Effect of Fever during the First Trimester of Pregnancy


Pregnancy – Is Fever very Harmful?

Pregnant women already go through many challenges during their pregnancy and the early stage of pregnancy is more sensitive. So will it be risky if you fall ill in the first trimester of pregnancy?
Fever is the most common health problem, affecting a large number of pregnant women. So, one must be cautious about it. It’s never easy to treat fever while you are in your first trimester. Better you don’t neglect it to welcome serious issues.
Usually, the fever is our body’s indication to the reaction of foreign particles which gives rise to our body’s temperature. More than 100° F (37° C) is considered as feverish so immediately consult with your doctor if you are exceeding this temperature limit. Don’t ignore it as persisting fever in pregnancy is even more dangerous for baby and mother.

What are the Risks in Fever in Pregnant Women?

Risk factors of fever during pregnancy are major. If you are pregnant and have the fever for a long time, it may be dangerous for you and your baby. According to research, these are the major risks of fever in during the first trimester of pregnancy period –

Neural Tube Defects

It’s one of the major defects with its reason being the fever. About one out of 1000 children have neural tube defects. It occurs when the spine or skull does not close properly. It is dangerous and rate of mortality of babies due to this defect is high. There are basically two types of Neural tube defects –
Spina Bifida Babies develop opening in the spinal column usually due to persisting fever or some other reason.
Anencephaly – It is an open skull defect in the babies. In this, some babies die immediately usually after the birth.

Heart Defect

Establishing fever causes serious abnormalities in the heart wall. The abdominal does not close properly and causes heart problems in babies. Babies born with such defects need instant treatment. Otherwise, it may cause the death of the baby.

Oral Cleft Deformity

Speech problem, facial deformity and breathing problem etc are some common issues which may develop in the newborn for whole life.


According to some studies, it is found that fever is a bad nightmare for your pregnancy period is persists for a long time. Sadly, it can be life threatening to the baby inside the womb if pregnant woman doesn’t pay attention. Miscarriage can occur if any of above condition goes worse.

What can Cause Fever During Pregnancy’s First Trimester

Are you thinking – What causes such discomfort feeling while you are pregnant?
There are some common reasons which can make you feel ill. Let’s look at them and understand how severe it can go.

External Means

Body temperature may rise by saunas, hot tubs, electric basket and some exercises. Avoid sitting in there for long time as outer body develops heat, increasing the inner body temperature which may have bad results.

Gastrointestinal Infection

It is same as other infections which occur in gastric parts like stomach food pipe and intestine etc. It will cause fever, pain in throat, stomach burning etc.

Common Cold

It is an infection in our upper respiratory tract, which is a viral infection usually in Larynx, Pharynx, and nasal packages. Its symptoms are similar to the flu – like a cough runny nose and difficulty in breathing.

Urinary Tract Infection

Sometimes when foreign particles invade to our body, the body tries fighting with it to make antibody organisms. It increases your body temperature. This infection is like other infections usually occur in the urinary tract which causes dysuria, fever, pelvic pain etc.


It is also known as pregnancy flu. It is more severe than others. If you feel severe cold don’t get confuse with common cold because it may be influenza. In this, vomiting diarrhea, nausea like feeling occur where mother’s body immunity decreases. Women should drink plenty of water during influenza.

Also, wrong medication in the pregnancy can trigger such mishap. So, always consider talking to the specialists and avoid risks of fever during pregnancy.


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