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A name is for a lifetime; choose it wisely for your baby!
Having done extensive study of numerous Indian Hindu Baby Names from the treasure troves of Sanskrit dictionaries, Hindu Lord Sahasranam and such other authentic sources, I, Sapana Vibhandik , the owner of GoMama247, along with my team, have helped scores of parents find the most select names for their babies. I also revel in the art of creating novel names.
You can be assured of unique, trendy, and easy to pronounce boys names list and girls name list.

Previously a PREMIUM/PAID names list, now available to you Free of Cost. You can browse the list HERE: Baby Names A-Z List

After months of prolonged and comprehensive research and verification of Quranic Names, their origins, associated cultures, and traditions, our Urdu/Arabic language and name experts have finally come up with a handpicked list of 5000 Muslim baby names for girls and boys

Many lists of names available on the internet today, have unverified names which have incorrect MEANINGS and ORIGINS with many non-Indian names mentioned as Indian/Hindu names!
E.g. You would find the name Abeer meaning fragrance at many places. It does mean fragrance in Hebrew but in Sanskrit, it means Gulal/Colored Gulal (Reference: There are many names which have negative meanings in Sanskrit. e.g. Niravan means Moksh i.e. Death, instead, the positively meaningful name is Anirvan i.e. no-death/immortal.

Understanding our List

After exploring thousands of baby names based on origin, meaning, pronunciation and uniqueness, we have decided to split the list in TWO parts – Highly Recommended Names and the Other with either not so positive or strong origin or a bit Common Names. Our Highly Recommended Names are Marked with *.

All the names in our customized baby name list are lucid, voguish and semantically correct. We also provide numerous names starting with difficult letters viz. Dh and Bh. Nevertheless, names starting from most popular letters A, S, M, R, Y are also very carefully selected to be unique. In other words, it’s a treasure trove of handpicked lists of meticulously curated, immortal names!

We are here to help you

We understand that while shortlisting a name from a long list, there can be many questions and doubts baffling your mind. Considering the importance of these doubts and questions, we are always available to provide a suitable solution and assistance to our visitors. Please leave your query or doubt in comments on our name lists, posts and pages and we will help you with that promptly. This could be of great help in shortlisting or finalizing a name understanding and verifying its meaning, origin, suitability, and trend, etc.
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Executive Baby Name Consultation

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About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


          • Sapana

            Adhrika आध्रीका Mountain or Celestial / Produced from Rocks
            Adrisha अद्रिशा Lord of Mountain / Himalaya
            Ahiransha अहिरांशा Sun / Cloud / Water + Moon Rays / Lord Ram-Vishnu
            Ahishta अहिष्ता Ahi+ Ishtah Sun / Cloud / Water + Pleasnt and Worshiped अहि + ईष्ट सूर्य / मेघ / जल + सुख और पूजित
            Ahnika आह्निका Daily / Religious Ceremony to be performed every day at a fixed hour
            Ainidrisha ऐनिद्रिशा Whos Eyes are Like Deer
            Aishika ऐशिका Relating to Lord Shiva He is Known as the God of Gods / So One God
            Akrita आक्रीता Daughter who is Having Rights of Son / Sharer in the Privileges of a Son
            Aksithi अक्शिति Imperishability
            Anukta अनुक्ता Extraordinary / Unexpressed / Unsaid /
            Anvesha अन्वेशा Searcher / Quest / Curious
            Ariktha अरिक्ता Fulfilled / Abundant
            Ashni आश्नि Thundrbolt / One of the Nine Names of Rudra / Lightening (Eating in Sanskrit)
            Shansita शंसिता Desired / Celebrated / Wished / Praised
            Sharadhi शराधी Moon of Autumn / Day of Full Moon in the Month Karttika
            Sharvani शर्वाणी Wife of Lord Shiva / Goddess Parvati / Goddess Durga
            Shreni श्रेणी Goddess Durga Name
            Shruni श्रुणी Moon

            Alola अलोला Steady / Firm (Matches with meaning of Anirudh and Shankti)

        • Avatar

          West need a baby boy nd baby girl name ,as latest /trending /rare .
          Parents names are Ashwini & Satish.

