Great TV Shows For Kids above 7 Years Old


Educational TV Shows for Indian Kids 7-8 years old

When you got kiddos at home, you need a special list of TV shows for them as you can’t watch all the Prime Time shows with them. Once your child turns 7-years-old, they start to understand science, maths, DIYs, life etc. Below TV shows are great picks for kids to educate them and learn more from TV than the comic shows or only entertainment based TV shows.
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Mister Maker from Discovery Kids/BBC

mister maker
There are many preschooler TV shows available out there and Mister Maker tops the list. The show airs on BBC and Discovery Familia Network. The main character in the show collects various stuff from a craft shop or Doodle Drawers and creates interesting things out of them before the timer stops. There are intriguing animation and contents in each episode that keep the kiddos engaged and inspire them to make similar stuff at home.

Tanked: Animal Planet

Tanked is a reality cum comedy TV show which airs on Animal Planet. The brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Raymer own an Acrylic Tank Manufacturing business in Las Vegas and the show emphasizes on the intriguing operations related to the business. They build conceptual and huge aquariums at both usual and unusual places and fill it with interesting creatures. This show is definitely a must-watch for kiddos.

MythBusters: Discovery / Science

myth busters
As the name suggests, the show focuses on busting scientific myths and thesis. The show is great for the kiddos who are curious about different everyday activities and sometimes larger than life phenomenon. The show makes use of chemistry, biology, physics and geometry for the experiments.

How It’s Made: Discovery / Science

how its made
The show is all about creating ordinary everyday products in a fun way. The show explains the creation of every product or tool stepwise so that kiddos can learn it at their own pace. It’s a good education series for the children who like to know the inside story behind the creation of regular products or tools.

The Most Extreme: Animal Planet

most extreme
The educational TV show explores some amazing features of various animals in countdown. It also shows an animation segment where the ability of those animals is compared with humans. The production and graphics of the show is pretty impressive. The show is full of information and fun.

Brain Games: National Geographic

brain games
Brain Games is all about how the human brain works and plays a vital role in everyday tasks or experiences. It’s an interesting educational program for children that helps them get familiar with the functioning of their own brain. The show emphasizes on the mistakes and assumptions a human brain makes under specific situations. Sometimes it’s the reason behind the wrong choices we make but actually, it is subconscious at that time.

Mega Structures: National Geographic

mega structure
As the name suggests, the educational documentary program for children focuses on giant construction structures. They show various huge construction projects and conduct interviews with project managers and designers of these structures. They show the best solutions through effective methods and techniques to overcome the obstacles coming in different construction projects.

Great Migrations: National Geographic

great migrations
The wildlife documentary TV show for children takes you closer to nature. The show offers a visual treat of the steps that various animals take during migration to ensure the safety of their own species. The show also highlights the treats on the survival of various species.
This is the best time for the children, especially pre-schoolers as a plethora of research is done before airing a program for kids on television. These programs aim learning, fun and emotional-social development of the young viewers. The above shows are popular as well as very helpful for pre-schoolers.


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