Ginseng During Pregnancy: Should You Take It?


What is Ginseng, Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

Women should be very cautious about using any herbal or medical supplementation during their pregnancy days. Ginseng is among one of the herbs which are amazing to take in normal days as it is very effective in relieving the stress and fatigue but what about taking ginseng if you are pregnant? Is it still safe to take American or Siberian or Korean ginseng or it has some side-effects?
Let us explore the answers to all your questions in this post to end your curiosity.

What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng is among the eleven perennial plants with a fleshy root which are short in height and very slow in growth. They are sometimes referred to as adaptogen which have the contextual meaning – herb to help the body to deal with the mental and physical stress.
Out of three varieties of ginseng, only two are Panax or true ginseng. The types of ginseng are – American, Siberian and Korean Ginseng which are explained as under, to enhance your herbal knowledge.

American Ginseng

american ginseng
American Ginseng is the herb, grown in the North America mainly. The stringy shoots of the herb resemble the arms and legs of the human body. The light tan and twisted root is the identity of American ginseng, containing Ginsenosides. This herb is beneficial in the treatment of fever, headache, infertility and indigestion.

Siberian Ginseng

siberian ginseng
The Siberian ginseng is another variety of ginseng which is not considered in the true ginsengs. Due to its distinctive active chemical component combination, Siberian ginseng is totally different from the other types of ginseng. It is useful in memory improvement and increased longevity. It helps in maintaining good health so it is not a typical “medicine” but a health supplement.

Korean Ginseng

korean ginseng
The Korean Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, and Chinese Ginseng are all the synonyms. It is a true ginseng which uncountable health benefits. The Korean Ginseng is useful in treating diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, and hepatitis – C. The healing power is the attribute, the Korean ginseng is known for!

Is Ginseng Safe During Pregnancy?

Known for restoring the physical and mental health, ginseng is considered as an effective aid to many of the medical conditions. But if we are talking about pregnancy, it is declared as POSSIBLY UNSAFE so it is better to consider the advice of the herb specialists.

The Side-effects

Due to the strong effects of Ginseng, it has some side effects which are reported in pregnant ladies on the normal consumption or overdose, here is the list.

Birth Defect Risks

The Ginseng increases the chances of the birth defects. So, experts strongly urge to the expectant parents to avoid this herb. There are many mishaps showing what ginseng is for pregnancy and how it enhances the risk of the child being defective.

Headaches and Restlessness

Doctors generally do not recommend the ginseng to pregnant ladies due to its side-effects, which are not good for baby and mother. The overdose, or sometimes the normal doses are responsible for the headaches, restlessness and sleeping difficulties. So it is somewhat good to avoid ginseng in pregnancy days.

Risk of Bleeding

Another side effect of ginseng is the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. As it is an anticoagulant, it prevents the blood from clotting normally. This could cause serious problems for the expectant mothers.

Can I have Green Tea with Ginseng?

There are mixed opinions about green tea with ginseng safe or not for pregnant women. Caffeine is better to avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. Ginseng also not very safe. So you better avoid such teas which are not 100% safe.

The Final Words for Consideration

Ginseng is considered as beneficial traditionally but the studies show that it can enhance the risk of birth defects, and bleeding in the to-be-mothers. What the best thing you can do is staying away from the ginseng in your pregnancy days, especially in the first three months of the early pregnancy.
You can take other supplements which have the same benefits as ginseng with doctor’s advice, without taking any risk to overcome the mental and physical stress.


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