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Dear Visitor,
Welcome to GoMama247, adventurous journey of motherhood.
Thank you for your interest in guest blogging on GoMama247.
We are always interested in guest posts written to educate and entertain our readers to help fellow readers in journey of motherhood.

Categories of Guest Blogs we accept

As we are a parenting and health blog, we accept blogs closely related to topics such as:
1. Pregnancy: Pre-pregnancy, health and food during pregnancy, pregnancy care and fun DIYS
2. Breastfeeding: Basics, issues, nursing positions, foods during breastfeeding, maternity clothes etc.
3. Baby/toddlers: Baby food, baby products, baby development, baby health issues.
4. Nutrition and Food
6. Fitness: exercises, stretches and workout for fitness and weight loss.
7. DIYs: Baby DIYS, Pregnancy clothes DIYS, Birthday DIYS
8. Product reviews (Products for babies, mothers and women fitness)

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Number of words in a guest post: around 800 words.
2. Posts must be original, engaging and high quality. The readers are most important for us. Please do not submit posts solely written for promotion and marketing.
3. Posts must be grammatically correct without spelling mistakes, SEO optimised, easy to understand.
4. You are free to include one link to your own blog/website (main page or a relevant article ONLY in second half) in the post but please note links must be valid and relevant and anchor text should not be over optimised.
5. Post MUST NOT include any promotional contents and should not include links to affiliate promotional posts. Such guest posts will be charged.
6. Once you submit your guest post, it will be published within a month. We will reply you if your post is accepted or rejected by email within 8 days of submission.
7. Please be available for reply to comments on your posts. Keep a watch on your guest post after publishing and you will be provided with the login credentials to reply the comments.

Method of submitting your guest post:

Please email us your guest article at : [email protected]
Subject must be: “Guest Post”
In Email Please mention:
1. Your full name and URL of your blog/website
2. Post title: Please mention 2 titles (Main title and H2 tag)
3. Attach the post as a word file (.doc)
4. Write post in bullet points for easy reading. More easy to grasp in one view, more chances readers will read the whole post.
5. Please attach 3 photos: 1 featured image for post: pixel size: 702pxl X 336pxl
2 pictures to add within the post: 200-400pxl X 300pxl
6. Your photo and your bio in 3-4 lines.

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