Eggs – Wholesome Food for Your Baby


Eggs – Wholesome Baby Food

Egg-cited for egg-ceptional egg-ducation about eggs?

Goodness of eggs

• Eggs are very rich source of protein, vitamins A, B12, D, E, fat, iron, folate and choline.
High quality protein: Only Eggs have it after breast milk
• Egg yolk is very delicious and easy to make baby food. Most of babies enjoy the delicate taste of it.
Eggs White:
Eggs white is one of top 10 allergenic foods for baby. Half of egg white is protein which is the main allergen. So egg whites are not recommended for babies below 1 yr.
Egg Yolk:
All of vitamin A, D, and E in an egg are in its Yolk and also nearly half of proteins (all safe proteins), almost all of Vit B1, B3 and folic acid.

When can you introduce eggs to your baby?

If there is no history of egg allergy then you can introduce egg yolk to your 8 months old baby. You can give egg whites after baby turns 1 yr.

How to feed egg to baby before 1 yr old?

Hard boil Egg, take out completely cooked egg yolk.
Mash it and mix it with Breast milk/Formula milk.
You may add this mashed Egg yolk to baby’s soups and other dishes if baby likes its taste.

Which egg is better? White? Brown?

In India, you may have heard from few sources that brown eggs are healthier than white egg. Truth is, they are nearly equal in nutrition and taste. Difference is in the colour of chicken that produced the egg. So for selecting eggs for baby, color of egg doesn’t matter. You may go for Organic and Omega-3 fortified eggs as they are good for brain development due to its omega-3 richness.

How to make sure egg is fresh and good to eat?

• Put eggs in a big bowl of cold water in which water level is 2 times higher than the egg.
• Those eggs which sink to the bottom are Fresh eggs. Good for your baby.
• Eggs which lie on the bottom and bob slightly are slightly older (1 week).
• Eggs which float at the surface are very old and bad hence should not be consumed.

Eggs Recipe for 1 yr old baby:

Egg omelet
Veg Egg omelet
Scrambled egg with cheese
Ingredients: 1 egg (take only yolk if baby is not yet 1 yr),
1-2 tbsp cow’s milk/breast-milk/formula milk
1 tbsp grated cheese
1 tbsp ghee/butter/olive oil
Method: Heat the butter in a small frying pan.
Whisk the egg and milk and then add in the cheese.
Pour this mixture into the pan and stir constantly, Cook until the egg is cooked through.
You may add cooked vegs or cooked oats to this.
Very good information on whole eggs and hard boiling:

Eggs are very easy and quick to make so if your baby likes eggs then it can save your some efforts on making baby food.


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