Fresh Fruit Juice Delivery – WAHM Idea


Fresh fruit juice and cut fruit delivery business for moms

Looking for some easy work from home idea? with very small investment? Here is a easy to implement work from home for ladies living in cities.
If you are living in a (metro) city where enough dense residential n office area is around you then you can provide the fresh fruit juice and cut fruits at home and offices.

Why people will buy fruit juice from you? Buying fresh fruits everyday and eating or making juices is difficult for working people. If they get a bowl of fresh fruit cuts or a juice of healthy combination of fresh fruits/vegetables on their desks for a reasonable price then any one will buy it.

What do you need:

– Supply of good quality fresh fruits and vegetable

– Enough space in Kitchen for juicer and cutting the fruits.

– Commercial fruit juicer

– Use and throw cups/glasses

– Society NOC

– A website for order taking and promotion

– A mobile number dedicated to take orders on call/sms

– Staff required: Help in washing, cutting fruits and making juice. A person for delivery who will carry the juices/cut fruits to customers.

– Marketing: Printed flyers in newspaper, board on a busy road etc. You can get flyer design and website at total 15 thousand rupees.

Fruit juicesInitial investment (after a successful short trial): 30-40K rupees.

What do you need on your website?: Menu of fruit juices/cut fruits for the week. An order system. Some health related pages like benefits of the fruit juices you are offering, integration with Social network like Facebook fan page to grow your business.

Start with a trial using already available resources. Make some juice in large quantity and try to sell to your friends and get their feedback. Do some research in area around you. Ask people if they are interested in buying the product you are offering. Try to be innovative in juice recipe to attract customers.

Any work from home business needs some proper research of market before you start. Also think carefully how much time you need for such business and how much you have. For a successful business planning, strategy and discipline is very important.


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