Feeding Gowns for New Moms: Top 6 to Buy Online


Best Maternity Nighties with Zipper for Indian Breastfeeding Mothers

Are you are going to give birth to your child soon? Are you going through the breastfeeding period? All your old clothes have become uncomfortable to be worn? Do you need new comfortable clothes? Feeling comfortable is the most important thing for a mother when it comes to baby feeding. You can get into the right posture to comfortably feed your baby if you have the appropriate baby feeding nighty or feeding gowns. Here is a list of top 6 feeding gowns for pregnant women which can be worn throughout the day comfortably.

Inexpensive and Comfortable Feeding Gowns on Amazon India

Soulemon Women’s Feeding-Maternity Dress

soulemo womens feeding red and black gown

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Product Description:
This is a premium Bombay rayon maternity wear and a feeding short dress for women. This garment is available in sizes ranging from small (38/44) extending to XXL size (48/52)
● It looks like the nice casual one piece so during first 3-4 months when you have to wear maternity dress 24 hours, this one looks better than the usual nighty.
● It has a long horizontal zipper for opening from both the sides of bust and a pocket too.
● It’s available in all the sizes. So whether you are a thin or a healthy mother you can always wear this feeding dress.
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Eazy Maternity Nighty for Women

nursing nightie

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Product Description:
These feeding cotton nightwear are available at the size of bust M 38′ and L 42′. These are the most stylish and comfortable nursing garments at a reasonable price.
● They are 100% cotton nightwear.
● These are designed in such a way that it boosts the confidence of new mothers when their body changes its shape and size during pregnancy.
● The chains open from center to the side which makes it more comfortable to be worn. This maternity nightwear is great for feeding and makes sure you have a comfortable sleep at night.
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Morph Maternity – Blue Floral Maternity Nighty

maternity gowns

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Product Description:
This floral print nursing gown is made up of Lizzy Bizzy material. It is one of the most comfortable sleepwear and can be worn both throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy.
● It is a V-neck gown allows you to have a comfortable wear in the summers too.
● It has side seams with border.
● It has a horizontal zipper for easy feeding.
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Soulemo Women’s Embroidery Maternity Nighty (Hidden Vertical Zippers)

soulemo womens feeding pink and white

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Product Description:
It’s an 85% cotton and 15% mix fabric (softest fabric) feeding nighty with an embroidery neckline. It is made from one of the softest fabric available on earth for women nightwear. This nighty comes in sizes ranging from small to double XXL.
● It has two hidden vertical zippers on bust which makes feeding easier.
● No shrinkage and color fading problem.
● This product can be altered up to 1 to 2 sizes of feeding nighty, feeding bra, etc.

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Soulemo Nursing Dress: Bombay Rayon Fabric

feeding gown soulemo

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Product Description:
It is a Bombay rayon fabric maternity wear which can also be worn as a feeding dress. It comes in all sizes ranging from small to double XXL.
● It has a long horizontal zipper for opening both the sides of bust making feeding an easy job.
● It has pockets too.
● This feeding dress can be altered according to your need.
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Morph Maternity – Soft and Floral Nursing Nighty

morphy feeding gown

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Product Description:
It is a casual, decent and made up from Lizzy Bizzy material nursing nightwear. It can be worn both throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy.
● It has a vertical zipper for easy feeding.
● It has magnificent blue piping at sleeves and neck.
● It is one of the perfect nursing solutions for pregnant women.
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Cream & Purple Nursing Gown by Morph

Material: Cotton
Zip: Vertical and in Center
Its a knee length nightie

Terry Cotton Front Open Button Nightie

Material: Terry Cotton
Zip: Front open Buttons
Loose fit and comfortable

Pure Cotton Dark Colored Maternity Gown by Appu

Material: Pure Cotton
Zip: in Center Vertical
It is dark colored and pure cotton which usually Indian women prefer

Trendy Floral Knee Length Maternity Night Dress by Vixenwrap

Zip: Side 2 vertical zips
Adjustable back tie so you can tighten it as much you feel comfortable.

