Handpicked Multi Origin Beautiful Names for Indian Baby Boys


Exclusive International Baby Names for Indian Baby Boys

You might want to stop by as we have just found some modish, Multi-Origin Baby Names for your Boy. This means, besides being known as an Indian Baby Name having Sanskrit, Urdu origin, the same name would have a different meaning in other language’s dictionary. Below is the list our handpicked, multinational Indian names for the baby boys of India.

top 10 rare multi origin baby boy names

Selected Multi Origin Special Baby Names for Indian Baby Boys

1] Meer

Meer in, Sanskrit = Ocean or Sea
In African, Meer= Chief/ Leader
It even has an Arabian connection as…
‘Meer’ sounds similar to the Arabian word ‘Mir’. That is a short form of the name ‘Amir’, meaning Prince or Ruler in Arabian.
In Dutch, Meer= Lake
Whereas, in German, Meer= Ocean / Sea
Even in English, Mere= Lake (In obsolete form though)


Spelled as ‘Khyan’ in Sanskrit
Khyan, in Sanskrit= Knowledge
In Persian, Kyan = Generous King
In American English, Kyan= Little King
And in Celtic, Kyan= Ancient
Kyan alternatively spelled as: ‘Kian ‘and ‘Keon’
In English, Celtic, Irish also, Kian= Ancient
In Arabic, Kian= Soul/Core
In Nubian, Kian= Awaited Child
Whereas in African, Keon= God is Gracious

3] Arian

Arian also spelled as, ‘Arean’ in Sanskrit= Honorable
Another Sanskrit variant of Arian is ‘Ariyan’ and ‘Aryan’ = Noble
In Welsh, Arian =Silver
In Hebrew, Arian= Dignified one
In Albanian, Arian= Golden Life
In Christianity Arian is derived from the boys’ name ‘Aaron’
Aaron, in Hebrew =Cloud, touching Mountain
Aaron was a spokesperson of Moses, known for his eloquent oratory skills. Moses is one of the world’s well-known prophets.
And in English, Arian spelled as ‘Arion’
Arion, in Greek= Greek poet and musician

4] Niam

Niam in Sanskrit= Law/Rules
Alternatively spelled as ‘Niyam’
Niam, in Irish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, and in Hebrew mythology= Fairy Queen of an otherworld (Land of the Youth)
You must be thinking that fairies are a thing of girls, but in reality, Niam is a Unisex name!
Because as per the Irish Legends, the hair of this Fairy Queen- Niamh, the daughter of Irish Sea God, they were so lustrous that alternatively Niam also spelled as ‘Niamh’
Niam/Niamh, in Irish= Luster/ Sheen
And in Arabic, Niam= Blessing

5] Neal

The Indian variant of Neal is ‘Neel’.
In Sanskrit, Neel= Sapphire Blue / Indigo/ Crow/ Mountain/ Treasure/ Talkative
The alternative form of Neal is ‘Neil’.
In Scottish and Irish, Neil= Champion/ Enthusiast/ Cloud

6] Prish

Prish = God’s gift/ Beloved (Hindi)
Prish is a short form of English name ‘Patrice’. Patrice having English, Latin and Spanish origin =Nobly Born.
Patrice is a unisex name.
In English, Prish sounds similar to the slang ‘Preesh’
Preesh is an abbreviated form of exclamatory English expression, used for saying “I appreciate it”

7] Thrish

Thrish = Noble
Trish in Sanskrit is thrist
Alternatively spelled as ‘Trish’
Thirsh and Trish, both of them sound similar to the English name ‘Tris’
Tris is the short form of English baby boy name ‘Tristan’ meaning Uproar.

8] Rahil

Rahil, in Hindi and Hebrew= One who shows direction
Whereas in Urdu and Arabic, Rahil=Traveler/ Brave
Rahil is a Unisex baby name.
Alternatively spelled as ‘Raahil’ and ‘Raheel’

9] Geer

Geer, in Sanskrit is Celebrity/Mountain/Praising/Invoking/words/fame/language/kind of mystical syllable
Geer in Dutch= Spear
The same sounds similar to the name, ‘Geert’
Geert, in German= Brave / Hearty /Strength
Geert is a variant of Scandivanian name, ‘Geir’
Geir= Stone Wall
While in Norwegian, Geir =Spear (Same as the Dutch meaning of ‘Geer’)

10] Archin

Archin, in Sanskrit= Shining/Brilliant/Pious
Sound similar to Unisex Sanskrit name, ‘Archi’
Archi, in Sanskrit= Flame of Fire/ Ray of Light
Alternative spelled as ‘Archen’
Archen, in Sanskrit= Worshipper
Call this a coincident, but…
Archen, is also the name of first ever Bird Pokémon (globally popular Japanese cartoon series).
A child who’s named after a Pokémon= Lucky Kid!
The world’s indeed a small place with advancement in Information & Technology and transport industries. But after seeing such multi-origin Indian baby names, even linguistically the world seems smaller now. Isn’t it?
Which name did you like the most? Don’t forget to comment!

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  1. Avatar

    Amazing collection. I loved the name Meer and Geer, If I had twin boys I would have gone for it.. I loved those 2 names….

  2. Avatar

    Hi sapna… I am nidhi from Delhi and lookng for a beautiful modern and unique name for my baby boy. I myself did lots of research but still not very satisfied.. Will love to hav ur help and suggestions.. Plz help me to find a name.. Any alphabet will do..

  3. Avatar

    Hello Sapna madam, I am gita and my husband name is ajay and I am expecting a baby next month. In case of a girl it should be gitika or nayanika but in case of boy, it should be more matured or related to parents name. Pls suggest madam.

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    • Avatar

      My name is Vidya Suri and my dil is expecting a baby in May gender not known. We like the boy name Kian but it has many variations like Khyan Kiaan Kiyaan.We are hindus and we would prefer a name which has Sanskrit meaning as well.which of the above variation is a hindu name.also based on actual date of birth and numerology which would be a better option. would like to know pronunciations as well thank u. If girl Kiara is an option is it a hindu name and what is the meaning

      • Sapana

        Hi Vidya,
        As explained in the post above, the name Kian (pronunciation Keeyaan) is a multi-origin name.
        But the spelling n pronunciations are a little different.
        1. Talking about Arabic: Its Kian or Keyan which means Essence/ Existence
        2. In Persian, it is Kian or Kayaan: means powerful king or prince
        3. In case of Sanskrit its originally: ख्यान to simplify its written n pronounced as Kyan.
        Khyan in Sanskrit means Perception and knowledge. If you want it an unmodified and perfect Sanskrit name then it should be Khyan.
        But to relate it to other many beautiful origins, keep it simple and Sanskrit rooted too Kyan is a choice.
        In case of girl name Kiara is not a Sanskrit word as far as know.
        Closest Sanskrit names are:
        Kara: करा Moonbeam / Lord Shiva is the Doer of All Actions ॐ कराय नमः।
        Keyura केयुरा Armlet
        Kirina (Kirin कीरिन् in Sanskrit means Praising, one who prises)

    • Sapana

      Hi Janani,
      From 1008 names of Lord Murugan, only a few names starting from Du sound suitable for the new generation, but their meanings are not very positive.
      e.g. Durvigah: But it means dangerous

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