Foods Nursing Moms Eat That May Upset Baby’s Stomach


Foods to be avoided by Nursing Moms for Baby’s trouble-free Stomach

Diet is a very important part of the breastfeeding regime. When you are breastfeeding your baby, taking care of his nutrition may not be enough. You need to think about your own diet as well as whatever you eat is transferred to the baby through breast milk. Even though it is unclear if a moms diet has effect on her breast milk and baby’s health, it is better to avoid few dietary elements that may upset your little one’s stomach. Here is the list of the foods to which a nursing mom should say NO to.

Foods to be avoided during Breastfeeding

Much Fermented Foods

Generally, the fermented foods are good for mom and the baby as healthy gut bacteria is boosted by consuming these foods. But, during nursing, eating the foods like too sour curd, Dhokla, Idli, Kefir and Kimchee are gassy and can make your baby’s stomach upset. Even if the mom has the symptoms like diarrhoea, gas or constipation, it’s better to take a break from such foods.

Spicy and Oily Foods

Pregnancy is not the only diet sacrificing phase. Even when you are breastfeeding your baby, you need to make many dietary sacrifices to keep him hale and hearty. Spicy or oily foods are not good for digestion. Even red pepper during nursing can be a threat to the baby’s digestive system. He may end up crying with stomach pain, suffer from diarrhoea or experience constipation.

Digestion Unfriendly Foods

Babies have immature digestive system and anything difficult to digest can cause bowel movements in them. Some foods like maida (finely milled wheat without any bran), meat steaks or any meat recipe should be avoided as they may contain toxic fatty tissues that can upset your baby’s stomach. Low-calorie or lean meats can be eaten. E.g. Steamed chicken is better than steaks or barbequed meat.

Gassy Foods

chana dal
Even some veggies can cause gas in the moms and hence in the little ones. The vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, onions and beans are gassy. Breastfeeding moms should also overlook Chana Dal, Urad Dal, soda, hard candies and other hard-to-digest food items.


Onions are a rich source of fructose, which is a natural sugar. A human body contains bacteria in the intestine and it breaks down the natural sugar causing gas. Excess consumption of onion and garlic can cause diarrhoea and nausea to even a normal person. Well, in that case, how can an immature digestive system be risked? Also some experts state that the onion can change breast milk’s taste.


Soy also has sugar molecules called oligosaccharides that are broken down in the intestine and as a result, gas is formed. However, fermented soy products are comparatively easier to digest. Soya is one of top allergen in babies. So avoid all of Soy products during breastfeeding.

Citrus Fruits

During the nursing phase, bloating and gas are common and the citrus fruits also contribute to it. High fructose containing fruits like guava, mango, apple and pears should be avoided during pregnancy as they may harm your little one’s digestive system.
Motherhood brings tons of responsibilities with it. A new mom can’t just sit relaxed after feeding her baby and placing him comfortable on a baby cradle. There are lots of other things to worry about.
Usually, moms eat everything after the childbirth as they go through a really difficult phase during pregnancy. Most of the moms notice some symptoms in the bay and then figure out what to eat and what not. The above ‘Not to include’ food items in your diet can help you escape the ‘Gassy’ situations and boost your baby’s digestion.
Foods to avoid during Breastfeeding
Foods to eat to improve Breastfeeding


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    From the time(More than one year) i have started reading your blog every time you have made me surprised by sharing issues related to pregnancy and child care,every time after reading a post i have tried to sort out what could be more to know regarding these issues and today here is another very important issue to take care…hats off to you.

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    Dr Reuben Shanthikumar on

    In Tamil Tradition in Srilanka, breast feeding mothers are given special curries called “Saraku Kulambo”. They are not given normal food. This “Saraku Kulambo” is made with special spices from India / Srilanka. If you ask an “old Tamil lady” from Srilanka or India, she can give you the correct recipe for this. Remember that we Tamils in Srilanka and India (and most people in India and China) have traditional knowledge and medical knowledge dating back 5000 years. The Western knowledge in Europe, USA & Canada in Medicine is barely 200 years old. So we should try and seek out the traditional practices from India, China and Srilanka and use them ( the Western medicine today is more about making money, not about curing people)

    • Sapana

      Dear Dr. Reuben, I totally agree with you. I persoanally followed a fusion of Traditional + Modern Breastfeeding diet. And the results were amazing. I got the perfect guidance from my breastfeeding consultant Dr. Shama Kulkarni who has exact opinion like yours. Thanks for your very informative comment.

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