Five Tips for Dressing Your Newborn Baby


How to Dress a Newborn Baby: Tips from Expert

Shopping for baby clothes can be lots of fun. The world is full of amazing pieces, from stunning colours to cute designs. However, it can be easy to lose sight of the real objective when you are surrounded with these beautiful items – dressing your baby comfortably and safely.

To guarantee you succeed with this objective, keep these five tips in mind next time you are shopping clothes for your newborn baby.

Tips : Dressing a Newborn Baby to keep her Comfortable

Tip #1: Go for layers

Keeping your baby’s temperature correct can be a challenge and therefore, you want to opt for layers instead of thick clothing. A good rule of thumb is to dress one more layer to what you would wear in the specific temperature.

Indoors and in warm weather, a single layer of clothing is sufficient. If you are going outdoors and the weather is below 20 degrees Celsius, you want a few more layers. You also want to add an extra layer such as a blanket and/or a wearable sleep sack.

Tip #2: Avoid back-side buttons and snaps

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When you are opting for clothing, one important thing to remember is the comfort. Your baby will be spending a lot of time on his or her back and you don’t want anything to push against the skin in the region. This means that you should avoid back-side buttons and snaps, as well as any embroidery or other such embellishments that might stick out.

Additional stuff like that can just press against the skin, creating painful scars and even hurt the spine. Instead, make sure the buttons are on the front or on the sides.

Tip #3: Choose stretchy fabrics

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In terms of [the fabrics][], you definitely want to opt for stretch. This not only feels more comfortable for the baby to wear – remember that they are moving about as much as they can – but it also makes dressing up easier. You often need to be able to fit your hand inside the clothing and non-stretchy material will cause you problems.

Another important tip regarding fabrics is to wash them before first use. Even when you are picking out brand new clothes, the first wash will soften the fabric and remove any irritating residue that might have been left over on the fabric.

Tip #4:Find the right design

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Dressing your newborn baby won’t be easy. The child doesn’t yet have the ability to support themselves and they will want to wriggle away from your arms. Therefore, you want to pick clothing that’s easy to use.

Focus on jumpsuits with a front opening, as these are rather easy to put on. When buying shirts, opt for v-necks as they are often smoother to get over your baby’s head. Kimono style clothes are also great for newborn babies, as you can just roll the item on while playing with the baby. Zips at the front are also easier than buttons as they take less time to pull on.

Tip #5: Skip the shoes

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You don’t need to bother buying baby shoes for your newborn. Your child doesn’t need the shoes for anything specific and putting on shoes can be a pain – for you and the child – at this age. You might even end up hurting the tiny toes since your baby won’t really be able to tell you if the shoes not on correctly.

When you go out opt for an extra pair of larger [woolly socks, for instance. These ensure the feet stay warm. If the weather is really bad, you can find soft-soled shoes with an elastic band to offer a bit more protection and warmth. However, even with these, you don’t really need more than one or two pairs.
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An additional word of advice

Finally, there’s another quirk for finding baby clothes: the price. You need to remember that your baby won’t be wearing the clothes for more than a few months and therefore, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’re going to pass on sooner rather than later.

The first rule is to just focus on the essential and to get your friends and family involved – ask honestly for certain items to cut the cost and to ensure you get things you actually need. The second saving tip is to search for deals. Websites like offer plenty of savings codes online that will cut the cost and ensure you still get to buy fashionable and cute clothing.

Overall, don’t forget that you don’t need to buy everything new. Since newborns don’t wear all items all that often, you can often find plenty of second-hand items for cheap and still in good condition.

So, next time you are about to shop clothes for your newborn baby, keep these five tips in mind. With them, you can succeed and keep your baby comfortable and cute!


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