Foods During Pregnancy to Improve Baby’s Fairness


Foods Mom should Eat during Pregnancy to Make Baby Fairer

My doctor laughed at me when I asked him if I can I drink Saffron Milk to improve my unborn baby’s complexion.
He said that only Ayurveda believes that unborn baby’s fairness can be improved with certain kind of foods if taken during pregnancy but modern science thinks it as a big myth. But he did say that if it makes me happy, I could drink Saffron milk as my happiness and satisfaction was of utmost importance during pregnancy.
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There are numerous myths about food during pregnancy in India, once a maid at my moms place told me to eat ‘Paan’ (Betel leaf) to make baby’s lips red. Of course it is a myth.

Many people will also advise pregnant mothers to consume white food products to get a fairer baby but the complexion of the baby entirely depends on the genes of mother & the father. Many times baby’s complexion differ a lot from parents too.

But respecting Ayurveda and as my doc said about moms happiness, let us see the list of such so-called fairness improving foods:

Foods to Improve Fairness of Baby During Pregnancy: According to Ayurveda

1. Kesar/ Saffron:

Usually consumed with milk however care needs to be taken as it is induces a lot of heat and should be taken only in the last trimester. If taken in larger quantities, it can cause serious contraction in the uterus & result in miscarriage.

2. Coconut:

It is believed that eating white coconut kernels during pregnancy will improve the baby’s complexion. The coconut is packed with lots of nutritional benefits and is safe to consume during pregnancy.

3. Milk:

It helps in healthier development of the fetus.

4. Almonds:

Can be eaten raw or soaked in water. Advised to be eaten during the pregnancy due to its various health benefits.
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5. Ghee:

Advisable as it is said to reduce the pain during the delivery.
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6. Oranges:

One of the best fruits to be consumed during pregnancy as it is rich in vitamin C which helps in growth of the baby & have said to improve the skin color too.

7. Fennel Seeds:

Usually advised to be taken to reduce the nausea but is believed to improve baby’s skin tone.
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Baby’s health is most important of all so always consult your doctor if you wish to eat something very different for unborn baby’s fairness.


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  1. Avatar

    I have heard that eating fish and increasing intake of folic acid can improve the skin color of babies. Yes, it may sounds foolish. But one of my friends has suggested me to add sea foods. Do you agree with this? Is this is beneficial thing?

    • Sapana

      Hi Neelam,
      As I have mentioned in the beginning of the post. these are all myths. There is no scientific proof for all these remedies. Though Ayurveda backs-up this theory, it actually depends on the genes of the baby. But eating fish (With no or low in mercury) is surely healthy for the baby.

  2. Avatar
    Mitali Kumar on

    Is Saffron safe during pregnancy? Especially in first trimesters? My mother told me to avoid it. she said it is to be taken in 3rd trimester for improving skin health of baby.

    • Sapana

      Hi Mitali, Saffron according to Ayurveda is known to induce body heat, as first trimester is a very sensitive phase, doctors advice to avoid allergens and hard to digest foods including such risky foods. If you ask about its effect on baby’s fairness, Its considered as a myth by Medical Science while Ayurveda believes it is effective.

  3. Avatar

    I personally don’t believe in these but as my mother in law said I have to eat saffron and drink coconut water for at least 03 months. However, I don’t like saffron, is there any other thing I can do?

    • Sapana

      Nothing you should do for baby’s fairness. Think and act for its health. Thinking about Fairness is not fair with baby. Dont you think?

      • Avatar

        Yeah, actually you are right. But you can’t say NO to your elders, especially mother-in-law. She is particular about the fairness. Well, thanks for your response.

        • Sapana

          Hi Shefali,
          You are right. But a mother has all rights to decide for her baby’s health. In Indian families it’s complicated. 😀 😀

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  5. Avatar

    My mother drank saffron milk when she was carrying me , i was born medium skin tone. for my younger brother she did not find time to drink all that as she had to take care of me as well, and surprisingly he is fair skinned. It’s all a myth I’m sure

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