Egg Pudding for Baby: Recipe


How to Make Egg Pudding for Kids?

Eggs are protein and fats supplier for kids. The amino acids present in eggs are growth-booster for kids. Though it is a power food, not all the kids may like full egg omelette or just the yellow yolk. Kids below 7 months are only given egg yolk. Between 7-12 months you may give them a simple yet tasty egg pudding. Its texture is very soft and loved by kids.


Eggs, cinnamon
Corn starch, Milk, Honey/chocolate syrup/maple syrup for babies above 1 year


1. Use a fork to beat the eggs.
2. Now add cinnamon and eggs to a bowl and beat it again till it properly gets mixed
3. For kids above 1 year, add milk, half table spoon of corn starch and then beat it
4. Pour the mixture in a glass/ceramic bowl/the pudding cup
5. Now in a steamer, just like you would make Dhoklas, add water and keep the bowls in the pot/steamer plate. Make sure the water doesn’t enter the bowls while it’s boiling
6. Cook it on a medium-low flame for 5 minutes.
7. Serve the pudding warm/cold
8. For kids above 1 year, add maple syrup, honey and/or chocolate syrup. It tastes amazing and is a healthy dessert.


If your baby has never tried egg before, try a simple 3 days rule of food introduction with only egg yolk. Then only try the whole egg recipes.
White part of the egg is very nutritious but when making pudding or any other egg recipe, keep this fact in mind that egg is one of common allergen in babies below 12 months. So, be careful and watch for any reaction during 3 days of introduction period. Small babies can’t be given sugar or too sweet foods and hence the pudding recipe shown above doesn’t include sugar.


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