First Month of Pregnancy: Precautions for Healthy Baby


Worthy Tips for Expectant Women: “Precautions During First Month Of Pregnancy”

Once you have discovered that you are pregnant, it is the time to focus on your lifestyle habits and future steps which can prevent the healthy development of Foetus. It’s necessary to consider some precautions (discussed after some seconds of reading) during the first month of pregnancy as it is a very sensitive period of baby’s life.
At the end of this article, you will find the habits which you should opt during the pregnancy.

Precautions to be Taken During Pregnancy

Travelling: With Care

The first month of pregnancy is the most sensitive time when the chances of miscarriage are highest. Travelling may increase the discomfort as nausea and fatigue are very common in this duration. So, better is to avoid air or long route travels in early pregnancy, if you can not avoid it: Here are some tips for you for a safe travel during pregnancy.

Sauna or Hot Tubs: Go Easy

Sauna or Hot tub baths are definitely avoided during the first month of pregnancy as it involves long stays in higher temperatures, which is above the normal body temperature.
At higher temperatures, the development of the fetus is slowed down.

Weight Lifting or Excessive Bending: Avoid it!

heavy weight lifting
It is advised not to carry more than 20 pounds weight from the beginning of your pregnancy. The limit reduces as the pregnancy proceeds. It shifts the stress to the abdomen, creating problems for the newly formed baby.
Bending excessively while doing household works or cleaning floor is not at all a good thing to do in early pregnancy. To avoid dizziness or strains – Prefer squatting instead of bending.

No High Heels or Tight Clothes

high heels
To ensure a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to let your body breathe. Do not wear tight clothes to kill that space. Pick up loose and light clothes and keep aside the tight clothes for a while.
Similarly, for maintaining pressure at right positions in your feet, wear comfortable and flat foot wears instead of high heels.

Some Not-To-Do Exercises

not-to-do exercises
There are some exercises which you should totally avoid during the first month or later in your pregnancy.
Exercises which involves lying on back
Exercises which are involving advanced abdominal moves.
Extensive back-bends or stretching
Sports which carry higher risks of falling

Standing for Long Durations: Not Good

standing woman office
The ligaments start loosening in the pregnancy and therefore standing for long durations without any motion may hurt so don’t do it.

Pollution or Hazardous Environment: Big NO

There are many harmful pollutants which are not good for any living being. When it is about a baby, who just started growing in your womb – the effects could be drastic so stay away from the areas which are highly polluted or hazardous.

Painting? Avoid it

painting brush
Even if the paint, you are using, is unleaded – it emits fumes of many constituent chemicals. The household chores like painting, cleaning, etc. should be therefore avoided to avoid problems for the unborn baby.

Cleaning the House: Be Careful

cleaning house liquids
Many cleaning liquids such as the strong acids for kitchen platforms or kitchen exhaust fans. You should avoid using such products as much as possible also for any regular cleaning activity wear a mask on your face covering nose and mouth.

Stay Away from Pest Control Sprays

Ppst control chemical spray
The pest control products like ant or cockroach spray contains pesticides and chemicals which can be harmful for your health. Its better to use baits instead of the sprays. If you are going for a pest control from the service providers then stay at your friend’s or relatives place for a day or two of the pest control.

Changing Cat’s Litter: No No No

cute cat
Cat’s poo may contain parasites which can cause infections. These infections are dangerous for unborn baby developing inside you. Refer this post

Avoid Panicking & Focus on Your Sleeping Habits

sleeping woman
Don’t panic at all. The bad mood, negative thoughts or sadness will now affect your baby too. Leave your fears and bad thoughts for the good health of your child. You can start yoga and meditation for this purpose.
Read these tips for sleeping during pregnancy.

Avoid Laziness in Drinking Water

warm water
Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water of healthy pregnancy. Keep yourself hydrated so that your body does not feel undernourished.
Food or any other intake also affects the foetus in its early stage so you must consider these eating and drinking precautions to avoid mishaps.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid During Pregnancy


Coffee contains Caffeine, which is a strong stimulant. It may cause birth defects or lesser weight in the baby by adversely affecting the early development stage. For pregnant women, it may cause anxiety and insomnia. So, try avoiding your Coffee habits.


Consuming Alcohol may cause the baby diseased with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The abnormally slow growth, learning disabilities, and facial distortions are some of the side effects caused if the mother is taking Alcohol while pregnant.


The presence of mercury in certain sea foods can harm the baby when you are in the 1st month of pregnancy. As a precaution, you can avoid seafood if you do not know which type of fish or seafood is harmful.
For example, Mackerel, tilefish and swordfish should be completely avoided while white tuna should not be consumed more than once in a week.

Un-prescribed Herbs or Medicines

Certain herbs are disadvantageous during pregnancy. So, never use the old prescriptions or self-decided pills at all. It may cause premature birth, miscarriage, painful contractions and many other problems.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food weakens the immune system and increases the weight of your body. As you are going to put on the weight in some months due to pregnancy, avoid addition weight-enhancer.
It may also affect the sugar or blood pressure. Instead for admitting in the hospital, it will be better to avoid junk food. Isn’t it?


Smoking is indeed harmful of any human. In pregnancy, it becomes hazardous for the baby, taking shape in your womb. Infection-prone, less-immune, disorder-struck or low-weight child will develop as a result of this toxic habit. If you are pregnant, quit Cigarettes right away for a healthy baby!

After learning all the precautions, here are some good habits (as promised to discuss earlier) which you should definitely consider during 1st month of pregnancy –
 Go for the walk every day.
 Eat fresh fruits, green veggies and fiber-rich food.
 Be positive and stay happy at the time.
 Keep your mind active and relaxed.
 Start regular exercises which are pregnancy-specific.
Follow these tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Stay Happy Stay Healthy!


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    I am in the sixth month of my second pregnancy and all your tips are bang on. But I can’t resist my temptation to sip on my morning and evening tea. 🙁

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