Unusual Floral Names for Muslim Baby Girl that Stand Out


Arabic Floral Baby Girl Names

Floral baby names have been always in trend and can never go out of style. Not only they sound satisfying but are also feminine and give blooming vibes. Flower names look exotic and pleasant in an oddly satisfying manner. Also, they have the ability to suit every taste and family because of their uniqueness as well as familiarity.
Finding pretty flower names is very easy but when it comes to finding them for Muslim babies, the hunt becomes difficult because you don’t see a lot of people talking about them. However, now it has become easier for Muslims as well as they can select the names of flowers in Arabic.

Dainty Flower Girl Names for Muslim Babies

If you are looking for stylish baby girl names with floral meanings, you are in the right space. This collection of flower names for girls will add more grace to your daughter’s personality. I will also try to post flower names for boys as soon as possible.

Arnica آرنکہ

Before you start thinking that Arnica is not a Muslim name, wait. It is! Arnica is a Persian name with a good meaning which makes it permissible to select it. You can also use any alternative spelling for it if you want. Coming to its meaning, Arnica is used to refer to the perennial flowers of genus Arnica from the sunflower family.
It is one of the cutest uncommon flower names trending all over the world. With Arnica, you can change the naming stereotypes and make your daughter noteworthy. This name is a symbol of eternity to take a moment and thank Allah for his never-ending bestowal on us.

Alaleh الاله

Alaleh is a very unique baby girl name which can have a lot of nicknames as well. It is also a Persian name meaning “Ranunculus” flowering plant. Alaleh would be a very bold and statement choice for parents who want to be tasteful as well as stick to dignity.
Did you know that Alaleh is a very popular name in the music industry as it is the name of a musical artist? Would you like to call your daughter Ranunculus with a Persian spin?

Hanwa حَنْوَا

Hanwa is a sweet and short name with a cheerful ambiance to it. In Arabic, Hanwa means Xeranthemum – the beautiful purple flowers belonging to the sunflower family. If you opt for Hanwa, your daughter will be attracting a lot of attention just like the purple flowers attracts butterflies.
This name is not currently much popular as a baby name but it rocks sufficiently as a brand name. I think it is a cool and edgy name, ready to be popular with your little girl. With Hanwa, you can be groundbreaking and still rely on Arabic roots.

Nuwwaarah نُوَّارة

Yes, I know! The spelling might appear a little complex but the pronunciation really isn’t. Nuwwaarah is an Arabic name that generally means flowers or blossoms. A baby girl named Nuwwaarah also gets many nicknames options like Nur, Nua, etc. “Mo Nuwwarah”, the popular writer from the US has made the name even more renowned.

Warda وَرْدَا

Warda is another famed name in the music as well as the fashion industry. However, it means flower in Arabic and has also been indirectly mentioned in the Qur’an. With Warda, you can dig a little deeper in the traditional names while being stylish enough. As this name translates directly to a flower, it is a perfect name to let your darling bloom into a beautiful spirit one day.

Wurud وُرُوْد

Wurud also directly means flowers or roses in Arabic. This is a lovely name to symbolize the vibrancy of a rose in your rosy-cheeked girl. Wurud is a very prominent and well-known name in the Middle East countries due to its chic sound. With Wurud, you not only signify the beauty and elegance of a rose but also nod to the magnificence of nature.

Yasaal يسال

Yasaal sounds very classic and fashionable to me. What about you? In Persian, it refers to a garland of flowers which makes it perfectly eligible to be there in our list. With Yasaal, you can instantly recognize the joys and happiness of festivities just like babies do in their parents’ lives. It is an attractive and catchy name which I would highly suggest for modern babies.

Zahra زَهْرَة

Parents these days have started to like modified and tweaked versions of the existing old names to make them sound cool and interesting. Zahra is the perfect example of this as it is a diminutive of Zehra, a very famous Muslim baby girl name. Zahra has been derived from an Arabic idiom and is used to denote a flower. Changing the way a name is spelled while adhering to the original meaning and roots of that name is the perfect way to be trendy as well as stylish.

Zuhaira زُهَيْرة

Zuhaira means a floret or a small flower in Arabic. With such a lovely meaning, it represents elegance and beauty. It is a beautiful name that your daughter can give justice to. With Zuhaira, you can be simplistic as well as unique. This girly name gives the notion of prettiness and fragility to us. Have you heard of Zuhaira before? I don’t think so, as it is pretty uncommon but definitely worth being popular in 2020.

Zuhur زهور

Zuhur is a rarely heard girl name which means flowers in Arabic. This name represents innocence and beauty and is also the name of one of the jewelry collections by Tanishq. If you are a garden enthusiast, naming your lovely daughter after this short name would be an ideal choice with a bit of style and grace. Aside from that, Zuhur also relates to the Zuhr prayer with a very slight difference in the pronunciation.

Awaiting your thoughts about these pretty flower names…

Hearing flower girl names gives me a very positive feeling as they generally symbolize love, affection, and romance. Do you like these happy and cheerful names? What is the best floral name from this list according to you? Would you like to instill delicacy in your daughter through one of these names? Also, what do you think about a particular post on the names of flowers in Jannah? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below and reach out to us for FREE if you have any queries.
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