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Modern Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter K

Muslim baby girl names starting with K sound very classic and flamboyant. Names starting with K, in general, are attention-grabbing as they scream for themselves. However, we hardly get any new choices these days and are stuck in the same swamp of baby names. Through this list of top 10 Islamic baby girl names with K, I have shared elaborative meanings that will help you sort out your thoughts for choosing the perfect name.

Uncommon Islamic Girl Names That Start With K

I recently shared rare and meaningful Muslim baby boys names from K with you all. So, it’s time to treat girl equally and share some stylish suggestions.

Kafiyah كَافية

Kafiyah has been derived from “Kaafi”, so the meaning is pretty easy to anticipate. It means sufficient in Arabic. So, name your little girl Kafiyah and make her needless of others. With this name, you are already making her independent and strong. With this, I’d like to clear a little confusion that persists on the internet. A lot of baby naming sites write that Kafiyah means “peak of success”. However, there is no evidence of the same.

Kaina كائنة

The meaning of Kaina can also be guessed but it is a rare girl name. Kaina is a diminutive of Kainat and means created by Allah. Hence, in various Arabic phrases and sentences, it is also used to denote existence, event or happening. Kaina is gaining a lot of popularity with time but it is still not a very famous name. So, select this name to flaunt your selective choice.

Kanza كَنْزَة

2018-19 saw the rise of Kinza as a very stylish and trendy Muslim girl name but it is now time for Kanza to rock – its original word. Kanza means treasure in Arabic and intelligent or wise in Persian. Kanza is a very nonconventional name choice that can reward your child with a lot of virtues. The name Kanza gained popularity recently after a beauty brand of the same name showed up.

Kaarima كَارِمَة

We all have heard Kareema but it is time to pick up a vintage name and give it a modern spin. Well, this new twist is authentic and approved by Arabic roots. Kaarima is an Arabic name that has a lot of positive meanings. It means honorable, generous, noble, excellent and kindhearted. This is the perfect name to bestow your child with great qualities.

Kalima كَلِمَة

Needless to explain, Kalima is an Arabic word Muslims use very often. Just in case you don’t know, there are six Kalimas in Islam, basically meaning six phrases that summarize the main teachings of Islam. In Arabic, it means word and has been particularly used 28 times in the holy book of Qur’an. I really think we need to bring Kalima in limelight and exhibit the significant parts of our religion through this name.

Karamah كرَامة

Karamah shares the same Arabic roots as Kaarima and is a beguiling name to go with. This name means honor or to be honored – both of which are very positive and gratifying. Karamah is a very popular term all over the world as a US-based NGO for Muslim women and the former planned capital of UAE are named Karamah. Along with that, Karamah is a representative name of many other brands, organizations, institutes, etc.

Kifayah كِفَايَة

Sounds completely different than Kafiyah but Kifayah has a similar meaning to it due to the same Arabic roots. Kifayah means contentment or satisfaction – which you are now as your baby completes you as a family. What sounds more classic to you – Kifayah or Kafiyah? A lot of Islamic and Arabic legal terms are based on Kifayah due to its meaning denoting adequacy.

Kimia كيميا

We all are familiar with this name as we all have eaten Kimia dates at least once. But have we ever thought of sporting it as a Muslim baby girl name? Kimia comes from Persian roots meaning elixir. Particularly, it denotes an imaginary material in Persian that was thought to change silver or copper into gold. This is an impeccable name, rarely found but very edgy and high-class at the same time.

Kinda كِنْدَا

The name Kinda means part of a mountain in Arabic. Give more power to your daughter with this unusual and strengthening name. Will Kinda make it to the most popular Muslim baby girl names in 2020? What do you think? I really think it is worth a lot of appraisal and fame due to its uniqueness and overall pronunciation.

Kunaizah كُنَيْزة

Kunaizah is a fairly new name having roots from the ancient Arabic language. This mesmeric name is a diminutive of Kanza, so it also means little treasure in Arabic. Everything old is new again, and Kunaizah definitely favors that adage. For me, Kunaizah is an unheard Islamic girl name with a lot of bewitching charm. What are your thoughts on it?

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Check out our complete list of Arabic baby girl names to explore a wide range of gimmick names, deeply studied and origins verified. Push your daughter forward with one of these names starting with K and see her protrude wherever she goes. If any of these new baby names looks confusing to you, I am there to help. Comment below to get expert opinion for FREE!


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      Some of the best baby girl names from D suitable for now are:
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      2. Dabeer – teacher
      3. Dalkah – sunset
      4. Dalwah – well bucket
      5. Darab – glory

      For more such names, you can check our list of Arabic baby girl names.

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