Is Excessive Sweating in Babies Sign of Vit D Deficiency


What can cause Excessive Sweating in Babies?

Vitamin D deficiency in babies can lead to many chronic diseases like Osteoporosis. Today we will understand that how to recognize the signs of Vitamin D deficiency and also what are the other reasons of excessive sweating in babies:

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Babies: Sweating

In adults, usually, when the body temperature goes above the normal temperature i.e. 98.6 F, sweating is more than usually days. In the same way, if a baby sweats unusually, especially on the head, he may be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Lack of Vitamin D in the body may create a hindrance in the process of sending a signal to the sweat gland by the brain to release a compound to keep your body temperature balanced. If you notice that your baby is sweating more unlike the regular days, you need to take him to his doctor.

Other Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Kids/Babies

Bad Mood

When the serotonin levels fall down, depression or a bad mood may occur. This is a symptom of lacking Vitamin D in the body. Babies are usually seen getting irritated unusually due to Vitamin D deficiency.

Excess Sleepiness

Another symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is your baby may sleep more than the usual days. Usually, people experience daytime sleepiness when the Vitamin D level goes down in the body.
Why Do Babies Sweat in Bed?
Babies sweat from their head as their sweat glands are still not developed. During the sleep, babies sweat because, in India, most of the parents use these types of waterproof sheets to prevent the bed sheet when baby wets the bed. This is the main reason of sweating in babies. Even in winters, these types of sheets can make you sweat, a simple test is to sit on it yourself.
waterproof sheet
You will know how uncomfortable they are even in winters.
Instead, try to use skin friendly cotton surface baby sheets. Only cotton can keep your baby’s body temperature balanced all night long. These sheets effectively and quickly whisk your baby’s sweat and provide him with a sense of comfort while sleeping.
Always try to put soft, light and breathable clothes on your baby. The above points will help you recognize the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency in your baby. If your baby is still sweating unusually, consult his paediatrician as soon as possible.


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