Extracurricular Activities for 5 years old Child


Best Hobby Classes for a 5 years old Kid in India

Academic is not the only thing which embellishes a person’s career and personality. There are many constructive options like arts, dance, music, sports and so forth that are equally important in life. In this competitive era, parents have to think about these options after exploring their kid’s interests. Here are some wonderful classes for a 5 years old kid in India that can help build a brilliant personality and future for him.

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Extra-curricular Activities for 5 year olds

Mastering some Activities Like Music/Martial Arts can get a child award of extra marks at SSC exams

Martial Arts

Martial art is all about achieving a harmony of soul, body and mind. There are many popular martial art forms taught in India including Judo, Karate and Taekwondo. Martial arts not just teach self-defence but introduce discipline, confidence and fitness in a person as well. Parents should consider the physical capability of their kids before introducing them to any martial art form. Some martial art forms are complex and intense and hence can affect the bones.

Sports: Badminton/Cricket/Basketball/Football

Introducing too many activities in your 5 year-old kid’s regime is not a productive step. Your kid may become jaded at the end of the day and may lose concentration. Sport is a constructive and fun activity which provides stamina, fitness, an amazing athletic experience and revitalization of mind. Participating in different sports like badminton, cricket, football and basketball intensely is okay for the kids above 7 years but below that age, simple warm-up practices and understanding of the sports can do the work.


drawing and painting
It’s not necessary that all the kids and their parents raise a green flag for sports. Many kids are creative by birth and they seem to incline towards drawing or painting tasks. Drawing and painting improve the motor skills in kids. These activities also boost the imaginative power of the kids.

Vocal Music

singing kid
Music is directly related to concentration, peace and success. Kids who love to get lost in the world of music are usually patient and confident. The vocal music can boost the vocal skills of your kid and make his voice mellifluous. This can also benefit his career if he decided to choose vocal music as his profession in the future.


dance kids
Dance classes demand lots of practice and time. If your kid has enough time to dedicate to the dance classes then a plethora of benefits are waiting for him. Dance is a wonderful way to improve the skills and confidence in kids. With dance classes on, your kid can enjoy some stress free time and make more friends as dance class are quite friendly.

Ballet Dancing

Grace and expression are filled in every fragment of ballet dancing. Many kids, especially girls, have a great sense of rhythm and they love the cute satin fairytale dress. Ballet dancing is a great pick for these kids. This dance form not just offers en elegance to the little angels but boosts their strength and concentration as well. Ballet dance training is started at early age hence a perfect extra-curricular activity for a 5 years old girl.

Writing and Calligraphy

Be it creative writing or academic writing – calligraphy is appreciated everywhere. A good handwriting symbolizes creativity and concentration. Calligraphy is like decorating the letters, words and phrases. This art form increases a kid’s interest in a specific subject and writing becomes fun.

Instrumental Music

music class
Instrumental music causes manual dexterity and a significant development of the brain. The cognitive skills are also improved by learning instrumental music. There are many intelligence and skill boosting instruments like piano, guitar, drum set, xylophone and trumpet.


Gymnastics is the single solution for overall skill improvement for kids. The complete well-being of your child is improved through gymnastics. It provides confidence, strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination. Cognitive skills are also edged by regular gymnastics practice.

Art and Craft: DIY

art and crafts
There is no age to get introduced to art and craft. However, if the subject is introduced to the 5-year-old children, they can develop a great sense of DIY art. Be it decorating his own room or trying his creativity with the orchard outside the house – the DIY art and craft can help in different walks of life. If you want to teach art and craft to your child yourself, then you explore DIYs on ocean of videos: YouTube.

There are some important factors to consider before picking the extra activities for your kids. If your child is healthy, getting sufficient time to indulge in the extra activities or simply looking for an escape from his boredom; the extra activities like music, dance, gymnastics and martial arts are a great choice for him. Learning constructive things in childhood brings delightful days after growing up.

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