          • Sapana

            Adrisha: Goddess of Mountains
            Ahiransha: Sun, Cloud
            Aishani: Durga (Lord Shiva’S Quarter)
            Aishini: Goddess Lakshmi
            Anashya: Indestructible
            Ashesha: Pure
            Asina: Lakshmi who is sitting
            Saesha: Sa + Esha (Sanskrit) Goddess / Truth of Life in Urdu
            Sanita: Well-Graced

            Anshumat: Sun
            Atishva: Superior
            Adheesh: King, Master
            Anishk: A Person who Has No Enemy
            Anukash: Illumination
            Arhansh अर्हान्श Shiva ka Ansh
            Arkish: Lord of the Sun
            Shanyu: Benevolent
            Sanmit: Symmetry

    • Sapana

      Hi Viresh,
      You may start with this premium list. Please note comparing A and S like letters, D/Dh/Ch has few suggestions.
      If you want me to help in creating new names from original short Sanskrit names then I charge 1200Rs for consultation.
      I try to discover more original names and also try to make new names like this:
      New Name: Dhimahi: (from Gayatri Mantra which means be Full of Art/Splendour/Intellect) (Included in the premium list)
      Making Name: Dhritansh/Dhritanshi Made from Lakshmi Sahahsranam Dhrit Who is the Courage + Anshi/Ansh

      But please note, these suggestions will be around 10-20 only, as I check many other things like length, pronunciation and also if new name is not related to negative meaning. etc.

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    Hi we need urgent baby girl names with letter yi, yu, ya, no. Please let me know how to use your paid service.

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    Good morning i want a beautiful name for a boy & girl both.
    My self sachin & her name sonam so oplz help me to fundout a name for my next genration😊.


    • Sapana

      Hi Sachin,
      If you dont have starting letter requirements, then you may start with this premium List (abve)
      I have created this list after a detailed study of Sanskrit Originated names.
      I suggest you go through it first. If in case you still want me to help then I charge 1200Rs for consultation (Other than the list).

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        Hi sapana ,

        I am looking for a baby boy name ready to pay . Have some preferences how can we communicate ?

        My Mail I’d is –

        Please do connect.


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    Hi Sapana

    Can you please help with a unique name from M for my daughter
    I want a name which mean strong, sportive, lively
    I want short name that is international as well
    Need something from Sanskrit origin please.
    Can you please revert asap with your thoughts. Thanks

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    Hi Sapna,

    I am looking for a boy baby name for my child who is born on 13/09/2018.

    Kindly suggest some unique names originated from sanskrit.

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    Hi Sapna, I want baby name latest who is born on sep 24th afternoon 3.48 Am help me with names related to his horoscope with meaningful looking for my second kid, first kid name is parin Arush and that should rhythm with first kid name can you please suggest few.

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    Narayan Basumatary on

    Hi sapana
    I need my baby son name pls suggest me good and telent relation name..he was born last 18 September 2018.
    Pls kindly i request you …

    • Sapana

      Hi Narayan,

      I dont work on astrology, I have listed most unique and rare Sanskrit baby names in this premium list, you may start with this list.
      If you still want me to help, I charge 1200Rs for consultation.

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    Hi sapna, can you suggest names for my daughter born on 22.01.2018 preferably starting letter with du, tha.


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    i m trying to buy your list n it keeps declining my card.. whats the problem? doesnt payumoney accept card internationally?? its strange.. dint expect.. how can i buy the baby boy names list?

    • Sapana

      Hi Parth,
      PayUMoney doesnt accept International Bank Card. You may pay me by PayPal. I have sent email id for PayPal to you.

    • Sapana

      Hi Prachi, Please click and follow the Buy buttons to pay by PayUMoney (Indian cards only accepted) Else, if you have non-Indian bank card and cant make payment via payumoney, then you may pay by PayPal. Send me email at [email protected] in that case.

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    Hi, Myself Mr. Santosh and i am looking for Unique Sanskrit and Hindu name for my Baby Princess Girl.
    She is born on 01/08/2018 and her nakshatra is Uttara bhadrapada and Piesces

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    I am confused for my baby boy name he is born on 20 July 2018 .
    Plz suggest good name

    Appreciate your efforts in advance

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    I always loved that name on gomama247 .We glad that finally found one.

