Ear Infection in Pregnancy: What You Need to Know


Ear Infection and Itching during Pregnancy: Causes and Treatments

Ear infections are not so rare in pregnancy, just as many other health issues it carries. You may need to know about what causes ear infection during pregnancy, what to do with ear itching during pregnancy when it happens and best treatments for the same.

My Experience with Ear Itching

I got encourage to write this post as I had an experience (not so nice!) with it. During my second trimester I used to ask myself – why my ear itches in pregnancy? Is it normal? And more such questions, until I visited an ENT specialist. Here’s what actually happened –
During my pregnancy, my ear suddenly started to itch a lot and very frequently (My 5th month of pregnancy). What I used to feel was only a sensation pushing me to scratch my ear hardly. In doing that I hurt my ear from inside and I had to visit an ENT specialist in Bangalore. My doctor told me that sometimes nose bones may grow in pregnancy, putting pressure on a vein which makes you feel like scratching your ear. The only solution was to control the feeling and never scratch the ear.
Well, you should know the causes, treatments and how to avoid it before it’d hurt you!

Causes of Ear Infection and Ear Itching during Pregnancy

ear health in pregnancy
These annoying ear infections may build up in your ear due to following reasons –
• Fungal infections from pathogens like bacteria or fungi. The Eustachian tube is blocked sometimes, causing fluid build-up or even temporary hearing loss.
• Cold, sinus, allergies, swollen adenoids or mucus may cause this problem (most common cause)
• Due to the pressure created in veins while resting (as were in my case)
• Because of the ear wax built up
• Smoking (it’s harmful in every way)
As you are less immune during pregnancy, the chances of such medical conditions are higher in pregnancy than in the normal days.

Treatments of Etching Ear during Pregnancy

The ear is a sensitive (probably, one of the most sensitive) part of our body. So, keep away with your home remedies and experiments until you are 100% sure about their success. Here are some medical treatments which you should adapt –
• Use prescribed antibiotics after consulting a trustworthy ENT specialist.
• Medicated eardrops, which are directly filled in Q-tip and dropped into the ear, have the least effect on growing fetus.
• If your ear infection is painful, doctors may prescribe you category B – Amoxicillin and Tylenol which are pain killers too.
• The final and rarest option for ear infections is surgery. The fluid from the middle of an ear is removed using surgery if nothing else works. It is performed for long existing problems or extremely large adenoid. Surgery is avoided during pregnancy as it may affect the baby and mother.

How to avoid ear infection?

Avoiding ear infections is not a tough task if you understand how to do it. Here are some avoidance tips –
• Maintain ear hygiene and clean it regularly. You may use cotton ear buds for this purpose.
• If the wax is building up, avoid using earplugs as it may create pressure.
• Avoid water from entering your ear. Take care while taking bath or swimming.
• Quit smoking and exposure to smoke.
• Contact doctor immediately if you sense ear infection or ear itching.
Ear infection during pregnancy is not a big trouble until it mixed into your blood stream. Take all precautions and consider going to doctor otherwise it may affect the baby too. In my case, I didn’t delay searching out for ENT specialist. Whenever your ear itching goes frequent (or chronic) during pregnancy look out for a specialist instead of thinking why my ear itches in pregnancy?
Anyone else you felt same itching sensation as me? Please share your experiences to help expectant mothers.
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