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A List of Hand-picked, Multi-Origin, Beautiful Names for Baby Girls

Give your baby girl a unique name and let the name do the rest of the good things for your baby. It’s time for momma’s and mommas-to-be to take a note that a mellifluous moniker can change their angel’s life. We made a curated list of stylish names for the baby girls who deserve to be loved and adored. The Multiorigin names found by us using various methods go well with your baby girl’s personality and zodiac. Connect with us and explore the worldwide unique names for baby girls by yourself in our specially organized collection.

A Meticulously Curated List of Most Beautiful Names for Baby Girls


very special names
The reason this name is topping our list is its international usability. The name is trendy, short and unique.

What is the significance of Sia in different languages?

In Hinduism, ‘Sia’ refers to Seeta, the wife of Lord Rama. Goddess Seeta represents the strong feminine attributes like purity, courage, selflessness and devotion.

In Hebrew language, it signifies a helper.
In Swedish language, Sia stands for triumph and prophesy;
In Scottish language, Sia represents the number ‘Six’
The Arabic version of the name Sia is Zia and it represents “splendor, illumination (light) or glow’;
In Persians language, the name stands for ‘one who brings joy’.
And, not to forget its trending celebrity context, the super popular Australian Singer Sia!! (Still not able to scooch over Sia’s Cheap Thrills!)


indian baby girls names popular worldwide
The name Bodhi means enlightenment, even though it literally means close to “awakening.”
Bodhi is a Hindu name, having the Sanskrit roots with meaning “awakened or enlightened”. The name basically refers to the understanding and awareness of Buddha and his followers about the universe and the generation of spiritual enlightenment due to attaining the vast knowledge.


sweet baby name
In Sanskrit: The name means Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and enlightenment and also a moniker for Lolita
It is a moniker of the Spanish Dolores, which signifies aches and sorrows.
And then comes the popular song “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”
In the Filipino language Tagalog, “lola” represents “grandmom or granny or grandmother”,
In the American History, there existed many people with the name ‘lola’
Famous real-life people named Lola: Lola Glaudini, Lola Falana, and Lola Montez.
And then comes the 1998 German film “Run Lola Run” or “Lola rennt.”


cute baby names
(The name is pronounced as ‘Moana’ represents Adventurous and courageous in the Hawaiian context just like Moana of Disney Movie-Moana)
It signifies “bewitching, infatuating or charming” in Sanskrit language.

Zuri / Suri

very special baby names
(Suri) The meaning of the name is “My rock”.
In the Sanskrit language, Suri refers to the Goddess/Lord/Sage/Thinker
Usually, the name refers to Lord Krishna, (Unisex name)
In the Swahili language, the name signifies “beautiful”.


In Sanskrit, Haimana refers to the winter


Hinaya means Expressions. The name is originated from India.


The name has Sanskrit roots. It generally refers to ‘Standing firm’ or “Having Deep Roots”


The word is originated from the Sanskrit language. It means final liberation, calmed, immovable, serenity or ultimate bliss. The name can’t be suggested as it also means death.


worldwide popular baby girl names
The Elora name found its inception in the Hebrew language; in the main, it means Indian Caves or the God is Light


special baby names
The name has the Hawaiian origin and it generally means ‘The Sea’
In Sanskrit language, the name means ‘The Body’
Kaya broadly means Elder sister in the American context


amazing names for girls
(The word means ‘Army’ in Sanskrit language. The name can be related to “The beauty of this world or grace; army; to admire; bringing heaven to earth; army; missile; goddess of the moon; blessed”. Additionally, In Hindu culture, Sena is the name of Indra’s wife and a personified form of his powerful thunderbolt.
According to the South Indian mythological context, Sena is one of the Kartikeya’s wives. The name also refers to Kartikeya’s armed forces.
It can be used as the moniker for the names like Selina, Serena, Asenath, and Sina
In the Latin or American context, the name Sena means ‘Blessed’.

Zaylee (Saylee)

exclusive baby names for girls
In general, the name “Zaylee” means: “Dry”. The baby name Zaylee belongs to Australia.
The Indian version of the name is ‘Sayalee’
It is the name of a white and delicate flower with a fascinating fragrance.


The name generally refers to the Miracle. It originated in Spain.
It can be related to the word ‘Mir’ in Sanskrit which means the ‘Ocean’
Miraya, the contemporary version of Meera refers to the Devotee of lord Krishna


The word originated in the Latin language. In Latin, the name means ‘Wild or Untamed’. In general, the meaning of the name “Damia” is: “Goddess of Forces of Nature”.
Click here to know more about this name


The Makena name originated in Africa and it means the Happy One. Makena, pronounced as mak-e-na, can also be a boys’ name and pronounced ma-KEN-ah. Mainly the name is used for the girls and it has the Hawaiian origin. In this context, the name Makena means “abundance”. In the Gaelic language, the name is used as a variant of Makenna, from Mckenna.
In Sanskrit, Makina means ‘Mine’


unique baby girls names
In the early 5th century B.C, there were twelve Minor Prophets and one of them or the last of them was called Malachi. The author of the sacred Christian Old Testament book is called Malachi.

What is the meaning of Malaki?

It is pronounced as mala-ki, and used as a boy’s name due to its Hebrew origin and it means “messenger of God”.
Malaki is an alternate spelling of Malachi in Hebrew context
It can be related to the word Maleeka, in Indian context which generally means Queen or Owner and the name originated in India only.

Nimah (Nima)

The Nimah name means: “Devotion”. The name is generally chosen for the girls and mainly used in the Arabic countries. It is also used in the African, American and many Muslim regions. For the people who are born into a well-off family or to wealthy parents, the name fits perfectly. The other meanings of the name Nimah are Smaller or Younger, to measure or adjust or the Indian mystic poet and saint Kabir’s mother.


The name has the Spanish origin. It came into existence blending the names Ana and Lucía. The name Ana is the Spanish variant of the English name Anne. There is a name ‘Hannah’ in Hebrew which is considered as the source of both the names Ana and Lucia. The name Hannah means ‘Favor’ or ‘Grace’.


The English meaning of the name Aviana is: The contemporary combination of the names Ava and Ana.


In the main, the name Ina means to ‘Light Up’ or ‘Illuminate’. It can be related to the known as the Spanish Princess Ena, who later became the Queen of Spain.


In the Biblical Hebrew context, the name Uri means ‘My Fire’ or ‘My Light’. In specifically Hebrew context, the name means ‘God is my light’.


uncommon and meaningful names for girls
The name Imara generally means “Strong or resolute”.
The name can be used as a boy’s name in the African, Swahili Names or Tanzanian languages. It is a male Quranic name which refers to ‘to construct’, ‘to visit’, ‘to maintain’, ‘to tend’ or ‘to enliven’.


Ziva is a beautiful name which found its inception in the Hebrew language. The name refers to ‘Splendor’ in the Hebrew context. It is a feminine name.
In general, the name Ziva means ‘brightness’ or ‘brilliance’.


The name Ariyana refers to ‘close to God or lovely’ It is the Variant of Ariana.
In general, the name means ‘utterly pure or pristine’
Ariyana is the female version of the Indian male name Aryan: which broadly means ‘illustrious’ or ‘Noble or Spiritual’. The name found its existence in the Sanskrit language.


It is one of the unique Multiorigin names. The name Ivanka has the Bulgarian, Czech and Slovak origin. It’s not a name that is often heard. By and large, Ivanka means ‘God Is Gracious’. The name can be used as an alternative to the name Ivana.
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