Eating Pineapple during Pregnancy: Facts and Myths


Can I Eat Pineapples if Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the time when you (and the people surrounding you) are the most conscious about what to eat and what not. People will advise you to eat some foods while avoiding others.

Pineapple, in this case, is one the avoidable side but is it really dangerous to eat pineapple?
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Some suggestions are just because of the circulated myths and some are actually true. So, is pineapple thing a myth about pregnancy or it has some considerable logic behind it.

Eating pineapple is one of biggest myths which trigger the advice about avoiding this fruit strictly. Let’s see what are the real facts and what are the myths related to pineapple-pregnancy.

Straight-Forward – Is Pineapple Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume pineapples, just as other fruits during pregnancy. Provided, you are not exceeding the limit of consumption, it is good for mother and baby.

It tends to reduce risks of diseases or other lifestyle-related health conditions so comes in the category of very healthy foods.

Nowadays, pineapples demand is increasing day by day due to its beneficial or nutritional value but why is it rejected when it comes to pregnancy?

You will get the answer in a minute, so continue reading.

According to many studies and researches, the fruits like pineapple decrease the risk of heart disease, increased weight, and overall mortality. But it also contains Bromelain which can cause Diarrhea or easy labor (and this is the origin of all myths). See how much amount of Pineapple can cause this problem.

How Much Pineapple Can I consume during Pregnancy

Bromelain is present in Pineapple but in a very less amount. Eating more than 7-10 pineapples will cause the problem else it’s fine.

Pineapple as a Healthy Food

Forgot about rumors, here are the facts –

• Pineapples have a higher water content which is good for health and essential for the pregnant ladies.
• It is full of nutrients and vitamin A and C, and fibers.
• Considered as a good antioxidant as it release out free radicals from the body.
• Pineapple also consists potassium, manganese, and magnesium.
• It has beta carotene which decreases the chances of cancer.
• Good digestive properties which make it a great appetizer.
• Excellent source of calcium and minerals.

Why Pineapple is Not Considered Good for Pregnant Women

So many good qualities already told above then why is it detected?

Check the reasons listed below –

• It is suggested that pineapple has Bromelain enzymes that can soften the uterus. Due to softening, miscarriage may occur. These enzymes also cause contractions in the womb.

• Some pregnant women complain of pain in stomach after eating pineapple.

• Some women have burning sensations on eating pineapple due to spikes present in it. But these are not actually spikes, instead, are the pointed ends which sometimes, cause that sensation.

• Some pregnant women have suffered allergies from pineapple. Allergies can be serious also. So, if you have allergies from pineapple, you can have the fired and cooked pineapple these are healthy to eat.

• Pineapple can bring diarrhea due to which mother may suffer discomfort. Due to diarrhea, the rashes, itching over the pelvic region may occur sometimes.

So, What to Avoid?

Answer is easy –

• Overeating (check above, how much you can eat)
• Eating spiky pieces of Pineapple
• If you are allergic to it, avoid eating without cooking it.

How to Eat It?

eating pineapple
If you are pregnant and want to eat it then – just peel it off, slice it into small pieces. Before eating it, put into water for 30 minutes, with a pinch of salt (To avoid burning sensation in tongue). You can also take pineapple as pineapple slush, pineapple chips, and pineapple smoothies.

Finally, it is good to say – Enjoy eating pineapple during pregnancy but don’t eat more than how much is instructed!


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    • Sapana

      Hi Soniya, Its dangerous if eaten in large quantity. And you know pregnancy may give you strong cravings. So in small quantity and well ripen pineapple is safe.

  1. Avatar

    Pineapple is the great fruit as it has essential minerals and vitamins. You can eat it by blending frozen pineapple into a smoothie or make pineapple popsicles. However, avoid the excess intake as precautions are better than cure.

  2. Avatar

    I 06 months pregnant. I thinks miscarriage won’t be possible at this period. So can I drink Pineapple juice now? Is there any safe period when pregnant women can drink pineapple juice without any worries.
    Please suggest.

    • Sapana

      Hi Inara,
      You may drink Pineapple juice but please make sure the pineapple is properly ripen and also dont drink more than one glass in 3 days.
      Its better to be cautious.

  3. Avatar

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I have eaten pineapple. I am scared. Is it safe for my baby? I was not aware of these facts. Please help.

  4. Avatar

    Is it necessary to put it in water before consumption? Why it is necessary? I consume pineapple without putting it in water. Will it be harmful for me and my baby although I eat occasionally.

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