Effective Abs Workout for Moms with Weak Backs


How to Tone Your Tummy when Your Back is Weak?

If doing abdominal workouts feels like punishment, it’s perhaps the high time to update your workout regimen. Many abdominal or core exercises such as sit-ups and crunches are being weeded out by the trainers and replaced by exercises that are much friendlier and affable to the spine. If you’ve a weak back or if you suffer from a back pain after a session of abs workout, you must try something pain-free.

Abs Workouts causing Back Pain/Strain

To figure out the ones to be avoided, you need to first find out the workouts that may cause back pain. Not all core exercises are created equally – exercises such as crunches and sit-ups have closer proximity to back pain than that of other abs exercises. Straight leg sit-ups are not recommended, for the same reason, for moms suffering from acute back pain. The repetitive flexing motion of crunches or sit-ups quickly compresses and decompresses spine, and that often results in rapture of fibrous tissues around the gel-like spinal discs. Discs which compress and bulge typically press the spine nerves causing severe back pain. The issue can even worsen and cause herniated disc that might require you to go for a surgical procedure.

Word of Caution

Vigorous and excessive neck or lower back pain often indicates an injury. So get professional advice from your physician or physiotherapist in case the pain persists. Don’t exercise if it’s paining; otherwise, the situation can be deteriorated.

Bad Back Never Comes The Way to Flat Tummy

Well, your back and stomach muscles play significant role in your spine health. Weak core muscles enhance the risk of back pain and even herniation, and that often leads to your unwillingness toward working for a flat tummy. But you can surely strengthen core muscles even with a weak back. All you need to put some time, effort, energy and multifaceted approach. And here you go:

Get Expert Advice

• Start your workout program only after getting approval from your doctor. Or else exercising can worsen existing back injury. If your doctor permits, practice exercises on a regular basis to build muscle mass and lose belly fat. But exercises that can induce back pain should be avoided.

Balanced Diet

• Take healthy diet that ensures nutrition, toning and of course weight loss. You can get help from a dietician. Some foods and drinks can help notably in achieving your fitness goal. You may try drinking fit tea. But make sure you know how to drink fit tea.
When it comes to abs workout that ensures flat tummy without putting pressure on neck and back, below-mentioned exercises might come useful.

Selected Abs-Workouts for Women with Less Impact on Back

Stationary Abs Workout

Stationary abs workouts are the best for people suffering from neck or back pain during the workout session. Such exercises have almost no impact on spine and help to keep the spine elevated against the ground for a painless workout. Moreover, they involve more number of muscles than conventional sit-ups. You can also work on your flexors, back extenders and oblique muscles. Involve entire core to create a belt of supportive muscles to prevent back and neck strain and pain.


Planks are staple abdominal workouts. They are quite safe for both back and neck. These simple exercises just require you to lie down on the stomach with the palm by both sides, flat on the ground. Now press up and elevate the body off the ground as you do with a push-up. Hold that position for about one minute or as long as possible with your palms and toes touching the ground. The legs and back must form a straight line so your abdominal muscles feel tension.

Side planks

side plank
This you need to do by laying on your side while keeping the legs straight and feet together. Now slowly prop the upper body up by the elbow. This should let your abs feel contraction. If you’re comfortable with this plank, take this further and elevate the hips off the ground with the palm flat and arm forming a straight line to the ground. The other arm may continue this line into the air. Be in this position for a minute or as long as your body permits.

Bird dog

Bird dog, also called as quadruplex is a more complex form of stationary exercise that requires different muscle groups to work simultaneously for a more powerful core workout. Start with the knees and hands with the palms flat and shoulder-width apart and the back parallel to the ground. Now raise the right leg and left arm off the ground simultaneously while keeping both of them straight. Work on forming a continuous line from the left fingertip to the toes of right foot while staying parallel to the ground. Rest in this position for at least 5 seconds and then lower both leg and arm slowly. Now switch the side. Repeat for at least one minutes or as long as you can.
When it comes to abs workout, make sure you practice them on a regular basis. You can start with planks and then include other stationary abs workout to your routine as your core strength gets improved over time.


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