Foods That can Cause Diarrhea in Babies


What Kind of Food can Cause Diarrhea in babies

Diarrhea is a very common health issue in Babies. Even exclusive breastfed babies can get diarrhea. Still the chances of diarrhea in exclusively breastfed babies are very less.
Main reason of diarrhea is the non-hygienic things babies put in their mouth once they start moving and start holding toys etc.
Once babies are 6 months old and you start solids, some of the foods they can eat now can also cause diarrhea.
Lets see what is diarrhea and which kind of food can cause it.


Diarrhea is an infection which is caused by parasites, bacteria and virus. Babies play on floor and touch the contaminated things and surfaces and the same goes in their mouth, as babies have got the habit of putting everything in their mouth, thus causes diarrhea.
Along with this there are many foods which may cause diarrhea:

1. Fried Foods:
Food with high fats like fried foods may cause diarrhea. along with this, rich sauces, fatty cuts of meat, butter and creamy desserts can also be the reason for diarrhea. These diarrhea triggers can be avoided and roasted or fried foods can be preferred instead.

2. Citrus fruit:
Citrus fruits can cause an upset stomach for some babies, as they have a good content of fiber. To avoid such problem, opt to fruits like oranges or grapefruit if such problem arises.

3. Beans:
This is one of the common problems for almost every baby. Beans contain indigestible sugars that causes cramping and gas, and their body doesn’t contain much enzymes which can break down these sugars from their body. In the process, bacteria does the work in guts and gives out gas.
Beans should be soaked in water for about 4 hours before cooking and pour off the water so that some of the indigestible sugars are washed away. Avoid giving such hard indigestible food to your baby at night as there is less movement of their body during night so the dinner should be light enough to digest before sleep.

4. Cabbage, Broccoli And Cruciferous Vegetables:
These vegetables also contain the indigestible sugars which are present in beans, which cause gas and is hard to digest. Giving these vegetables in well cooked form will help in avoiding this problem.

5. Fructose:
Foods which are sweetened using fructose are difficult to digest for some babies. These foods include pastries, fruit juice, candies and sodas, should be avoided or may cause diarrhea.

6. Milk:
Milk contains sugar which is called as lactose also causes diarrhea in some babies. This is called lactose intolerance. it is common too.

7. Watermelon Seeds:
Seeds of watermelon can cause loose motions in small babies. So avoid giving watermelon to your baby if she is suffering from loose motions.

Early Sign Of Diarrhea:

Ear Infection-
Almost all the babies get this ear infection before suffering from diarrhea. It is an early sign that you may notice in your baby. Your baby would be pulling her ears or putting her finger in it. Poor appetite, vomiting and recently suffered from cold can also be some signs to be noticed that your child might suffer from diarrhea. So precautions should be taken earlier itself after experiencing these signs.

Foods which are uncooked increase the chances of diarrhea. Babies also should be given a balanced meal. Just one ingredient meal is sometimes reason for digestion trouble.


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