    I got premium list from go mama it’s rare name with meaning make our choice easier.

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    • Sapana

      Hi Suman
      If you want you may start with the premium list, which you can purchase from this page.
      But please note its one list for Baby girls names. Its not customised. For customised service, my consultation charges are 1200Rs. Let me know if any query by email: [email protected]

    • Sapana

      Hi Niharika,
      There are many beautiful names (starting with N) suggested in premium list above,
      If you want you may start with it. My consultation charges are 1200Rs. Let me know if any query by email: [email protected]

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    • Sapana

      Parama परमा (Goddess Lakshmi) is the First Among Everything / Param:Supreme(Lord Shiva: the Most Supreme Knower of the Mantras)
      Parnal पर्नल Leafy
      Parvishaपर्विषा Parv+Isha
      Pashina पाशीना Lord Ganesh Om Pashine Namah
      Manyumi मान्युमि Destroying Hostile Fury
      Maulini मौलिनी Chief / Having Crown / Having Anything uppermost or Turned upwards
      Panini पाणिनी Name of a Prominent Grammarian

    • Sapana

      Hi Haris,
      Thanks. We are working on Arabic Names list with help from 2 Urdu experts.
      We will soon have it ready. I will get back in a few days.

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    I need one unique Sanskrit name for baby girl whose name starts from dhanu Rashi,, who born on 6.07 am n who always keep happy her around atmosphere and members if they VL b from family or not,, she VL b wid so strong n mature n having patience in her personality in future n her name VL b affect on her life ever in her each actions wid family members.i VL wait mam ,, need ur answer as soon as possible,,

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    HI sapana
    Can you do any other trial name like riddhisha (selected from the list) meaning goddess Lakshmi and combination of madhukar and anusha.

  20. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    Need a name for baby boy. Parents name-Shrikar & vibha.
    Looking for a name with starting letter V.It must be crisp and unique/rare/new.


    • Sapana

      Hi Pranav,
      I think you have already purchased the list. We are soon going to release the list for free. Also, the currently-charged consultation will be free of charge over comments on our website. Please send your shortlist. I will help with your queries.

    • Sapana

      Kyna क्याना Intelligence
      Sanhita सहनिता Connected /Saibaba’s Message
      Sanitra सनित्रा Gift
      Sarka सार्का Mind / Wind
      Sayaka सायका Sword
      Shikhina शिखीना Lord Shiva:ॐ शिखिने नमः। / God Shiv has a Tuft of Hair on his Head
      Shonita शोनिता Resin / Saffron / Red
      Svarka स्वार्का Singing Beautifully

    • Sapana

      Hi Divya,
      I have listed only the meaningful and closest names to Neha and Pankaj.
      Niyan Lord Murugan, Access
      Nirjar Warrior
      Nripan King
      Nikash Horizon
      Panay Praise, Honour
      Panah Praise, Lord Vishnu
      Palaksh White
      Parnav Bird
      Parvan Festival

        • Sapana

          Baby Boy Names
          Panshul पन्शूल Lord Shiva
          Parishrut परिश्रुत Popular
          Parvish पर्विष Lord of auspicious celebration
          Parish पारिश Searcher / God Venkateswara
          Prakarsh प्रकर्ष Excellence
          Prayush प्रयूष Long Life
          Pranshu प्रांशु strong

          Baby Girl Names
          Agresha अग्रेशा Leading Goddess
          Anugraha अनुग्रहा Loving kindness
          Apra अप्रा Accomplish Any One’S Desire
          Pashina पाशीना Lord Ganesh
          Prahusha प्रहुशा Cheerful
          Preesha प्रिशा Pra + Isha is Eminent Godddess.

    • Sapana

      Anvaya Family
      Anvesha Searcher
      Anvi Kind / Goddess Durga
      Arnasha Ocean
      Arsheya Sacred Descent
      Sharvani Goddess Parvati & Durga
      Shragvi Lord Vishnu
      Urna Wool
      * Urvadina Great and Noble (उर्वदिना)

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