Exercises to treat Sore Knees


Knee Pain Relieving Exercises for new moms

It is well known that excessive weight leads to knee trouble hence knee pain is very common problem during pregnancy. Studies shows that hormonal changes can also contribute in joint pains in pregnancy.
Post pregnancy some times carrying baby, bathing baby in Indian traditional way on your laps etc can sore your knees.
Let us see some very simple exercises for treating sore knees during and after Pregnancy:

(Please note for pregnant ladies only first 3 exercises are permitted.)

Knee Strengthening Exercises for Women

1. Short Arcs

short arc towel sqeezeshort arcs
This little movement will strengthen the quads muscles
1. Lie down flat on back or sit, stretch your leg flat on a flat surface such as a bed. Place a rolled up towel under the knee.
(If you are pregnant then lie in a reclining position)
2. Press the towel with knee. While pressing the towel, slowly lift your foot up until your knee is straight.
3. Hold for 5-10 secs and slowly lower the foot
Repeat 10-20 times. 3 times a day
Put the ankle weight (or shoe) after a few days of regular exercise. Start with half a kg weight and gradually increase the weight till comfortable level.
For better strengthening of knee muscles, you can do this same exercise with a ball (of size basketball) replacing towel.

2. Towel squeeze

towel squeezed in knees1. Lie flat on bed or mat legs flat horizontal and put a roll of towel between two knees.
(If you are pregnant then lie in a reclining position)
2. Squeeze your knees together, press the towel between them. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax.
3. Repeat 10-20 times. Do this exercise 3 times a day.

3. Long Arcs

long arcYou can do this exercise any time of day while working in office.
1. Sit on a chair with knees bent and your foot rested flat on the floor
2. Lift left foot up and straighten your knee as much as possible.
3. Hold for 5-10 secs and slowly lower. Rest the foot on floor just for a second and repeat the process.
4. Repeat 10 times each on both legs. Do it 3 times a day.
For further strengthening, add 500 gms ankle weight after a few days of basic exercise. Gradually increase weight by 1/5 kg in 1 or 2 weeks.

Below exercises are not for pregnant women, you can do these only after delivery:

4. Straight Leg Raise

straight leg raiseIf you had back pain in past then this exercise could be wrong for you so consult your doctor before you try.
1. Lie flat on back. Bend both legs.
2. Lift left foot around 6 inches from bed or mat where you are lying i.e. knees at still same level as the bent right leg.
3. Hold for 10 seconds and lower your leg. Without resting leg on floor/bed repeat the process. Repeat 10-20 times
4. Repeat with right leg.
Do this exercise 2 times a day.
After a few days of this basic exercise, use ankle weight, start with 500gms and gradually increase weight (e.g. ½ kg weekly or once in 2 weeks)

5. Buttock Kicks

knee back side foldbuttock kicks
1. Lie on your tummy (on the mat or bed) with your legs straight.
2. Lift your left foot off the floor and bring it towards your bottom making 90 degrees at knee. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
3. Slowly bring your heel towards hips as closer as possible but only till you feel comfortable. Hold for 2-5 seconds.
3. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 10-20 times on each leg.
4. Do this exercise 3 times a day.
For further strengthening, add 500 gms ankle weight after a few days of basic exercise. Gradually increase weight by 1/5 kg in 1 or 2 weeks.

Important tips to heal sore knees:

1. Wear only well cushioned sports shoes or running shoes. In pregnancy anyway its very beneficial to wear anti slippery sports shoes for a better balance and better grip.
2. Consider wearing a knee brace or knee sleeves.
3. Do not sit on floor crossed legged.
4. Do not carry heavy weight.
In India nearly 65% women (at age around 50 years) complain knee pain main due to higher BMI (Body Mass Index) so after having baby watch your weight and try to maintain your BMI.
Even if you do not have any knee trouble its good to do above exercises few days a week to strengthen knees.


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