Exercises to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy


Safe Stretches for Backache in Pregnant Women

Stretching can do a lot of wonders to the body as it brings a lot of benefits, whether or not you are expecting a baby or not. It helps in lengthening and strengthening your muscles and makes you feel more comfortable. But it is the best for pregnant women, particularly as it can really do well and aid your pregnancy.

Benefits of Stretching During First Six Weeks

Pregnancy progresses over time, and your posture gets shifted to accommodate your growing baby belly and breasts, making your weight get redistributed. It would usually cause your lower back to tighten, as well as your neck and chest. Although these aches are unavoidable, you can turn to stretching so these would be eased. Stretching also helps in promoting a smoother and healthy pregnancy, especially when stretches are done on a regular basis.
pregnancy stretches

Safety Tips for New Moms to Keep in Mind While Stretching

Stretching will bring lots of benefits for you, but always remember to do it safely by following some of the tips below. After all, it’s not just your body on the stake; you’ve got a little one inside of you, too.
safety tips while stretching in pregnancy

Warm Up

before you start stretching, never forget to make some warm up moves. Cold and unused muscles would cause injury when stretched suddenly so that you can do some brisk walking or knee raise for a few minutes. There are lots of warm up moves you can do even if you are just staying in one place and won’t require too much moving around.

Don’t Bounce

just focus on sustaining every stretch for about 20-30 seconds and avoid bouncing to and fro since it might cause your muscles to get pulled. Try to get as far as you can while doing each stretching position and hold at a spot where you can feel the stretch but not making you feel too much pain.

Don’t Overdo it

Relaxin, a hormone produced during and after pregnancy, loosens some ligaments in your pelvis for easier delivery of the baby down the birth canal. Throughout your pregnancy, you will likely feel more flexible, and you’ll have more motion range for the whole body since relaxin affects all the ligaments there is. This might cause overstretching which might lead to injuries. Just limit your moves and range of motion; make sure that it just feels the right good but not that painful, as pain is an indicator that it’s too much already.

Pregnancy Stretches to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

After warm up, you can do some of these stretches to help prevent or ease any pregnancy-related pain and aches.


For Backpain stretches
This exercise likened to a modified child’s pose, can help elongate your back muscles in a safe way.
1. Using an exercise ball, kneel in front of it and put both palms on top of it, making sure that the tops of your feet are pressed against the floor.
2. While keeping your hips over your knees, exhale deeply and stick your chin to extend your arms and roll the exercise ball forward and make your body parallel to the ground.
3. To finish it off, exhale and tuck your hips while pressing your hands into the ball. Roll it towards your body and focus on your spine being brought back to an upright position.


stretches for neck
This will help in easing the tension in your neck.
1. In a supportive chair, sit up as straight as possible then close your eyes while deeply breathing in. Then, tilt your head on one side while slowly dropping it to your shoulder. Don’t move your shoulder to meet the head and don’t force your head down, either. Maintain this position for 3-6 seconds then move to another side. Repeat for about 3-4 times more.
2. Slowly bring your head forward and let your chin relax in your chest. Start rolling your check toward your right shoulder and maintain for 3-6 seconds. Switch sides and repeat the step.


stretched for chest
This stretch will help in relieving tension in the chest and upper back.
1. With the use of a pillow or rolled-up mat, kneel on it with the tops of your feet pressed on the floor behind you.
2. Sit back on your heels and exhale, rounding your shoulders forward while letting your head drop gently forward while reaching out your arms in front.
3. To come back up on your knees, squeeze your butt and inhale while lifting your arms into the sides and look above. Turn your arms in a circular motion, repeat, and then do it in another direction.
When stretching, always remember to do it in moderation. Always follow and listen to your body — if it makes you feel pained, do it slowly, pull back, or completely drop it.


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