Red Feeding Gown by Eazy

Material: Pure Cotton
Zip: 2 Vertical on sides
Knee length trendy looking gown

Cute Looking White and Pink Maternity Nighty by Vedvid

Material: Terry Cotton
Zip: On sides 2 vertical zips
Pink dotted trendy looking full length maternity gown.

Top and Pajama Set for Nursing Mothers

Material:Pure Soft Cotton
Zip:2 Side Vertical zips

Blue Top horizontal zip Maternity Top & Pyjama Set

Material: Pure Cotton
Zip: Horizontal full width single

Tips to Buy Right Feeding Gowns for Indian Breastfeeding Women

1. Always purchase an elegant and graceful looking gown which can be worn all through the day as for the first four months you need to wear this feeding dress all the time.
2. Try to buy feeding gowns or dresses which have horizontal, vertical and center front open to know which suits your body most appropriately. You should buy gowns with zippers which make feeding easier for you.
3. Try to buy feeding gowns which boost up your confidence when you see yourself changing your shape and size during pregnancy.
4. Try to buy colorful and floral print feeding gowns it always gives you a cheerful look and everybody is also happy seeing in colorful clothes.
5. If the zips make you uncomfortable you can get them replaced by buttons by local tailor but the buttons are not easy to put on and off when baby needs his/her meal asap!
6. The gowns which open in front and locked with buttons instead of zippers may not be comfortable as they usually do not open deep enough for comfortable feeding. Also they make your neckline open and you may have to use scarf or dupatta to cover. So those type of nighty are not recommended for you.

Tips to Buy a Maternity Gown for Pregnant Women

1. It’s a good idea to buy the maternity gowns which are also feeding gown for you during last 3-4 months. In pregnancy you will need loose nighty and if you buy the gowns with zippers (i.e. provision for feeding) then you can use them for nursing after baby’s birth. Also you get enough time to understand which style is suitable for your body before its actual use.
2. Remember if in case your maternity hospital provides you dress to use in hospital, still it’s a good idea to keep 2 nursing gowns with you as the hospital-provided clothes are sometimes not very comfortable.
3. You should have 2 maternity nighties ready with you before baby’s delivery as during first 2-3 weeks you are going to be super busy to even shop online! If you purchase nighties online before delivery, your family can help you get more of similar design during first few weeks of baby’s birth.
4. First 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding are very important for a nursing mother and her baby. The comfort of baby and mother is utmost important thing. If you are wearing the dress which is not comfortable for you to feed the baby in then it will also irritate your baby, making him/her cranky.
5. How to select the size of gown so you can use the same in breastfeeding period?: When baby will be born, your tummy size will reduce but please note one thing that you may put on weight during breastfeeding and the breast size also gets bigger hence gown of your current size is suitable for you to use later on also.

If you are a new mom and wish to share some tips to buy feeding gowns online with other mothers then please comment below.


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    The second one (White with pink floral print) is very cute. I just ordered that same 2 gowns. Thanks for the listing.

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    Hi, I m expecting my first baby next week and want to prepare these things in advance.
    Which type of feeding gowns are better, horizontal zipper or verticles? Also please suggest best feeding pillow, thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Nimisha,
      Its more about personal comfort but vertical zipper are more comfortable but select the long enough zipper.
      Please find the best feeding pillow selected in this list for newborn essentials: Here

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        experienced mom on

        Sometimes the vertical zippers are way down the required area so you have to pull the dress up to open up the breasts to baby. Its not comfortable many times. Depends on person to person actually, many of my friends suggested me vertical zippers only … you should try both, one nighty of each type..

        • Sapana

          Thanks for the valuable comment. You are right it depends on your body structure and your own comfort.

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    I am making a list of essentials. I like the Blue Floral Nighty. Please let me know is Lizzy Bizzy material is good for a new mom or not.

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