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Baby Food Puree: Recipe and Tips

After a long breast milk and formula milk diet regime, your baby is finally all set for solid foods but you should keep this thing in mind that he is still not ready to chew foods. Hence, healthy purees are the best pick.
Preparing homemade baby food is the best choice as you can take care of the hygiene and nutrient requirements properly. Here is a healthy baby food puree recipe for your little one which is easy to make and very nutritious.
These are just 2 examples, you can try similar puree with other ingredients like Squash, sweet potatoes, spinach etc.

Banana and Apple Baby Puree

banana apple puree
Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 apple, Formula milk or Breast Milk


• Make Apple Puree like explained above and
• Mash banana using a small fork. (You can use the Kerala banana which is steamed and then mashed.)
• Mix both of them properly using baby’s milk
• See the concentration; blitz the mixture if needed

For the babies who are 4-6 months old, you can prepare puree from peas, banana, avocado, sweet potato and carrots. And, for slightly bigger babies, you can add multiple ingredients and make a thicker puree. Babies above 1 year can be given non-veg purees as well as they can digest foods with thicker concentration in a better way than the small babies.

Sweet Potatoes Beetroot Puree

sweet potato and beet root Puree
Ingredients: Sweet Potato 1 bowl of cut pieces, Beetroot only 2-3 pieces (i.e. roughly 20%)


• You may roast/bake the whole sweet potato or steam its pieces. The steaming is better.
• Strain the cooked meet of sweet potato.
Tip: You may feed this pulp mixed with breast milk or formula milk to your baby.
• Wash, peel off and cut beetroot in cubes and steam them
• Once they are tender, remove the water and put them in a blended
• Make a fine blend
Tip: Though the straining is most recommended. The beet roots are hard to strain hence for such vegetables only blender is used.
• Now blitz the mashed sweet potatoes and blended beetroot
• Serve the puree without adding sugar or salt to it; let the taste be natural and healthy.

Important Tips on making Baby Food

1. Steam the food. Steam the ingredients for the time they are cooked. Do not overcook them e.g. if you are making Sweet Potato + Apple puree, then steam the sweet potatoes for a longer time and apple only for about 5 minutes.
2. Do not throw away the water used for steaming and boiling: The vitamins and some nutrients are there in the water.
3. Strain instead of grinding. Ground food is addictive and not good for digestion. Babies, who get used to ground /pureed food face difficulties in eating textured food, baby led weaning and digestion.
4. Do not store food in the freezer if you are in India: the climate and weather and the pollution are not friendly to the frozen baby food. Avoid the frozen foods as much as possible. Make fresh foods always and feed your baby within 1-2 hours.
5. Do not add Salt/Sugar/Spices/Oil. Introduce clarified butter i.e. homemade pure ghee after 1-2 months of solid food introduction to your baby.
6. Avoid watery food like Soup as main meals. A 7 months-old baby can surely eat textured baby food.
The reason behind preferring making baby food at home is that store-bought baby foods are not fresh and you can’t trust the hygiene aspect for all the brands as it’s about your small baby’s health. Also, at home, you can prepare foods of various concentrations and add desired ingredients as per your baby’s taste buds. With the above easy-to-make healthy baby food recipes and the relevant tips, you can stave off his hunger in a healthier way.

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