Ear Infections in Babies – Causes, Symptoms & Remedies


Is your Toddler/Baby Scratching Ears – Don’t Neglect!

Is your child tugging the finger in ear and crying?

It may be due to the ear infections which are the most common problem in kids after the cold. Up to 3 years, it is most probabilistic that your child may infect himself with an ear infection. But do you need to worry every time?

See what ear infections are, how it comes in effect, symptoms to recognize it and excellent remedies. Also, later in the article, I will tell you the when to seek for doctor’s help.

What is Ear Infection?

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Ear infection in babies is most irritating or discomforting feeling. According to some studies, it is proved that ear infection, in babies, leads to impair hearing or difficulty in speaking, learning and doing other stuff. Children may have speech difficulty if it remains untreated.

Almost 90% of children suffer ear infection where fluid develops in the inner ear, behind the eardrum, which is caused by ear drum dysfunction. Ear infection is common in children and it usually clears out on its own. Though it does not cause pain but your baby may have an uncomfortable and cranky feeling.

Ear infection will get cured easily within 2 or 3 weeks so do not worry. It is because ear infection is normal in babies, only correct treatment is needed to ease down the things for them.

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Toddlers and Infants

• Your baby may have complaints of ear pain (earaches), twitching, redness and swelling in the ear.
• Due to infection, fever is most common in this situation. (101°F to 104°F)
• Possibly drainage will occur from ear
• Temporary hearing loss as fluid gets filled in the tube which blocks ear.
• Difficulty in sleeping.
• Fullness, tugging and pulling feeling
• Headache, nausea and vomiting feeling.

When to Worry?

If your baby complains about pain (not in words obviously) or infection and it doesn’t get better at all, then go for the medical checkup. Is there some fluid or pus, draining from the kid’s ear? Is there any problem the child is facing in hearing?

If any of above questions is answered in a ’Yes’, go get doctors help immediately. Otherwise, it may cause long term ear infection, which eventually causes serious problems like eardrum dysfunction, drum bursting, or deafness in your baby.

Treatments for Relieving your Child

Ear infections get more often in babies than adults but it is treatable. Here are some measures and treatment you can apply for your little baby –
• Using pain reliever anti-inflammatory for your baby (After medical consultation).
• Maintaining cleanliness of your baby’s ear
• Apply light heat on your baby’s ear it will reduce pain.
• Proper immunization is needed so that your baby will remain ineffective from infection.
• Allow your baby to drink fluid frequently in a small amount.
• Insertion of small drainage tubes to drain out fluids from the ear by an ENT specialist.
• Teach your child to blow his nose softly as this technique help him or her to clear out fluid from Eustachian tube.
• Avoid water getting inside your baby’s ear during swimming and bathing.

What are the Causes of Ear Infections in Children?

Your baby may develop ear infections and there is nothing to panic about it. This is not long lasting; it ends in for 2 to 3 weeks. Do put anything into your baby’s ear without prescription as it might be harmful. Ear infection usually occurs in babies who are more than 2 years old. A boy child has more chances to suffer from this problem.

Most common causes which effect directly or indirectly your Children’s ear

• Ear infections occur due to bacteria or viruses during cold, cough, allergies or even teething. If your baby’s throat is swollen from cold, he will feel like something is stuffed into his ear. Air pressure filled up in your middle ear does not let the Eustachian Tube open. Usually, this pressure pulls your eardrum inward, causing stuffy feeling.
• A pressure developed in the middle ear can result in white fluid – collected behind the eardrum because Eustachian tube gets blocked. This problem is called Otitis and disturbs kid badly.
• Presence of smoke like cigarette chimney & wood stove may increase ear infection chances. So, if you are parenting a child (or more) then don’t smoke near you kid.
• Children who are not breastfed are more prone to ear infection, as it will decrease immunity of your baby to fight against infection.
• Due to some upper respiratory tract infection, Otitis (described above) may cause.
• Changes in ear pressure also cause problems. Like – if you are planning for outing in hill areas or any airline travel with your baby, the air pressure is different in those places. So, it may cause ear infections.
• When the Eustachian size is smaller than the normal.
• Use of pacifier or feeding baby in bottles is more likely to have ear infections.
• Using polluted water for bathing or swimming.

Is your child showing any of above given symptoms of ear infections? Do not ignore if it’s from long duration or looks serious (check ‘when to worry’ section)
Try above remedies for ear infections to get back that smiley face. If you have more ideas, let us by commenting below so that our mommies can use it for their child!


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