Easy Weaning- How to Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain?


How to Stop Breastfeeding Without Discomforting Yourself or Baby?

Breastfeeding is an emotionally cherishing part of motherhood, which keeps the baby-mother bonding strong. But of course, you cannot keep the things same for a long. Don’t worry – it will not diminish the glow for your attachment with care.

After 2 years of breastfeeding, which includes 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and rest duration of extended breastfeeding, you should gradually shift your child from breast milk to cow milk. Confused about how long to fed baby with mother’s milk? Here is one of our previous article for the same.


Introducing solid diet to your baby & Withdrawing the supply of mother’s milk with food completely is termed as weaning. It can be oat, mashed banana, or other food items which you can feed your baby post this process.

As the baby is growing, the mother’s milk is not enough to fulfill its requirement. Do you know what problems may occur if you are suddenly deciding not to feed the kid? Do you know the strategy for this gradual shift? Let me brief you!

If you are thinking of weaning, it will (and definitely! It should) take time – may be 1 or two month long patience. Here is how to begin weaning without making the baby cry.

How to Start Eliminating Mother’s Milk Easily?

Start with tasty, healthy and digestible foods or sweet, your baby will start liking it. Give nutrients and vitamins rich food like mashed banana and apple, oatmeal, boiled cereal etc because your baby is in growing phase.

Skip a breastfeeding

Skip feeding your milk and give healthy foods in its place. For instance, you can also give cow’s milk add sugar or mashed banana in it to make it tasty. Skipping feeding 5, 6 times a week will give time to your baby to adjust eventually. After some time, you will notice that your milk supply is also getting diminished naturally, without leaving your breast engorged.

If you decide to stop nursing before the baby is 1-year-old:

In this case, you will have to reduce the number of breastfeeding sessions one at a time in the period of 1-2 weeks. Continue reducing breast milk feeding and go on adding the solids to your baby’s diet. Usually, Cow’s milk can be given after the baby is 1-year-old but doctors consultation is must before you do so.

If you decide to stop breastfeeding after baby is 1-1.5years old:

You will find it easy to reduce the number of breastfeeding sessions to one, which is usually before bed time.

How to stop the before-bed breastfeeding:

This is mostly the toughest one as babies do not sleep if they are used to before-bed breastfeeding.
Here are tips to make baby sleep without breastfeeding:
1. Swing and Swing: Hammocks/cradles are helpful in making baby sleep. The swinging motion makes baby fall asleep easily. If your baby is not used to it or refuses to sleep in hammock or cradle then make him sleep in your arms while swinging and singing.
2. Give your baby a body massage and warm nice bath before bedtime so that baby feels tired and sleeps quickly.
3. Let baby play for enough time before dinner so that baby eats well and sleeps well.
4. Let dad sleep with the baby alone. Usually, babies cry more when they see that the mother is there and still not feeding her when they cry. Sleeping with dad alone will be an easier job.
5. Use of pacifier: The Pacifiers will keep baby calm during the process of weaning. But due to higher chances of baby getting addicted to the pacifier, try to avoid excess use of it.
6. Breast to Bottle to Cup: You may pump the breast milk and feed it by a bottle to shift baby from breasts to bottle feeding. Then change the breast milk to cow’s milk.

Possible Health Problems after Weaning

• Weaning mother may have fever
• Pain, hard swollen breast.
• Flu like symptoms
• Redness over breast nipple because of not releasing out milk actively or your breast get overfull with partly milk or partly with blood or fluids.
• Heaviness of breast occurs when your milk logged into your breast. It will causes tightness or heaviness on your breast.
• Mastitis It is a condition developed when there is insufficient drainage of milk from your breast occur causing inflammation of breast like swelling, itching, hot and hard swollen breast, abscess may form.

How to Relieve Breast Pain When You Are Not Breastfeeding

Sudden weaning may be painful. Your milk gets plugged in and it will cause swelling of breast. Your milk duct may suffer pressure causing discomfort in breast, itching and possible pain these are some methods which will help in relieving painful weaning.

Hot Bath

Take hot bath or soak your breast in hot water hot bath will decreases swelling of your breast keep running out your milk when you are taking hot bath it will remove dislodged milk.

Breast Light Squeeze

Slightly squeeze your breast with firm hands so that you can relieve milk which will help in pain and swelling conditions. Try to empty your breasts so that you won’t feel heaviness of breast.

Well-fitting bra

Choose suitable bra for yourself in which you feel comfortable. Or choose cotton padded bra for milk leakage. Do not wear tight bra Or wrap chest bra it will plugged milk and cause swelling or pain in your breast.

Breast Pump

Now a days artificial breast pumps are easily available at stores. If you have experienced pain during hand squeezing buy this it will not put pressure over your breast and will remove out milk from your breast.

Cold Compression

You can use ice packs or cold water to remove swelling over breast area. Take ice pack in a cotton cloth or firmly compress your breast.

Gentle Massage

A gentle massage can help in reliving the pain try massage with loose hands during hot bath or you can use lotion or any other cream for massage.


If you are weaning try to take more or more water intake to excrete out toxins.

Nsaids for Pain

There are some nsaids which are help full during breastfeeding like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. It will decrease you pain or other inflammation conditions. Consult your doctor prior to taking medicine.

These are the tips for stopping breastfeeding, without causing pain to mothers and babies, if you have better ways, don’t keep them private, tell the world about it through commenting!


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      Hi Liv,
      Its a painful process but with some cautions and few tricks you can reduce the pain. I myself didn’t go through pain especially the second time.
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