Genuine Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Lips at Home


How to Get Pink Lips Naturally?

Lips although are very small part of the body yet they play a significant role while tagging you as ‘beautiful’ or ‘not so appealing’. From Hollywood’s top actress Angelina Jolie to Bollywood’s heart throb Aishwarya Rai, the ladies do fetch a lot of appreciation because of their striking lips. Sometimes, we tend to lose the natural lip beauty and we are not even aware of the factors contributing to it. It can be really disheartening to see yourself in mirror with horribly darkened lips. The excess of make-up applied on them or increased sun exposure may lead to their darkening. Taking few precautions and using some natural home remedies you can regain your beautiful pink lips. Have a look at these Home remedies to get rid of dark lips to instill that natural shine enhancing beauty once again.

Factors Responsible for Lip Darkening

Well, there is always some cause behind any action. And lip darkening cannot take place without any cause. To keep our lips healthy and pretty we should be aware of those factors in order to avoid their damage. Let’s get insight into such factors.

Sun Damage

Escaping the heat of sun is impossible especially for a person who is working. And this exposure blackens the lips. The ultraviolet rays radiated heavily by sun causes a deep damage to the texture as well as color of lips. So, one should always wear an effective sunscreen on lips too along with the whole face and other open body parts.

Overburdening with Cosmetics

Lipsticks, lip gloss, etc. do assist in beautifying our lips and making us look gorgeous. But, overdose of everything is detrimental. You should remove the lip makeup once you are home and do not require to flaunt it to anyone. You should always beware of falling asleep with your lipsticks or glosses on. And always choose the right brand of cosmetics. Cheap cosmetic can easily snatch away the natural lip charm and make them go ugly soon.

Indulging in Harmful Addictive

bad habbits
Smoking cigarette, chewing tobacco, sipping alcohol, addiction to coffee or tea, etc are not just harmful for your internal health but also affect your facial features adversely. The lips especially can never evade their horrible consequences and get blackened with time. So, these kinds of habits should never be reared if you want your lips to appear appealing and stay healthy.

Medical Conditions

medical test
Sometimes, certain medical conditions and hormonal imbalance cause lip discoloration. In such cases too, the remedies that are being suggested henceforth can help you in lightening the lips. However, it is advisable to seek some doctor’s advice too and get the health factors exposed and treated.

Simple Remedies to Lighten the Lips

If you are suffering from the pain of ugly darkened lips or simply want to keep your lips healthy and ravishing forever, try any of these highly beneficial and proven tips and make it a part of your daily lip care routine.

Lemon is the Weapon

Lemon acts as natural bleach and is widely suggested by skin and beauty experts to achieve fair and radiating skin. It has no side effects and can be applied easily on any type of skin. To lighten up the ruined lips you should squeeze out some lemon juice and with the help of cotton apply it on your lips twice a day. It will be great if you put it on your cleaned lips at night and let that work overnight. Doing it for a month or two can reveal miraculous results.

Olive Oil Comes in Handy

olive oil
Olive oil is enriched with many essential nutrients that work wonderfully against damaged skin. Not only does it help in lightening of lips but also improves lip texture by moisturizing them. Just dip a finger in olive oil bottle and apply it directly on your lips. Do it before retiring to bed continuously for a couple of months and you’ll see the difference. This remedy will surely make you the possessor of enviable lips.

Cold Cream and Sugar is a Miraculous Combination

cold cream
These two ingredients- cream and sugar- are always available in every home. Cream acts as skin lightener and sugar as an exfoliator. Mix some cream taken out from refrigerator and some sugar. Apply on your lips and rub your lips gently for 4-5 minutes. You can also use your toothbrush for rubbing purpose provided that the brushes are soft enough to not damage the lips. It will remove the dead cells and improve the overall quality of your lips. You should avail this remedy once a week for few months to get conspicuously lightened lips.
So, we suggest you must never ignore this precious facial feature in case you want to look young, beautiful and attractive, with or without make up. Pretty lips boost up self- confidence while the darkened lips make you feel low about yourself and nobody wants to suffer with low self-esteem, isn’t it?


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