during pregnancy.

Safe Remedies for Headache during Pregnancy

Living with a head pain is upsetting for pregnant women and the regret of not enjoying their pregnancy phase is, even more, painful which could become recurrent. The best way to get rid of headache is by avoiding its causes and knowing what triggers your headache. Some of the safe remedies to avoid headache during pregnancy are:
• Mediational activity to keep yourself relax
• Get enough sleep and shoulder massage
• Deep breathing exercise are best for pregnant women for decreasing tension and stress
• Eat a well-balanced diet even some nutritional deficiency may cause a headache like a Vitamin b12 and iron.
• Practicing a good posture
• Avoiding migraine triggering agents like fermentation products, alcohol, caffeine, cheese, foul smell, oats etc
• Applying heat and cold packs for instant pain relief, however, it remain for few hour
• If you suffer from gestational diabetes than eat often in small intervals and don’t ignore your cravings it will prevent your headache and future risk
• With this safety measure, you have to modify your lifestyle to reduce weight and unhealthy habits which unknowingly triggers a headache

When to See Your Doctor?

Headache during pregnancy is uncertain it may be related to some serious issue; therefore it is important to investigate these headaches accurately and watch out symptoms properly as some causes like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia even lead to miscarriage, take safety measure to decrease the instances of headache.
Consult your doctor when you experience one of these symptoms
• If headache gets severe and persists for long
• Persist with nausea, epigastric pain, and vomiting
• Pain overhead accompanied with swelling of the face, eyes, hands etc
• When includes blurred vision & eye pain
• When headache is throbbing and pulsatile
• Recurrent migraines
• Tingling sensation in hands and feet
• Seizure-like activity
To know the severity of your headache evaluate by the following test
• Gait assessment
• Blood pressure measurement
• Urine analysis
• Cranial nerve assessment
• Fundoscopy
Do you still think headache and baby gender should be connected?
Obviously, a big no!
So, now whenever you sense the headache during pregnancy and it don’t diminish, start looking for the causes of headache and follow the safe remedies instead for making irrelevant guesses.


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