8 Fat Rich Foods for Toddlers to Gain Weight


High Calorie Foods for Skinny Kids

The reason why parents want to provide high fat foods to their toddlers is that they want their toddler to get sufficient nutrition for proper growth. Some kids/babies may be underweight and need food high in calories. Kids of all age require some healthy sources of fat in their meal. Below is the list of some best high fat foods for toddlers that can boost their weight growth.

Top 7 Foods High in Fats to Make Kids Gain Weight

1. Dairy: Full fat milk/Cheese/Ghee

feta cheese
2 glasses of milk (full fat) is must for any growing toddler. Homemade ghee and cottage cheese are the best to help a kid put on healthy weight. Cook the dairy products properly as high fat foods are hard to digest (esp. in raw).
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2. Banana

one half peeled banana
Banana is a great source of calories, carbohydrate and protein. They also contain minerals and vitamins and hence a perfect element for your toddler’s meal. It is universally known that one banana a day will help balance healthy weight in solid eating babies, toddlers and kids. So, don’t skip this mighty fruit.
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3. Sweet Potatoes

This versatile and power vegetable root is suitable for the toddlers who need to gain weight. It can be added to many vegetable recipes. Pumpkins are low in calories and high in fiber content. The sweet taste of sweet potato is loved by the toddlers. You can also add some healthy sweet potatoes vegetables to his diet separately or along with pumpkin to add to the benefits.
Sweet potato halwa made in pure ghee is best breakfast for babies and toddlers.

4. Avocado

avocado for baby
The ripe avocado is loved by the toddlers because of its mild taste and creamy texture. Avocado is a smooth food that can be used as baby’s first food. Avocado is a great source of fat, protein and carbohydrate and underweight toddlers need these nutrients in their diet. Puree and some other recipes can be tried every day for proper weight gain.  Avocado are best used in salads.

5. Whole grains and pulses

whole wheat
Usually a toddler needs 3 ounces of whole grain daily for proper growth and nutrition. The easy-to-digest fibre helps in bowel movement. Because of natural fibres in whole grains the carbs in them are easy to digest.

6. Almonds

peeled almonds
Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium and essential fatty acids. They are low in cholesterol and an important dietary element for your toddler’s growth.
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Similarly Walnuts can be given for healthy body and brain.

7. Flax Seeds

These are brain power booster and healthy fats. Check this recipe to provide daily enough intake for your child in tasty and crunchy way.
Similarly, sesame seeds and chia seeds are good for healthy fats

8. Lamb/Chicken/Whole Eggs

chicken meatballs
Though the yolk of an egg is not very healthy when taken daily; BUT don’t skip it completely. Boiled yellow yolk is full of healthy fats.
Similarly, lamb/muton is the fattest meat (In India that’s the only red meat taken normally). Once in a while lamb is very healthy. Chicken can be given 2-3 times a week. Mutton can be given ones a week, if the child cant chew the mutton pieces, then give the plain soup which is also loaded with fats.
Now, as an Indian mom, you must know that these healthy meats should NOT be prepared with loads of spices and chilly. For kids, the bland boiled meat is the best way to provide the health benefits.
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Important Note:
Only fat rich foods will invite digestion issues in kids. So, balance the diet with greens. Give salads, vegetable stir fry or soups along with the fat rich foods. Tomato, Cucumber and spinach are the best supplements to digest fat rich foods.
Babies and toddlers are usually active/hyper-active and hence need a lot of energy daily.
While targeting weight gain in toddlers, as a parent, make sure his diet is balanced and easy-to-digest. The above-mentioned dietary elements are very effective in a toddler’s development as they offer sufficient nutrition to a toddler without affecting his health. By including the above foods in his diet, you not just aid in his weight gain but also help in his brain and overall physique’s growth.


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