Effective Ways To Attain A Healthy Weight Gain


How Skinny Women can Gain Weight Naturally?

According to statistics, about two-thirds of US citizens are either obese or overweight. However, there are also some people who are skinny. This is a major concern because being underweight can just be much of a problem as being overweight. In addition, many people who are not clinically skinny still want to gain some muscles. But what does being underweight means?

Being Underweight

This is defined as having a body mass index of below 18.5. This is less than the mass that is needed to maintain an optimum weight. However, remember some people are naturally underweight but still very much healthy. If you are underweight, it does not mean that you have a problem. According to studies, 1% of men and 2.4 % of women are generally underweight. Unfortunately, being underweight has some health consequences. In fact, it may just be as bad as obesity.
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According to research, being skinny was associated with 100% chances of early death in women and 140% in men. Interestingly, this study found out that obesity only has a 50% greater risk in early death. This showed that being underweight may even be worse than obesity. Apart from these, being underweight may also interfere with the immune function of the body raising your risks of infections. This can lead to osteoporosis and fractures that can eventually cause infertility. People who are skinny are also much more likely to be affected with sarcopenia putting them in a greater risk of having dementia. It’s, therefore, important to gain weight. But how can you gain fast?

Gaining Weight Fast

Consume More Calories Than What Your Body Burns

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The most crucial thing is to consume more calories. Without having a caloric surplus, it can be very hard to gain weight. You can know your caloric intake using a calculator. For you to gain weight steadily, you should aim at eating at least 500 calories or more than the amount that your body needs. As a matter of fact, you should eat 700 calories above your normal usage level.

Lift Weights And Build Your Muscles

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In order to use the excess calories, it’s very much important to engage in weightlifting. Go to the gym at least 4 times every week and engage in weight lifting. This will not only improve your weight but also the muscles. In case you are completely skinny, then you can hire a trainer before starting the workouts. You may also consult a physician if you have skeletal issues or any medical problem. When doing some cardio, it’s advisable to go slowly. Also, use the best weight lifting belt to protect your body.

Consume A Lot Of Fat And Carbs

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When struggling to add pounds, it’s advisable to limit the amount of fats and carbohydrates that you eat. However, this is not true when you are gaining weight because you will lose all the calories that you have been eating. You should consume a lot of high-fat foods, and a high carb diet if your priority is gaining weight. As a matter of fact, it’s even good healthy proteins, fats, and carbs. While doing this, avoid intermittent fasting. While this is helpful for weight gain, it’s not good if you are struggling to increase the amount of calories. Ensure that you consume three meals a day and add in some snacks if possible.

Eat Lots Of Heavy Foods Mixed With Spices And Sauces

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If you want to gain weight, it’s helpful to concentrate on eating wholesome grains. The challenge is that processing these foods is a bit harder than junk foods. However, if you use a lot of spices and sauces, you can make it easy. Also, you need to concentrate on foods reach in energy and calories. Some of these include almond, tubers, nuts, grains, meat, high-fat dairy, and fats and oil. Since these foods are very satisfying, you might force yourself to eat them even when it seems that you are full. Consuming fresh fruits fine but you should emphasize on fruits that are soft such as bananas.

Maintain The Gain

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Maintaining the gain is a very critical step. Habits such as proper diets and weight lifting must be maintained. If you start deviating from the routine, you might lose what you have gained very fast. As a matter of fact, it only takes two months to lose all that you have gained. When you start the process, make goals and adhere to them. Since having a variety makes life much better, switch up your food flavor and exercise so that you do not get bored fast. If you know that you are going to miss a weightlifting season, you can make up for that. Keep up your body routine and consult your doctor as regular as possible.

Take Frequent Rest Periods

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Many people believe that bulking is as result of doing a heavy exercise. Although exercise stimulates your muscles to bulk up, the actual growth of muscles normally happens when you are resting. Believe it or not, rest time is not wasted. It allows your muscles to recover from strain and stress of the exercise and allows the healing of fibers that have broken down. This also helps you to gain weight fast.It’s, therefore, important to take rest.

Do Not Forget These Tips

1. Do not drink water before eating
2. Eat a lot and more often
3. Drink creamed coffee
4. Take a lot of milk
5. Use weight gainer shakes
6. Sleep well
7. Do not smoke

Final Words

While gaining weight can be difficult, if you are consistent enough you will realize success faster than you thought. Whether you are gaining weight or losing, your body will resist any change. So, you should expect some level of challenge when gaining weight. Also, remember that being underweight comes with a lot of issues such as early deaths, impaired immunity and the risk of contracting diseases such as dementia. Thankfully, there are several ways you can apply to gain weight. These includes consuming more calories, lifting weights, eating carbs, fats, and dense foods, maintaining the gain and taking frequent rest.


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