Food Chart for Indian Babies


Diet Chart for 6 months to 12 months old Indian Babies

How and when to introduce solid food to your baby?

What are best baby foods?

What to feed for 6 months to 12 months old babies (for every month in a similar way)?

This feeding schedule, specially designed for the Indian Babies will help you for sure. To plan the food and reduce the head banging, it is the best for the Indian mothers to prepare a month-wise food chart. It should include the followings –

Die Chart For Indian Babies – What to Consider while Preparing?

A food plan should not only depend on the baby’s age but the geography, physique and child’s likes should also be considered. For example, see how your 9-month-old baby is looking like, how much he/she can eat.

Before We Start!

Following a healthy diet plan for the baby is good but to what extent?
After all, it’s a little baby who has her own likes, dislikes and mood. So, do not stress her if she is not eating or eating less. Every baby is unique and hence requires unique parenting. So, pushing may not the problem but pampering will definitely.
Always prefer consulting your doctor before you introduce your little one to a new food. Believe me, if will save you and your baby from many problems. If you are thinking that it’s just the normal, farm-grown food then – think again. Check the What to Consider section and you will understand why I am saying so.
Check the following food chart for the complete schedule for the Indian Babies. For better visual, click and zoom!

thumbnail image food chart

Click to See Full Chart

Sample Feeding Schedule and Meal Plan for 9 Months Old Baby

Check how many times you need to feed the food or breastfeed (last part of this section) your baby –


Feed 4-5 Tablespoon Kheer to your little kid. The ingredients should be –
• Whole wheat flour
• Almond powder
• Dates
• Breast milk / formula milk
You may increase the healthy ingredients in it but do not forget to consult your doctor before it.


4-5 tablespoons Vegetable Khichadi will be perfect to fill the little tummy of your 9-months-old.

Evening snack

The evening should not go without fruits. You can try applesauce (3 tablespoons) or mashed Chikku or mashed banana whatever the baby loves.


End the food feeding schedule with 4-5 tablespoons vegetable Daliya.


Apart from the solid food, you should breastfeed your baby for 2 times during the day and 2 times during night.
Writing complete schedule here will only make the post long and uninteresting so better refer the chart for it. But do not miss the important notes, which you should consider while following the food chart.

Important Notes

While strictly (or a bit loosely) following the above food chart for the Indian babies, you should very strictly follow the instructions as under –

Introducing New Food

Not every food can suit the baby’s taste buds and digestion system, so consider the easy to digest foods in the beginning. You should experiment any food for 3 days before adding to the baby’s diet. During this period, visualize the changes in baby’s health.

Making Food Healthier and Tastier

• To start, Always rely on the homemade fresh food, cooked just before feeding as it is best for your baby’s health.
• Sprouting is the best way to make the grains beneficial and delicious. For an instance, you can use sprouted wheat flour or Daliya, sprouted yellow chickpea flour, Moong soaked and sprouted, Nachni Satva (sprouted Raggi Flour). For more on Sprouting, its importance, and grains – follow this link.
• Outer skin and seeds of tomatoes can’t be easily digested by the babies so take away the peel and seeds of tomato while feeding it to the babies. For easily removing the skin, cook it.
• Make use of dates or raisins, sweet fruit in place of sugar to sweeten the food. These natural sweeteners are tasty as well as healthy.

About Night Breastfeeding

If your baby is aged between 6 months to 2 years then continue the night breastfeeding for the duration. It is proved that Night-time breastfeeding has many benefits for baby and you.

Shifting Diet of the Baby During Her Growth Months

If your child is below 6 months, exclusive breastfeeding is her only need as the food. But with her increasing age, it is necessary to change the diet of the baby. Make sure you are not jumping to normal food from exclusive breastfeeding. Follow the following order –
1. Pureed Food
2. Straining
3. Mashing
4. Home-cooked with a little extra preparation time for softening
5. Normal food


• Watermelon seeds can cause loose motions to the baby. So, avoid this fruit for first few months of weaning. Read more ways to make weaning easy for the baby.
• While you use pumpkin for baby food, make sure you use properly and completely ripe pumpkin. These days, you might get unripe pumpkins more than good ripe ones.
• In case, the baby has constipation – give more green vegetables, fruits, more liquids to her and avoid banana, potatoes.

Foods to Avoid

• If your baby is under 1 year, avoid the following foods –
o Chilies
o Honey
o Hot spices
o Prawns and fishes high in mercury.
o Egg’s white part should be avoided till the baby is 1 yr old. The yolk (yellow part) is protein-rich therefore perfect for the baby.
• Babies must not be given chilies till the age of 1.5 yrs. Above 1.5 yrs, introduce chilly with a small piece of least hot chilly in the main meal.
• Avoid then listed items for the babies –
o Salt
o Sugar
o Egg whites
o Peanuts
o Deep fried items
o Maida/finely-milled wheat flour
o Papads.

Final Instructions

• Discuss with the pediatrician before you start adding any restricted item to your baby’s diet.
• Do not force but insist and encourage the baby to eat food if she is refusing.
If you are an Indian mother, then tackling the kids and maintaining diet plan must has eased down for you after reading this article. If you have more suggestions for creating food chart then do not forget to write it down by commenting!


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    My kid is 02 year old but still he eats a few specific things only like banana, rice & dal and milk & biscuits. What is the best food for him and how can I encourage him to eat different things that complete his basic nutritional needs? Feeding a kid is really a tiresome task. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ramit,
      First of all the biscuits are not healthy for kids. Keep them away from your kids. Once addicted, its very hard to stop that habit.
      a 2 year old child can eat everything like an adult except the spicy foods and difficult to digest foods.
      So best way to make him eat properly is to eat together. Kids learn from adults. specially from Mother, father and siblings.
      Dpnt feed the baby foods like porridge after 2 yrs. start with the healthy finger foods etc.

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    Hey Sapna, Very good article. I think the printable version of the chart will really help moms. Please see if you can add that.

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    I have a 7 months old baby boy, and I still breastfeed him. But he is not gaining proper weight. I think this issue is because he has not started proper diet. Which is the best solid food I can introduce in his diet? Also let me know, how to encourage him to eat different food items? Kindly, help.

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    I have tried giving egg to my 07 months old baby. He like it. Can I include egg in his food chart of 07 months old baby? Please suggest

    • Sapana

      Hi Shalu,
      According to many experts all over world, Egg is a good first foods too but most of Indian Experts ask parents to wait till 8-9 months to start with Egg. If your baby didnt have any digestion issue or allergic reaction then I dont think there is any issue in continuing. Just keep the quantity in safe limits.

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    OMG! Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative page about “Food Chart for Indian Babies”. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information. I have learned a lot from you that I did not know before. I confused for choosing the Baby Foods information what would be the best for everything but now my confusion has cleared by your review. I hope your all information will help me. Thanks again Sapana and Keep it up………..

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