Fidget Spinner: Is it Good for Your Child?


Before You Buy a Fidget Spinner for Your Child!

There is no need to add the intensifiers to the adjectives used to describe the craze of Fidget Spinner in the present scenario. The fad of the toy has reached almost all the global households straight from the inventor’s table.
Amazon, FlipKart, eBay and many other ecommerce platforms have recently experienced a boom in their sales after introducing the fidget spinners in the store. Well, the toy has grabbed the attention of all age groups. Adults find it a stress-relieving solution while little ones try various games with their squad using the spinner. A big question arises here – is the spinner suitable for children? Before answering this vital question, let’s understand what on this earth is a fidget spinner.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

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A fidget spinner AKA Hand Spinner is a colorful and cool toy with a squeezable core in the center associated with three lightweight blades. There is a section on the top of the core that is needed to be squeezed to make the blades spin. The spinner is small in size and easily fit in a palm. Such spinners are cheap and available on almost every ecommerce platform. Ranging from the schoolers to young college guys and from busy corporate professionals to relaxing retired elderly people – everyone seems to have a great time with the trending toy.

Some Interesting Facts

There is nothing in a spinner which can harm a user directly. It’s a simple and lightweight toy used for entertainment or stress-relieving purpose. When people get anxious, happy, sad or excited they fidget. They fidget the stuff around them or their own body parts. Fidgeting can help a person achieve a control over his emotions. If fidgeting is so good then why not try a fidget spinner, which has been created for this specific purpose? Check out some intriguing facts about the fidget spinners.

About Mr. Inventor/ Well it is a Miss

You must be curious to know about the blessed person on earth who got the idea of inventing a ground breaking toy to drive the attention of all age groups. Well, the fidget spinner was invented by Catherine Hettinger from Orlando. She implemented his innovative idea of making a unique toy for kids and adults in 90s.

The Real Purpose

The toy was originally invented to help the children and adult suffering from Autism, ADHD, anxiety, ADD and some other troubles. It is considered that the toy was invented with an aim to help people concentrate and eliminate the ill mental condition. It was not that popular back then and was treated as just a normal healthcare accessory.

A Great Stress Reliever

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Many users have found the toy beneficial. The toy basically distracts a person going through a serious mental trauma or a person experiencing anxiety due to the hectic professional schedule or personal issues. The spinning blades are a visual treat and they engage your brain and hands.

The Science Behind the Spinner

Originally invented for medical purpose, the fidget spinner is a fad today for various reasons. It is a cool toy creating a sound when the central core is squeezed to make the blades spin. If a person is getting some random but ill thoughts related to his personal, social or professional life then, the fidget spinner can help him to come out of that mist of thoughts and stay in the real, practical world. Some studies also say that the spinner helps a person express himself in a better manner. Some users have found the toy helpful as it lets their creative juices flow. The spinner can stimulate the brain and keep it active. The children suffering from sensory-processing troubles can also leverage the toy. It also helps the lonely users find a friend in it. Basically, it’s a great solution to boredom and ill thoughts.

Is it okay to let Child play with Fidget Spinner?

For Kids With ADHD and Autism: Yes

People who stay around the schoolers or kids must be aware of the trending fidget spinners. One of the primary goals behind the creation of the fidget spinner was to engage the kids to this tiny device and distract them from all the factors that incite them to indulge in any sort of mischievous deeds. Though the device was created to help the children suffering from the health conditions like autism, ADD and ADHD; it’s is majorly used as a toy by the children in different parts of the world. Talking about its benefits, the fidget spinner does the trick with an extent of unhealthy children suffering from various mental illnesses.

Kids With No ADHD/Autism: Yes and No!!!

For children with no mental illness, it may or may not work. There is nothing in the spinner that boosts or ruins the concentration or influence the behaviour of a child. If your child is addicted to the device then there is nothing to worry. It’s just a trend that may be replaced by any other gadget soon.

Hand Spinner for a 5-year-old or younger?

Well, if you think a tiny and lightweight device like fidget spinner is hazardous to your little one then you may be partially right. Though it’s a small and lightweight toy, it contains tiny parts and rotating wheels. It may choke your kid anytime and it’s practically not possible to have an eye on the little ones round the clock. It is not recommended to provide the trending toy to the kids below 5 years. Not all the fidget spinners come with an age restriction notice. The toy is okay for the kids above 5 years as they have a sense about what can harm them and what can’t. If your kid is fascinated towards the fidget spinner, there is nothing wrong in bringing home the fun device which comes as cheap as $5 to $7 but handing it over to them is not at all safe, especially if your kid is below 5 years.

Biggest Disadvantage of the Fidget Spinner

There is no doubt that the fidget spinner distracts the users and keeps them engaged. Not everyone can leverage this tiny device. People with mental illness may need a distraction but normal children need to focus on a range of thing in their everyday life. It can become a nuisance if your child gets addicted to the toy and overlooks your important instructions or forgets important things in order to play with it. In my opinion, it’s better to set a strict rule for playing with the Fidget Spinner before you hand over the toy to your kid.

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    I heard about this from a friend and now my kid too talks about it being a rage with her classmates. I agree that as long as the child isn’t ignoring important instructions or being careless about other things, it is okay

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